December 6, 2018
Dan's Blog
Many families have traditional practices during the Advent season which create memories and help form the faith of parent and kids alike.   These activities include lighting candles on the Advent wreath, opening up a window each day on the Advent calendar, and setting up the creche/nativity scene. Last week, we sent you this parish-handout on various Advent events taking place in December - including an Advent music concert and Reconciliation services/confessions. Hopefully you're considering adding a few events from this handout to your family's Advent season "basket of best practices."

However, there are two fundamental "best practices" that every Christian/Catholic family needs to have at the top of their basket, in a more prominent location than the extras like candles, caroling, and calendars. These two fundamental actions help form the faith of parents and their children more than any other Advent events. I'm talking about praying daily and going to church weekly.

Not only does daily prayer and weekly Mass improve your faith life and help you grow closer to the Lord, but these actions improve your health, too! A Harvard School of Public Health study showed that participation in these two fundamentals of spiritual development during childhood can lead to better health and well-being during early adulthood. Researchers found that those who attended religious services or prayed daily throughout their upbringing reported greater positivity and more satisfaction in their lives in their 20s. The Harvard study also indicated that people were less likely to exhibit depressive symptoms, to smoke, or to use illicit drugs than people raised with less time in the essential, elementary spiritual practices of daily prayer and weekly church-going.

Getting deeper into the study's results, children who were exposed to religious services regularly were:
  • 18% more likely to report higher happiness during their young adulthood;
  • 29% more likely to volunteer in their communities as they grew older
  • 33% less likely to use illicit drugs.
Similarly, those who prayed daily were:
  • 16% more likely to have a happier outlook in their early adulthood;
  • 30% less likely to begin having sex at a young age;
  • 40% less likely to contract a sexually transmitted infection.
So, you want to improve the health and future outlook of your kids' lives in this lifetime, while also improving the chance your family gets to Heaven in the next life? Get to church every Sunday, starting this Advent season and into 2019, and make daily prayer a "best practice" with your family.

Daily prayer can be as simple as saying an extended grace before one meal a day - be it at dinner or at breakfast (for you busy families who never are able to be home at the same time in the early evening hours). You could also get a Rosary app on your phone and play the Rosary in the car when driving on your commute to work or driving the kids to school each morning. Everyone in the car can pray the Rosary - not only to deepen your faith and convert your hearts but so you and the kids in your carpool don't start the day listening to the negativity and despair on your car radio's news station.  (I like using this particular  Rosary app daily on my commute to work to pray the Rosary, but you'll find many other choices out there - many for free.)

( As for the other fundamental action you can take of getting to Mass each weekend, I'll address this in a future Parent Bulletin.)

Advent is an opportunity to renew our commitment to Christ. Not that there is anything wrong with traditional family activities such as opening up one Advent calendar window every day in December, but nothing can renew our relationship with our Lord more than praying to Him and worshipping Him.

Pax et bonum, 
Mr. Fitz

One of my favorite prayers to pray in times of worry is this one from St. Francis de Sales:

Do not look forward in fear to the changes in life; rather, look to them with full hope that as they arise. God, whose very own you are, will lead you safely through all things; and when you cannot stand it, God will carry you in His arms.
Do not fear what may happen tomorrow. The same understanding Father who cares for you today will take care of you then and every day. He will either shield you from suffering
or will give you unfailing strength to bear it. Be at peace, and put aside all anxious thoughts and imaginations.

Recently, I've been worried that we are losing our wonderful bookkeeper, Amy Thielman (who has accepted a full time position with another company), and we wouldn't be able to find a suitable replacement.   Well, all I can say is, "Thank you, Saint Francis de Sales!"
Angie with husband, Ryan

Angie Ogilvy has been hired as our new school bookkeeper, to take over for Amy starting in February! Many of you know Angie as a fellow school parent. I know Angie as my former student, Angie Pease, who received the "Christian Spirit Award" at her 1993 St. Louise School graduation!

Angie has a Bachelor of Accountancy degree from the University of San Diego, and has 11 years of experience in serving as an accountant or bookkeeper for various companies. We are very excited to have found a great replacement for Amy! Welcome to the St. Louise staff, Angie!
Upcoming Calendar of Events  

  • Grade 2-8 classes will spend time in Eucharistic Adoration today; if you want to do the same, there isn't room for an entire class and school parents in the small chapel, so please instead choose an evening time listed on the Parish Calendar where you - and your entire family - can spend time in Adoration this Advent.

Saturday, December 8
  • Our Speech Team competes in the Bishop Blanchet Tournament today.
  • Today is a Holy Day of Obligation - The Feast of the Immaculate Conception - and St. Louise Mass times are today at 9AM or a Friday night vigil on the 7th in Spanish at 7PM.

Monday, December 10
  • 5 Days of Free Dress - an auction-purchased treat by some school families - begins today. Students in grades K-3 and 7-8 have their 5 days from December 10-14. Students in grades PK and 4-6 have their 5 days from December 10-13 and December 17. (Grade 4-6 students must wear their complete school uniform on Friday the 14th for their special fieldtrip.)

Wednesday, December 12
  • Parents of students in our spring School Musical - Dear Edwina, Jr. - have a mandatory meeting with Mrs. LB at 5PM in the parish hall

Thursday, December 13
  • Bake Sale at lunchtime to raise funds for junior high activities
  • Parents' Club Meeting at 6:30PM in the faculty room; all parents are invited

Wednesday, December 19
  • Christmas Concert featuring the singing of our 5th & 6th graders, 6:30PM in the church; all school families are invited (5th and 6th graders are to report to their homerooms at 6:00).

Friday, December 21 - NOON DISMISSAL
  • There is no afterschool Kids' Club today.
  • Christmas Vacation begins at 12:00PM.
  • School resumes for grades PK-6 on Monday, January 7
  • Students in grades 7-8 have a no-school day on Monday the 7th due to a junior high teachers' workday on 8th graders' high school applications. School resumes for grades 7-8 on Tuesday the 8th.
  • Come early this last day before vacation (7:55-8:10AM) to hear the School Band play Christmas songs outside the original school during morning carpool drop-off. Also, 8th graders Kate Leach and Lauren Lester, as part of their service project to raise funds for charity, will be selling cups of hot cocoa to all students (and parents) near the PreK classroom in the north wing of the original school starting at 7:55. Bring your $1 bills if you or your kids want a cup of cocoa. Students will be able to carry in their cocoa at the 8:20 bell to enjoy sipping in their classrooms during 1st period.
If You Are a St. Louise Parishioner, This Notice Is for You
           Every year at this time, St. Louise Parish asks all parishioners to please commit initially to or recommit themselves to the financial support of St. Louise Parish by returning their completed Stewardship of Treasure Commitment Card. This commitment/recommitment may be done through the mail or collection basket by using a hard copy form (found in the church or at the parish office) or it may be done online at  If you have any questions about stewardship, please contact Jonathan Taasan, parish administrator.
This URL QR-code will take you to the parish's Stewardship of Treasure page, where you may complete your Stewardship Commitment Card

          Please remember that if you are a school parent paying the in-parish tuition rate, this assumes you annually complete this Stewardship Commitment Card and, to the best of your ability, you fulfill this pledge throughout the calendar year. If a school family fails to tithe in this way, they can no longer receive the reduced in-parish rate, so please make sure you get this process completed before 2019 arrives. Thank you in advance for your financial support of St. Louise Parish!

Thank You, St. Nicholas Volunteers

Last Saturday was a delightful and delicious morning, as hundreds of St. Louisers celebrated Saint Nicholas Day with food, fun, and shopping! We want to thank Janelle and Jonathan Taasan, who chaired the St. Nicholas Breafast and Bazaar! Thanks to the following volunteers for setting up, serving, cleaning up, and handling a myriad of tasks:

Amy Wilken, Victoria Bermel, Paul Davie, Ana Gonzalez, Andrew Pacheco, Betty Chandler, Chris & Julianne Read, Chris & Rikka Halili, David VanNoy, Elizabeth Armenta, Elwell & Maryanne Baradi, Gladys Ponte, Imelda Medina, Jason Lau, Joe Pachecho, John Garland, Karla Pardo, Kathy Brennan, Kristin Jamer, Linda Salas, Lorena Denny, Maria Moreno, Maria Juarez, Marian Zapalla, Marilyn & Vern Schulte, Martha Hoyos, Michelle Cone, Miguel Gil, Molly Akers, Mona Fonseca, Nicholle Mineiro, Paul McCulloch, Sarah Pierce, Sheldon Sequeira, Suzie Sollars, Victor Phan, and alumna Ellie Read.

We also thank the Knights of Columbus - including Ron Rowe and Jim Cameron - for lending their talents in the kitchen!  

St. Louise alum Eric Reutter helps school parents Paul McCulloch and Gladys Ponte prepare the scrambled eggs.
Suzie Sollars is the queen of pancakes.

The Lau family visited Saint Nicholas





We are proud of our 8th graders who staffed their crafts booths, selling handmade goods to raise money for various charities. Below are just a couple of the many 8th grade booths... 

Tech Help Needed this Saturday
Dan Kirby is calling on any members of the Technology Committee to come to school this Saturday morning from 9:30 to 11:30 to work on various tasks, such as updating student laptops and replacing hard drives on recently donated laptops from the Ste. Michelle Winery. (Thanks, Michael Grisaffi, for procuring those donations!)

If you can help, please email Dan. If you are not a member of the Tech Committee, but would like to join and get involved with projects such as these in the future, please talk to Dan.
Hello, St. Louise Families!
If your company has a matching program, please submit this receipt for matching and note "St. Louise Auction" in the form. Not sure if your company has a matching program? Just ask!


The 5 Days of Free Dress purchased by some school parents at the Auction begins this Monday the 10th. Please note these unique days when students whos parents purchased this treat are able to have 5 non-uniform days (following all our rules, such as no shorts allowed this 2nd trimester):

  • Students in grades 4-6 have their 5 Days from Monday, December 10, through Thursday, December 13, and then again on Monday, December 17. This is because grade 4-6 students have a special fieldtrip on Friday the 14th and must wear a complete uniform that day.
  • PreK students eligible for this treat also have their 5 days on December 10-14 and again on December 17. This is because PreK doesn't have school on Fridays.
  • All other grade level students in grades K-3 and 7-8 whose parents purchased 5 Days of Free Dress will have their days from December 10 through 14.  
With heartfelt gratitude, 
Julianne Read
St. Louise Parent & Auction Director


The 4th graders in Mrs. Scruggs' science class recently dissected cows' eyes as part of their unit on learning about the optical system. Above, Kaya and Juliana show Mr. Fitz the lens and optic nerve they have dissected.

It's Almost Time to Light the 2nd Candle

To help us Christians prepare for the coming of the King, St. Louise Parish has many liturgies and events in which you and your family may participate. Please take a look at the parish Advent handout that was sent home in last Thursday's red Family Envelope or find a soft copy here. Make a "New Church Year" Resolution to choose at least a few of these to attend.

You'll notice on the Advent handout multiple opportunities for you and your family to attend Eucharistic Adoration. Not sure what that's all about? Ask your child - chances are he/she has already done Adoration with classmates last year and will be doing it at least twice this year.

You'll find information on an Advent Concert with the Maureen Still Band that would be a great family event to replace mall-shopping or TV-binge-watching for one night in Advent. (Maureen is a St. Louise alumna and past recipient of our Distinguished Graduate Award!)
Finally, don't forget the opportunity for parents (and kids in grades 3+) to attend a Reconciliation Service every Saturday from 3:00-4:00.

 Consider Throwing Your Hat in the Ring
Among the plentiful volunteer opportunities at St. Louise for parents is the opportunity to step forward to serve as a member of the School Commission or the Parents' Club Board. Each group needs a few new members annually to start 3-year terms. The process starts with prospective new members making known their interest in the winter so the final selection of members can be made by the spring. For the 2019-20 through 2021-22 school years, the School Commission will be looking for three new members, and the Parents' Club Board will be needing two new members starting in September, 2019.

For more information on what each of these parent leadership groups do, please go HERE. You don't need any specific 'job skills" or education/work backgrounds on your resume to be selected for either group, but you do need a love for St. Louise School and a commitment to assist your kid's school in thriving.

If you'd like to talk more to current members of these groups to get a feel for the time commitment and/or to throw your hat in the ring, please feel free to contact a School Commission member:
Or talk to a Parents' Club board member:

Christmas Is Coming! Make Holiday Shopping a Little Easier

No gift worries when you purchase Charger Cards to give as Christmas gifts.

Shop in our Charger Card store for gift cards of over 750 top brands, and give your family, friends, and kids' teachers the gift they want. The gifts on their wish lists can help make our fund raiser goal a reality. Find a gift for:
  • The adventure seekers;
  • The travelers;
  • The techies;
  • The foodies;
  • The caffeine aficionados;
  • The trendsetters;
  • The pet parents;
  • The home improvement DIY-ers;
  • Even the ones who have everything... ESPECIALLY the ones who have everything!

Charger Cards have stocked up on family-favorite retailers you are sure to be shopping with. Why not buy your gifts with Charger Cards and provide a gift to St. Louise School with every gift you give?


Charger Cards...It's simple, it's thoughtful and it's truly the gift that keeps on giving! Of course, you may always purchase 24/7 at or for ScripNow, Reload, or Reload Now cards.                          
For more information on Charger Cards and online ordering, please visit or email chairperson Marsha at
Tuition Assistance Grants
Accepting Applications Now for Next School Year
St. Louise Parish School is committed to make a Catholic school education accessible to our current and prospective school families by providing tuition assistance grants.  The decision to award grants is determined by the school after parents complete the necessary online application through FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment. We strongly encourage any family who has a financial need to complete the application. Note that applications submitted by April 15, are more likely to receive assistance for the upcoming school year, as the majority of St. Louise grants are awarded to those applications. Additionally, early applications submitted by January will be considered for an additional $1,300 in aid through the Seattle Archdiocese's Fulcrum Foundation grant program.
St. Louise Parish School tuition assistance grants provide financial aid to approximately 10% of our students each school year.  Families receiving tuition assistance are typically asked to pay part of the actual cost of tuition; "full scholarships" are infrequently awarded. These tuition assistance grants are based solely on financial need. Families who receive tuition assistance grants are still asked to fulfill their other financial obligations to the school and parish - admissions application fee, school fund raiser contributions, and church stewardship commitment. 

If a tuition assistance grant will help make a Catholic school education accessible to your child/children, by no later than April 15, please complete the FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment application online, pay the $29 application fee, and mail or download the required supporting documentation. The fee collected by FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment is to compensate this company for the financial aid assessment and advisory services they provide St. Louise Parish School. The $29 fee is non-refundable, even if you are not awarded a tuition assistance grant.
For early-applicants - those families who complete the FACTS application and submit the required supporting documentation by January 5  - you will be considered for two grants. Besides the typical St. Louise Tuition Assistance Grant funded by our Fr. Phil Wallace Endowment Fund, you will also be considered for a Seattle Archdiocese Fulcrum Foundation Grant of $1,300.
FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment will analyze your application using an algorithm involving your income and expenses, and then provide both the Fulcrum Foundation and the St. Louise Finance Committee with a recommended amount of tuition assistance need your family has. Both Fulcrum and St. Louise separately use this recommendation to make their decisions on which applicants will receive grants and, if so, how much assistance they will receive. All information you provide remains confidential; only our school bookkeeper and principal will have access to the names and other identifying information on the applications

You will be notified by the Fulcrum Foundation in the spring  if you have been awarded a Fulcrum Grant. You will be notified by June 1, by St. Louise School if you have been awarded a St. Louise Tuition Assistance Grant.  If aid is given from one or both sources, the school bookkeeper will inform you by June what your reduced monthly tuition payments will be starting in July for the upcoming school year.
The directions for filling out the application to be considered for tuition assistance are stated online. It is essential that this application is filled out completely; leave no shaded boxes blank.  It is also essential that a copy of your most recent Federal Income Tax Form 1040 and copies of your W-2 Wage and Tax Statements, along with additional documents as required per the instructions, are sent to FACTS. These may be sent by downloading them online per FACTS's instructions, or mailing them: PO BOX 82524, Lincoln, NE 68501. Whichever method you choose to send in additional documents, these must be submitted by January 4 (to be considered for two grants), or by April 15 (to be considered for one grant).

Please note: If you have filed for an extension with the IRS beyond their April 15th deadline, you are allowed to use your previous year's tax forms/statements instead for documentation for your tuition assistance application. Please explain this in your application.
If you have questions, please contact FACTS directly at 866-441-4637 and/or contact the Fulcrum Foundation and/or contact our bookkeeper, Amy Thielman.

Need a Non-Profit to Whom to Send Your End-of-Year Gift?

Please consider St. Louise Parish and/or St. Louise Parish School in your end-of-year giving. Most gifts to St. Louise are tax-deductible. If you have corporate matching through your employer, you can even double your gift!

Please go here and/or here for more information on giving to the school and/or parish. You many also contact our development director, Cindy Wagner, if you have more questions.

Thank you!


Robotic Club members Patrick, Griffin, and Katarina

show their latest "robot-creation" to two of the club moderators, Eric Mittelette and Maria Zambrano.

Prayer Inspiration for the Week

"Were you to ask what are the means of overcoming temptations, I would answer: The first means is prayer; the second is prayer; the third is prayer; and if you should ask me a thousand times, I would repeat the same."
~ Saint Alphonsus Liguori

All parents are welcome every Wednesday-schoolday at 8:15 a.m. to pray with fellow school parents in a small-group setting. Please check in at the school office.
See what's happening on our St. Louise Facebook page