February 28, 2019
Dan's Blog
Parents recently received an email from auction director Julianne Read, inviting you to a free party. Our Auction Launch Party is coming up one week from this Saturday - on March 9, 6PM - and attendees receive all the following benefits: 
  • You'll be the first to know our 2019 auction theme and our NEW event location;
  • You'll enjoy time with your fellow St. Louise parents over complimentary wine, beer, and appetizers;
  • You have a one-time opportunity to purchase your Auction dinner tickets in advance (the 2019 Auction is on November 9) and by doing so, receive a 15% discount;
  • There are already 2019-20 Parties for which to sign-up to attend, and the Launch Party is the first chance to reserve your spot at one...or at two;
  • Receive a hotel discount at our NEW location for your Auction stay when you receive a one-time reservation code the evening of the 9th; 
  • A fantastic getaway will be raffled off, only offered during the Launch Party!
  • DJ Sean will be on-site spinning some auction-themed tunes!
By the way, this is an adults-only event on Saturday the 9th, but childcare will be provided if you sign-up soon. There are limited spaces for childcare, so please don't procrastinate.  RSVP here to attend the Launch Party (and if you need childcare - only for preschool-age and above - give Julianne the ages of your kids please). 

I look forward to seeing you in our school lobby for our Launch Party in one week, and to watch the unveiling of our 2019 Auction theme and NEW location!

*  *  *  *

Realizing we still have over three months remaining in this current school year, it's time to make some plans for the upcoming 2019-20 school year. With that is the realization that as I start at this time to re-sign teachers and staff to return next year, I also start receiving disappointing news from a few employees who have to put in their notice that they won't be returning. Even though getting word from faculty members that they are moving on or moving elsewhere is a typical, annual occurrence, it is still always upsetting. 

Two of our teachers have already notified me of plans for 2019-20 that unfortunately will not involve working at St. Louise School. Here is how Mrs. Karen Alleman, our kindergarten teacher for the past nine years (and 15 years total in teaching here), and Miss Kaitlin Casey, our 2nd grade teacher for the past three years, would like to inform you of their departures, effective this summer:

Karen Alleman:
"My family and I have been a part of the St. Louise community since 1996. During this time, I have been a teacher for Faith Formation, Vacation Bible School, substitute teaching in various grade levels, First Grade and, finally, KA 's Kindergarten Teacher since 2010.  St. Louise has been my home, away from home for a very long time. It was my family that brought me to Washington and St. Louise in 1996, and they are the reason I will be leaving this area and, sadly, St. Louise. My family has relocated to Eastern Washington and along with new teaching adventures next year, I will be assisting in taking care of my growing family - with my newest little granddaughter expected around March 31. I feel so blessed and have loved teaching so many wonderful students and watching them grow over the last 23 years. These St. Louise students, families, and wonderful colleagues have all become a special part of my family as well. At the close of this school year, I am really going to miss seeing each one  of you as I begin my new adventures on the other side of the mountains."

Kaitlin Casey:
I am in my second year of graduate school at Seattle University,
pursuing my degree in school counseling. As part of my program next quarter, starting in April and continuing through June, I will spend one day a week counseling students at Highland Middle School. 
Additionally, as part of my graduate program, I will participate in an internship next school year. Unfortunately, that means I will not be teaching at St. Louise for the 2019-2020 
school year. I am saddened to leave this place I have called home for the past three 
years. The teachers and staff that initially welcomed me with a warm embrace are now my second family. The hardest part, however, is leaving my students. One of my greatest joys is seeing my former students stop by for a visit, or catching up with a few kiddos in the hallway. As heartbreaking as it is to leave St. Louise, I am excited for this new adventure God has in store for me.

We will greatly miss these two wonderful teachers! We'll recognize them at our end-of-year liturgy in June. I will soon be publicly posting the openings for their positions, in the hopes of continuing our tradition of bringing quality instructors and caring Christians on our faculty.  If you know of qualified teachers, please have them contact me.

Pax et bonum,                                         
Mr. Fitz

The Parent Survey which I emailed you on the 21st is due by today. Thanks for sharing your insights and opinions.

Upcoming Calendar of Events  

  • Sales Day! Purchase Used Uniforms, Charger Gear, and Charger Cards from 2:00-4:00 in the central hallway of the original school
  • Auction's Kidd Valley Lunch - if you purchased this gift for your child at the Auction, today is when he/she will get a burger, fries, and shake delivered from Kidd Valley
  • Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament - some grade 2-8 classes will be attending Adoration in the church; parents invited to Adoration at any time today
  • Parish's 24-Hour Prayer Vigil - begins this morning and runs through Saturday morning; includes a Family Rosary at 5:30PM; see the article below for more information

Tuesday, March 5
  • In celebration of Fat Tuesday/Mardi Gras, we're having a school-wide "fun dress day" today. Students can wear non-uniform today as long as at least one article of clothing (hats are optional) comes in one or more of the Mardi Gras colors - purple, green, and/or gold. These colors are thought to have ties to Catholic traditions: purple
    = justice; green = faith; gold = holy power.
     Here is more information on the history of Mardi Gras.
  • Grade K-6 student enjoy an opera performance of The Barber of Seville in the parish hall at 1:00; parents are invited to attend; thank you, parents, for your support of the Walk-A-Thon and Charger Cards fundraisers, which are paying for this assembly

Wednesday, March 6
  • Lent begins! Parents are encouraged to attend the Ash Wednesday Liturgy at 1:45. 
  • No need to pack a lunch for your children today! Students will partake in a simple meal of rice and beans, foregoing their usual filling lunch. A suggested donation of at least $5 cash to the Union Gospel Mission will be given by students in the lunch line in the parish hall, as they pick up their rice and beans.
    For more information, please see the article below.

Thursday, March 7
  • The snowed-out Winter Concert - performed by 3rd graders, 4th graders, and the school band - has been rescheduled to this date; 1:30 dress rehearsal with grades PK-6 attending; 6:30PM evening performance with parents and families invited

Friday, March 8
  • The 2nd trimester ends today; Skyward will be closed for viewing of 2nd trimester grades starting today and continuing for three weeks, as teachers begin inputting report card marks; report cards will be sent home on March 29.

Saturday, March 9
  • 2019 Auction Launch-Party at 6PM in the school lobby; all school parents invited to attend for drinks, hors d'oeuvres, and the unveiling of the 2019 Auction theme; contact Julianne Read for more information or RSVP here; childcare for ages 5-12 only available on a first-come/first-served basis depending on if you are one of the first to ask for this on your RSVP - so please don't procrastinate

Save the Dates: 
  • Thursday & Friday, March 14 & 15 - NO SCHOOL; Kids' Club closed; teacher workday on Thursday to prepare 2nd trimester report cards; faculty theology retreat on Friday
  • Wednesday & Thursday, April 3 & 4 - School musical, Dear Edwina Jr., performs in parish hall at 6:30 for two nights only; tickets on sale starting March 7
  • Thursday, May 16 - Donor Appreciation Event; contact Cindy Wagner to find out how to receive an invitation to this special night
Spread the Word, Get Rewarded
Even though we employed various marketing ideas to let the greater Eastside know about our school during this school-admissions-time (such as road-sign advertising, online ads, and Church bulletin inserts), when it comes right down to it year-after-year, our best promotional product is YOU, the current school parent!
        When we ask prospective new school parents how they heard about St. Louise, the most popular answer is, "
My neighbor/friend/co-worker/ goes here and said I should check it out." It is with that reality that we have an incentive to encourage you current school parents to continue to market St. Louise School to those you know with children approaching the ages of 4-14.
We will reward one-month's free tuition (valued at our in-parish, 1-child rate of $656) to a school family who refers a new family to us, and that new family indeed ends up sending their kid(s) here. There is a place on a new parent's enrollment form which asks if a current school parent referred them. If your name is listed as the referral-source when they apply for admissions this winter or throughout the spring and summer, you get that free tuition next year.
       You parents are a big reason why someone ends up deciding to enroll at St. Louise! Thank you in advance for your help in marketing St. Louise School! If you have questions about our referral reward program, or have other marketing ideas, please contact Cindy Wagner in the development office.
Used Uniform & Charger Gear Sale Is Tomorrow
          Tomorrow, Friday, from 2:00-4:00PM - please shop at our winter Used Uniform and Charger Gear Sale. It will be held in the St. Louise Room in the central hallway of the original school. Stop by to order a new fleece sweater or Friday-wear hoody or track jacket. In addition, you'll be able to find great deals on used skirts, jumpers, sweaters, pants and shorts. 

Tickets On Sale Next Thursday for School Musical
          The annual school musical this year is Dear Edwina Jr., and tickets go on sale to all St. Louise families and friends starting in one week - on March 7.  Our school's upper-grade and intermediate-grade students comprise the cast and crew of Dear Edwina Jr., which is being directed and produced by our music teacher, Terry LaRussa-Banton (aka "Mrs. LB").
          This year, we are excited to be bringing the school musical back to campus, after years renting out high school theaters. The play will be performed in our parish hall on Wednesday and Thursday, April 3 and 4. Both nights' performances begin at 6:30. 
          Tickets must be purchased in advance, as no tickets are sold at the door, and already pre-sale tickets to the cast's and crew's families are quickly selling out the premi um seats! If you would like to buy tickets for you and your children to come enjoy a fun night of theater, please look for the flyer in next week's red family envelope. You'll note three ticket prices:
  • premium seats in the "orchestra" section are $15;
  • seats farther back in the parish hall in the "mezzanine" section are $10;
  • floor space upfront (but with no chair to sit on) are $5 each and are suitable only for children age 5-12 who can sit responsibly and quietly by themselves on the floor for an hour.
If you have questions about Dear Edwina Jr. performances, please contact Mrs. LB

Lauren, Jack, and Raizel - three of our Speech Team members - shared their award-winning speeches at an assembly last week for grades 5-8.

Calling for Nominations  
       We have wonderful volunteers at St. Louise School, and each June we honor 3 of them with the Volunteer Extraordinaire Awards. I am asking both you and the faculty to nominate volunteers to be considered for this award. Nominees should have a history of dedicated, positive volunteering for the St. Louise School community.  Past recipients of the award (who are still current school parents) include: Tom Brennan, Joni Hoffman, Amy Wilken, and Ingrid Flaat. Do you have a fellow parent(s) to nominate? If so, please send your nomination to Mr. Fitz, along with an explanation of why the person deserves to be considered. Thanks for your help!
Lent Begins this Wednesday  
With Easter arriving on April 22 this year, Ash Wednesday falls on March 6, this coming Wednesday.

Traditionally at St. Louise School, starting on Ash Wednesday and continuing throughout the Lenten season's six weeks, the students are immersed in the three pillars of Lent - praying, fasting, and almsgiving. The praying will begin at 1:45 on the 6th in the form of an Ash Wednesday Liturgy. 
Please plan on joining us if you can. Meet your child outside the school or church entrance at 1:30.

The fasting on Ash Wednesday will be in the form of both your kids and our faculty giving up the usual full & filling lunch for a simple lunch that will hopefully cause our stomachs to growl by the end of the school day. Fasting is a form of penance and self-denial. Jesus fasted in the desert for 40 days. We can fast for a few hours as we remember all He gave up for us, including His life.

This year, the simple lunch we will serve to all the students (and faculty) in place of the typical filling lunch packed from home will be rice and beans. We have been serving soup lunches in past Ash Wednesdays, but wanted to shake things up a bit with a meal that is meatless yet has protein, doesn't have as many allergic issues, and truly will give your children a sense of how little many in our world have in which to subsist. We expect every student (from full day PreK through 8th grade) and every school staff member (from teachers to principals) to participate in the simple rice and beans lunch. Students can have their usual drink at lunch time (school milk or their own beverage) and if students are already allowed by their teachers to bring daily, mid-morning snacks, these snacks could still be brought and eaten on the 6th. If there is an allergic/dietary reason why your child cannot eat white rice and pinto beans for lunch, please send a medically-explained excuse note to your child's teacher and substitute a bare-bones meal from home. Oh, and by the way, the excuse of "my child doesn't like rice and beans" isn't a medically-explained excuse. ;-)

Finally, the third pillar of Lent will be highlighted during Ash Wednesday when we ask your children, as they walk through the lunch line in the parish hall picking up their bowl of rice and beans, to give a donation. We are suggesting that each student bring $5 cash which we will donate to Seattle's Union Gospel Mission. ($5 is a guesstimate of how much would have been spent on a filling lunch. Your child can always donate more.) The  Union Gospel Mission (UGM) will be the recipient of our school community's almsgiving this year. Already we have collected $550 in donations to UGM when we held our recent Faculty Bake Sale. We hope to donate another $1,500 or so from your family's $5 lunch donations.  Motivated by our Christian faith, the Union Gospel Mission provides extensive 360-degree support and recovery services for homeless men, women, and children throughout King County. Your child heard from UGM yesterday at an assembly. Ask your son or daughter to explain why it's a good thing to donate to agencies such as the Union Gospel Mission. This video also explains. 

More Lenten information may be found in today's red envelope, where you'll find the parish's calendar of the various liturgies and events taking place throughout the parish from March 6 through April's Holy Week.  The Lenten season is a terrific time to rejuvenate your prayer lives and to create and/or continue some memorable family practices, such as attending Stations of the Cross.

Charger Cards Will Hold Special Afternoon Sales Tomorrow
We will have our usual morning sale from 8:15-9:00am tomorrow, Friday, with an additional sale time slot from 2:00-3:30pm.  We will be selling cards out of the Charger Card office at the same time as the Used Uniform/Charger Gear sale in the St. Louise Room of the original school hallway.

It's Time for March Madness

For the month of March (from March 1-29),  if you use your credit or debit card for purchases, there is no fee for transactions in excess of $100. If you want to take advantage of this "March Madness," stop by Charger office to pay in person by credit card or complete the credit card authorization form and send it in with your printed order. This method lets you order and pay with a credit card even if it's not convenient to visit during Charger Card office hours!

For orders online, you may pay online using the PrestoPay option (paying through your bank account) or you may order online and bring or send your payment to school.

Think Spring and Plan Ahead

How many of your purchases can you make this month using Charger Cards? Buy your gas, groceries and all other spending through Charger Cards and pay with your credit card! Do you have any travel plans for spring break next month?  If so, buy Charger Cards for your plans now, pay with your credit card (no fee!), earn your frequent flier points, AND support St. Louise at the same time!  Use March Madness to benefit your family!
Charger Cards carries many cards useful for travel! Where will you be during Easter Break?
  • Hotels - Best Western, Hyatt, Clarion Hotels, Comfort Inn,
  • Rental Cars - Avis, Budget
  • Air - Delta, Southwest
  • Travel - Disney, Princess Cruise, Celebrity Cruise, Carnival Cruise, Royal Caribbean
  • Gas & Auto - Chevron, Shell, 76,  Arco, Safeway, Jiffy Lube, Sinclair
Coming home in your red envelope today are all the necessary forms to make ordering Charger Cards and using your credit card easy and efficiently.

The Charger Cards sale office in the central wing of the original school is open on school-Fridays from 8:15-9:00AM. 
Of course, you may always purchase 24/7 at  or  for ScripNow, Reload, or Reload Now cards.                          
Charger Cards...It's simple, it's thoughtful and it's truly the gift that
 keeps on giving! For more information on Charger Cards and online ordering, please visit or email chairperson Marsha at
Thank You, Volunteers!

          We have such terrific volunteers at St. Louise, and last week that was on full display during our Grandparents' reception. Shawna Shaules and Liz DeBord do a wonderful job organizing our Hospitality Committee, and last Friday they were helped with set up, clean up, and baking for the reception by these super volunteers: Megan Greene, Megan Kirk, Tara Maloney, Kathy Hueffed, Eliana Herber, Wendy Blank, Nicholle Miniero, Priscilla Portacarrero, Carmen Castillo, Laura Bonner, Elisa Engel, Angeleigh Gregorios, Laura Dark, Joanne Tang, Suzie Sollars, Maria Juarez Veloz, Tina Tsao, Martha Hoyos, Renee Craddock, Victor Phan, Jennifer Magnusen, Kristine Bautista, Sharon Victor.
Join Us for a 24-Hour Prayer Vigil

          St. Louise Parish's 24-Hour Prayer Vigil begins tomorrow, Friday, March 1, and ends this Saturday morning. School parents and/or families are encouraged to join fellow families for prayer time between the hours of 9AM on Friday and 9AM on Saturday in the church. Focus of the prayer time is silent Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. 
          Some of our grade 2-8 homerooms will also be attending Adoration tomorrow during school hours. As a school parent, you may come to church during school hours or you may choose to return to church with your family for the Children's Rosary at 5:30pm. 
          A box for prayer intentions and a sign-up sheet will be placed in the Church Vestibule. You may place your prayer intentions in the box and sign up for an hour of prayer time. (These are both optional actions.) Your prayers will be used by participants to offer up intercessory prayers during the vigil. Please contact parishioner Dawn McIntosh with any questions.
Registration Has Begun for St. Louise Summer Camps
          St. Louise School is happy to offer four week-long summer camps in July and August! While we are committed to having FUN, these camps were built on St. Louise's strong foundation.  Whether you sign up for 1, 2,3 or all 4 weeks, campers will get wet, be challenged with outdoor skills, create, and explore. Our schedule is flexible and offers security, independence, and stimulation. Camp sessions are held right here on campus in the Lavelle Center and gym.
            Week-long camps will take place Monday - Friday, 9:00am - 3:30pm. Each week offers exciting topics: 7/29-8/2 Sports Extravaganza; 8/5-8/9 Mad Scientist; 8/19-8/23 Quest; and 8/19-8/23 Splashtastic Adventures of a Theater star. Celebrate the sunny weather and experience a wonderful life at St. Louise!
            Camps are for students entering Grades K-5 from any school in the Fall of 2019. Spots are limited.  Register now and forward this email to any friends who may be interested!
For more information, visit us at or contact camp director, Maria Zambrano at

 These boys enjoyed the "Teacher Experience at the Microsoft Store" - an item their parents purchased for them at last November's Auction. The students gamed for the evening and taught their teachers - Mr. Gallant, Mr. Weiss, and Mrs. Jaster - how to play the latest video games.

Still Time to Complete the Parish's Survey
      Thank you to everyone who was able to complete the parish survey already.  To date, the parish office has received close to 1,000 completed surveys.  The input received will help Father Gary and the parish staff and Pastoral Council with St. Louise Parish's planning in defining how we can best live out our mission as a parish based on the needs of our faith community.  If you have not completed the parish survey, please complete it here by this Monday the 4th .  Father Gary and parish leadership  are most grateful for your feedback.
New Archdiocesan Website Offers Information

           As part of an effort to improve how the Seattle Archdiocese communicates on the sexual abuse crisis, they have created a special website that addresses the issue. As Archbishop Sartain says in a video message found on this site, the new "Protect and Heal" site is a vehicle to "communicate sincerely and openly" about the crisis.
        The site offers facts about the abuse crisis and the Archdiocese of Seattle's response to it, including resources for victims. It gathers into one easily accessible website information that was previously located in various locations.


Get used to lifting your heart to God, in acts of thanksgiving, many times a day. Because He gives you this and that. Because you have been despised. Because you haven't what you need or because you have. Because He made His Mother so beautiful, His Mother who is also your Mother. Because He created the sun and the moon and this animal and that plant. Because He made that man eloquent and you He left tongue-tied... Thank Him for everything, because everything is good."
~Saint Josemaría Escrivá

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