April 18, 2019
Dan's Blog
I feel sorry for Holy Thursday. It's like the Brady Bunch's "Jan" of the Pascal Triduum, as it seems to receive the least attention. Within the Triduum (which is a Latin word meaning "three days"), you have Good Friday, which is the well-known day of remembering Jesus's crucifixion, as people fast and pray the Stations of the Cross during this most sorrowful day of the Church year. And of course, you have the Easter Vigil and Easter Sunday, which commemorate the central event of our faith. Coming in "3rd place" in most people's minds is Holy Thursday.

In his book, Holy Thursday: The Night that Changed the World François Mauriac recalls just how special that evening was 2000 years ago. Hidden in the upper room with his closest apostles on Holy Thursday, Jesus gave the entire world some wonderful and mysterious gifts all in one night, writes Mauriac. He gave us the Bread of Life, as at the Last Supper on Holy Thursday, Jesus told the Apostles they must eat his flesh and drink his blood in order to have eternal life. Jesus gave us the gift of our priests on that first Holy Thursday. When Jesus told the Apostles to "do this in remembrance of me," he was commissioning them with Holy Orders. It was because of Holy Thursday that we now have priests who bring Christ to us in the Eucharist. Finally, on Holy Thursday, Jesus bent down on his knees and washed the feet of the Apostles, just as a servant would. Mauriac notes that this washing of feet prefigured all those works of charity from future Christians, which would change the face of the world.
So, as you focus on the upcoming single most important holy day of the year this Sunday, don't forget to pause today to take in the significance of Holy Thursday. Thank Jesus for the gifts he gave us on that first Holy Thursday.

Speaking of the Triduum, at the Easter Vigil this Saturday night, it will be exciting to see two St. Louise School families being welcomed into the Catholic Church. Parent Safiya Dautricourt and her children Daniel and Annalise will be Baptized as well as Confirmed and receiving their First Holy Communion! Additionally, students Grace and Alberto Andrade will also be fully initiated into the Catholic faith! Congratulations to the Dautricourt and Andrade families!

Father Gary joined the Dautricourts at the Cathedral last month, as they met Archbishop Sartain in preparation for their upcoming Baptism, Confirmation, and First Communion.

Have a joyous Easter this coming weekend! Alleluia! 
I hope you'll enjoy a week with the kids, either vacationing or just sleeping in and lounging around the house! 
(I'll thankfully be doing the latter. It will be nice to not set my alarm for 4AM for nine straight days!)

See you again on Monday, April 29 - the first day back from Easter Vacation - when we kick-off Spirit Week in preparation for the Walk-A-Thon.

Pax et bonum, 
Mr. Fitz

Before you take a week to stop thinking about St. Louise School and focus entirely on Easter and Easter-Vacation (as you should!), can you please make sure you are aware of the following current or upcoming tasks and events?
  1. The final deadline to turn in Walk-A-Thon pledge $ is May 10.
  2. It's not too late to sign-up your child for Summer Camp. Go HERE to see the various weeks camp is offered right here at St. Louise - in a Catholic environment. 

  3. Donating to the Annual School Gift Campaign is an act all school parents commit to each year on your Tuition Contract. If you haven't yet donated, please do so HERE. Thank you for your generosity!

  4. All parents also commit to the upcoming year's Auction, and you received in last week's red Family Envelope your procurement-requirement information and paperwork. Thanks for starting now to procure donations to the fall Auction. Email Julianne Read if you need help getting started. The deadline is June 10.

  5. See the article below about the St. Louise Appreciation Event for all our volunteers. If you are available on Saturday, May 11, we'd like you to RSVP now please.

Upcoming Calendar of Events  

  • Holy Thursday all-school Prayer Service, 9AM; parents are encouraged to attend, meeting your child outside the school at 8:45

  • Good Friday Stations of the Cross; all K-8 classrooms are walking the Stations outdoors (see the article below for times; parents are encouraged to attend)
  • Charger Cards sales window open from 8:15-10:00 this morning

  • Easter Vacation runs through April 28; school resumes on April 29

Monday, April 29 thru Friday, May 3 - Walk-A-Thon Spirit Week
  • Fun Dress Days allowed on Mon/Tue/Thur/Fri - find out more information HERE. (Note: the food drive walk to Hopelink has been canceled; no need to turn in a permission slip.)
  • On Tuesday, bring $1 per foot of duct tape to duct tape Mr. Fitz to the wall, with all proceeds going to the Walk-A-Thon 
  • On Friday, PreK thru Gr. 3 walks from 10:20-11:30; Gr. 4 thru 8 walks from 12:20-2:30 - parents welcome to attend and cheer on the students
  • Friday Tailgate after school for all families; DJ-music and food for sale in front of the school during the 3PM-hour; please park on the basketball court or soccer field if you're staying for the tailgate
  • Sign up to volunteer for Friday's events by contacting

Wednesday, May 1
  • Grade 1 & 2 Spring Concert; 6:30PM in the parish hall (1st and 2nd graders to report to their classrooms between 6:00-6:15 please)

Friday, May 10
  • The 5th grade sponsors two children from the NPH Orphanage (Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos) as part of their class service. To help raise a little extra money to send to these sponsored children as Christmas presents each year, the 5th grade classes will be selling ice cream sandwiches on this "Flavorful Friday Day" - Friday the 10th. The treats are $1 and will be sold to all classes during lunch. Thank you for considering sending a dollar with your child for ice cream to help the support the 5th grade's NPH pequeños!

Saturday, May 11
  • Spring Spruce-Up, 8am-12pm; help beautify the parish/school landscape by weeding, pruning, and spreading bark; email Jeffrey Hummer if you can volunteer
  • Volunteer Appreciation Event, 12pm; please see article below for your opportunity for a free lunch and free t-shirt as St. Louise's thanks for your volunteering; RSVP needed; adults only please

Charger Pride with Every Stride...
Walk-A-Thon Takes Place the Friday We Return from Vacation
Just because you have taken care of early turn-in of your pledge sheets (thank you!), doesn't mean you have to stop collecting donations from friends, family, and neighbors. You can keep writing more on the yellow copy, or use your student's personal link from to solicit these donations. All donations are due by Monday, May 10th - the week following the Walk-A-Thon.

Please note what your family's required  MINIMUM DONATIONS must total  by the final turn-in day on May 10 (but we're hoping everyone can surpass the minimum!):
  • $85 for 1-student families;
  • $170 for 2-student families:
  • $235 for 3-or-more student families.

On to Spirit Week, which takes place the week we return from Easter vacation... Please make note of these dates and the celebrations on each of the Spirit Week days:
Monday, April 29th:
  • Poster Day (grade level spirit posters made in classrooms)
  • Superhero Fun Dress Day (costumes or accessories such as capes may be worn; no violent-themes or toy-weapons please; no face paint or hair coloring please)
Tuesday, April 30th:
  • Shorts & Sweats Fun Dress Day (shoes and socks must be worn please)
  • Tape Mr. Fitz to the Wall Day (duct tape will be sold at a $1/foot, so bring in that cash)
Wednesday, May 1st:
  • Regular Uniform Day, except for students who submitted at least $127.50 in pledges by April 11
Thursday, May 2nd:
  • Twin/Triplet/Dress-like-your-Buddies Day (try to wear the same clothing as 1 or more kids in your grade level; no face paint or hair coloring please)
Friday, May 3rd:
  • Walk-A-Thon Day!
  • Wear your Walk-A-Thon t-shirt along with class colors accessorizing (make sure to wear good socks and athletic shoes; dress for the weather, as we all go outside for 1-2 hours of walking)
Visit the Walk-A-Thon webpage for all the details! We can't wait to celebrate this awesome week with our community!

If you have any questions, please email , and one of us will get back to you.
From your Walk-A-Thon Chairs,  
Marinell Zevenbergen, Jen Sharp & Julianne Read
Charger Pride with Every Stride!
Volunteer Appreciation Prayer Service & Lunch

All adults who volunteer in St. Louise Parish programs are invited to a special lunch in your honor, sponsored by St. Louise Parish. Since all school parents are considered "St. Louise volunteers," all school parents are invited!

If you are available on Saturday, May 11, please RSVP by calling the parish office at 425-747-4450 or by registering online  HERE.  You'll be asked for your t-shirt size because, besides being fed a free lunch, you're going to get a free t-shirt! The event begins at 12:00 in the church for a brief prayer service, where Father Gary will bless you and thank you for sharing your gifts. This will be followed by lunch in the parish hall. The Volunteer Appreciation Event is for adults only.

This free lunch and free gift are the least the parish and school can do for you tremendous volunteers!

(Please note: This volunteer event immediately follows the Spring Spruce-Up on the 11th from 8am-12pm. If you are volunteering for the Spruce-Up and can stay for lunch, please RSVP twice - once to Jeffrey Hummer to let him know you'll be helping with landscape/yard work, and once to the parish to make sure they cook up a lunch for you.)

Walk the Stations of the Cross

          Tomorrow is Good Friday and all grade K-8 homerooms will be walking the outdoor Stations of the Cross. Our 8th grade students have prepared inspiring posters which depict each of the 14 Stations, and the 8th graders will be placed throughout the campus ready to show the posters and lead prayers to help us reflect on the significance of each of the major events that took place 2,000 years ago in Jerusalem.
          Parents and grandparents are encouraged to walk the Stations with their children. Please wait at the flagpole outside the main entrance to the school to join your child's classroom, which will begin with Station #1 underneath the deck at the following times on the 19th:   8:50-6A;  8:55-6B;  9:00-2B;  9:05-7A;  9:10-7B;  9:15-1A;  9:20-KA;  9:25-4A;  9:30-5B;  9:35-4B;  9:40-KB;  10:35-3B;  10:40-3A;  10:45-1B;  10:50-5A/2A;   11:00-8A/8B.

*NOTE: The above times are approximate, so it's recommended parents arrive 10 minutes prior to the above time.

Start Your Auction Procuring

Good Morning St. Louise Parents!
We recently announced our theme, We Are One, to our whole community, and I hope you'll take some time to look around and see how our community comes together as one - one body, one church, one  school. If you have a We Are One moment you'd like to share, please send it to me at


We have just begun DONATION/PROCUREMENT SEASON! Auction packets came home to you in last week's Red Envelope and inside you found the following:
  1. Your FAMILY PACKET: This is your guide to all things Auction this year. Please take some time to review it (I KNOW it's a ton of info) so you can get up to speed on this year's event and our Donation/Procurement needs
  2. Procurement requests/gift registries - these are the items that we know will sell for a lot at our annual event and we hope you'll support  us in purchasing these items to donate.
  3. Sponsorship info - Last year we launched our School Sponsorship program and we've updated it for 2019/20. I hope you'll take a look and consider joining the ranks of our great sponsors!
Thanks for your work in getting your donations/ procurements  in by the June 10th deadline!
St. Louise Parent & Auction Director

Our 1st and 2nd Graders Will Be Performing
          Join the St. Louise community on Wednesday, May 1, at 6:30 PM for the Spring Concert. This year's concert will be performed by our 1st and 2nd graders. (Parents of 1st and 2nd graders, please drop off your kids at their homerooms between 6:00-6:15 on the 1st, wearing their school uniforms minus the sweaters.) The concert is in the Parish Hall.
Your Advocacy Was Heard in Olympia
          You may recall two weeks ago when Mr. Fitz asked for your help in sending messages to your State Legislators to pass Senate Bill 5514.  This is the bill concerni ng first responder notifications to private schools regarding potential threats. Thanks to advocacy from Catholic school families such as yours, with leadership by the Washington State Catholic Conference, last week lawmakers in Olympia unanimously passed SB 5514, and we will have improved school emergency notifications. The bill is headed to the Governor's desk to be signed into law.  Passing this bill has been a multi-year effort for the WSCC, and we are very appreciative of their and your important outreach to lawmakers to better protect all students - even our Catholic school ones!
Go, Chargers!


Congratulations to our 6th grade girls' volleyball team who won the CYO championship last Sunday! Coached by alumni parent Gary Schoenlein and parent Ingrid Flaat, the girls had an impressive weekend of sweeping their playoff matches and bringing home a trophy for our trophy case!

The Charger Cards sales-window will be open for EXTENDED HOURS tomorrow. Step into the central hallway of the old school anytime Friday between 8:15-10:00.

Can You Make This a Charger Card Easter?

Organize your life and get ready for Easter with Charger Cards!  Buy a plastic card from the Charger Card Office once and register it online. You can order RELOAD value for these cards online and earn rebates while on Easter break.
You can RELOAD your cards at your convenience online!
  • RELOAD late at night after the kids go to bed!
  • RELOAD on your phone when you are out and need to buy groceries!
  • RELOAD all Easter break or summer break and support St. Louise year round!
Here are a few of the most popular RELOADable cards!
  • Grocery - Safeway, Whole Foods, PCC
  • Gas - Shell, Arco, 76
  • Restaurants - Burger King, Dominos, Landry's, Papa John's, Starbucks, Subway
  • Clothing - Athleta Gap, Old Navy, Bath and Body Works
  • Retail - Target, AMC, Lowe's, Jiffy Lube
We would LOVE to help you set up RELOAD cards! If you'd like one of us in the Charger Cards office to walk you through each step of online process in person or by phone, please email us and we'll be happy to coordinate a time to help you!


Use Charger Cards to help you celebrate Easter.  Charger Cards has a limited supply of Honey Baked Ham gift cards in stock. Conveniently located in Bellevue, Honey Baked Ham's $25 cards at @ a 12% rebate helps you with your Easter feast and you earn rebates at the same time.

In your Red Envelope last week, you were sent your personalized Charger Cards
Family Rebate Report  for the period July 2018 - March 2019.
Thanks for working toward completing by June at least your family's minimum contribution to the school of $125 per school year generated in Charger Cards rebates (from July 1 through June 30).


The Charger Cards sale office in the central wing of the original school is open on school-Fridays from 8:15-9:00AM. 
Of course, you may always purchase 24/7 at  or  for ScripNow, Reload, or Reload Now cards.                          
Charger Cards...It's simple, it's thoughtful and it's truly the gift that
 keeps on giving! For more information on Charger Cards and online ordering, please visit or email chairperson Marsha at


Prayer is the best preparation for Holy Communion. Prayer is the raising of the mind to God. When we pray we go to meet Christ Who is coming to us. If our Creator and Savior comes from heaven with such great love, it is only fitting that we should go to meet Him. And this is what we do when we spend some time in prayer."

~Saint Bernardine of Siena
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