November 14, 2019
Dan's Blog
Thanks to everyone's support of the school Auction - from the procuring to the volunteering to the bidding! We had a grand party last Saturday at the Westin and a successful fund raiser! Please see Julianne Read's Auction-article below for more information.

I want to remind you that your school calendar shows St. Louise School will be closed next Friday, November 22. This allows our teachers to have a workday to prepare for Parent-Teacher Conferences and begin working on students' report cards (as the 1st trimester ends on November 21). Teachers work on report cards more than just this one day; they'll be working evenings and weekends for the next two weeks. Adding this one paid, weekday for them to work with no classes to teach is very beneficial to them.

Although November 22 is called a "no-school day," it's also referred to as an "online-learning day," as we are going to have your children learn from home.  When we hold an online-learning day during the school year  (you'll note we  have two more online-learning days scheduled on March 12 and May 22),  we are able to "count the day" as an instructional day, but still give the teachers time to work. This eliminates the need for our school calendar to stretch too far into June. To make this work, we require your children in grades K-8 to complete school work on the online-learning day, and you parents to please supervise their completion. 

Depending on your child's teacher(s), you will either have the online-learning assignments for next Friday sent home as a hard-copy on Thursday the 21st, or emailed to you by the morning of the 22nd. Teachers will be creating online and/or at-home assignments for their students in a variety of subjects - from math to reading to religion. Each teacher has his/her own unique assignments assigned, and some may include attached documents to download or websites to visit, so the family computer will most likely need to be put to use on the 22nd. Since grade 4-8 students have multiple teachers for their core subjects, they may be receiving multiple emails and/or messages from two or more teachers. However, online-learning assignments will not be sent to any grade level students from the teachers of p.e., art, library, music, computers, or Spanish.

Teachers will vary in how they want the work to be completed and submitted. Some teachers may ask for the assignments to be emailed back by a specified time, while others may ask for hard copies to be brought in on the next school day (Monday, December 2).

Parents of younger students will need to please read the assignment instructions to their children, and parents of all age students should help their kids plot out their day's time-frame of how they will complete the assignments. For some families, parents might have to be physically close during their children's attempts at completing online-learning day assignments, either because their kids may need help or because their kids only seem to complete work when mom or dad is looking over their shoulder. Your presence may help make sure your kids are staying focused and working at a steady pace.
A plan we recommend is to set the oven timer or the cell phone timer immediately after breakfast and expect your child to work independently and complete their work for the next 30-90 minutes, depending on age level. After the timer goes off, your youngster takes a brief break. Then the timer is extended more minutes and independent work time continues. After lunch, this pattern continues until the work is completed. This plan tries to simulate a true school day, where there would be plotted out #-minute time-frames set up for your child to read and write for each specific subject, with bells going off to signal transition times, and with break and snack time interspersed. On a typical school day, your kid would have put in 6.5 hours of study (minus time for breaks and snacks). Thus, each teacher will assign multiple forms of work - more than would be assigned for one evening's homework, where we only expect your child to work for 20-120 minutes, depending on age. For an online-learning day, we expect the average child to work for 3-5 hours, dependent on grade level and realizing some kids finish more quickly, and others need more time.
Regardless of how you set up your "home school environment" and work schedule for next Friday, it's imperative that all our K-8 students complete their assignments to their best efforts and turn in the work at the teacher's required time. The work will be graded. Following all these procedures and expectations is the only way we can count this day as an instructional day on our calendar.
Not only does holding this online-learning day allow the teachers to work on report cards and conference-preparations, while still counting the day as an instructional day on the school calendar, but it prepares us in the case multiple "snow days" take place this year. If we have to miss multiple school days due to heavy snow this winter, we can initiate similar online-learning days. Again, this would keep us from having to do what most public schools do in this situation - extend their school calendar into late June and/or shorten their school's spring vacation days.
Expect your child's teacher(s) to send home or email you their online assignments on or before the morning of the 22nd. If you have questions, please talk directly to your child's teacher(s). Thank you for your support! 

Enjoy God's blessings today,                                         
Mr. Fitz

Our fun and famous ST. NICHOLAS BREAKFAST & CHRISTMAS BAZAAR will be here in just 3 weeks! All St. Louise families (and your extended families and neighbors) are invited to the parish hall for a delicious pancake breakfast and a chance to shop various craft vendors. Rumor postcard in today's red envelope and read the article below. We not only hope to see you there for the eating and shopping, but if you can volunteer for a few hours the day prior to set up (Friday, Dec. 6) , or the day of to help in the kitchen or with other tasks (Saturday, Dec. 7), we could use your help!


Please contact JT and Janelle Taasan, our St. Nick co-chairs, if you have any questions.

Upcoming Calendar of Events  

  • Bake Sale
  • School Commission meeting, 6:30PM in the faculty room

Friday, November 15
  • Last chance to take advantage of the Charger Cards' Credit Card Fee-Free offer! The sales-window is open this morning from 8:15-9:00 am, and the offer ends at 9.

Saturday, November 16
  • Speech Team tournament here at St. Louise

Sunday, November 17
  • Deadline for "Parent Homework" :-)  (see article below)

Wednesday, November 20
  • Thanksgiving Baskets Collection Drive - thanks for your donations!

Thursday, November 21
  • Charger Cards sales-window open THIS morning, since Friday is a no-school day
  • School's Open House, 6:30-7:30PM - please see the article below about how we need your help to promote this event!

Friday, November 22 - NO SCHOOL
  • Today is a no-school day, with teachers working on report cards and conference preparations
  • It's also an Online-Learning Day! 
    • All K-8 students will be sent assignments to complete at home today.
    • Please email completed assignments back to the teacher or hand the teacher hard copies of the completed assignments, based on your teacher's directions.
    • Online-Learning assignments are required and will be graded.

Monday and Tuesday, November 25 & 26 -  NO SCHOOL
  • Parent-Student-Teacher Conferences on Monday and Tuesday.
  • School Office hours are 11-8 on Monday and 8-12 on Tuesday.
  • At these same times, the library will be open for supervised daycare as parents attend conferences
Wednesday through Friday, November 27/28/29 -  NO SCHOOL

Sunday, December 1

Save the Date:
Saturday, December 7 - St. Nicholas Breakfast and Christmas Bazaar
+ In the St. Louise Parish Hall
+ Breakfast Served from 8-11AM
+ Craft Vendor Sales from 8AM-12PM
+An event for the whole family, including grandparents and neighbors

Open House Is One Week from Tonight; Did You Parents Finish Your Homework Yet?

As we all know, St. Louise School is an awesome school!

Our fall OPEN HOUSE is scheduled for  NEXT THURSDAY, November 21, at 6:30 pm, and WE NEED YOU to help spread the word about our awesomeness! 

* As a thank you for your help, we do have a referral bonus program: one free month of tuition for one child for any current family who refers a newly-enrolling family!

There are many excellent school choices in our area, and we believe there are some things that just can't be put into words - that's why we want prospective new families to experience St. Louise School. 

For your "PARENT HOMEWORK" :-) we are asking you to please advertise our Open House by passing out the cards we sent home in last week's red envelope to:
  • Neighbors on your street;
  • Other parents at your kids' activities (ballet lessons, taekwondo, sports teams, etc.);
  • Friends and family members;
  • Co-workers with children.
Along with sending home 4 cards for your to give to 4 of the above people, we sent you a small flyer and would love for you to place this on a bulletin board at work, on the public display board at your favorite restaurant, club, or store, etc. 

Please encourage your neighbors, friends, and coworkers to COME SEE for themselves what we have to offer. Meet teachers and students, explore our classrooms, learn about after-school programs (mock trial, Girls Who Code, speech team, robotics, choirs, band, debate, etc.) and our cross-country, soccer, basketball, track and volleyball sports offerings.

Even better if you tell them you'll join them at next Thursday's  Open House to introduce them to Mr. Fitz, Mr. Fuerte, and your kid's teachers.

Here are some great reasons to celebrate St. Louise School with your neighbors, friends, and co-workers:
  • 1st or 2nd Place in Blanchet Math Tournament four years in a row!        
  • 54% of our graduates received a Merit Scholarship when admitted to local Catholic high schools.
  • CYO Cross country champions - five consecutive years!
  • Student to teacher ratio is an impressive 11:1.
  • Over $100,000 distributed in financial aid annually.
  • Jr. High students perform over 5,000 hours of service collectively.     

Thanks for all you can do  to spread the word regarding St. Louise School and our November Open House! Don't forget to use your social media accounts. Share our Facebook page and Instagram page
St. Nicholas Breakfast & Bazaar Just 3 Weeks Away 

Come join us for our annual St. Nicholas Breakfast and Bazaar on Saturday, December 7, in the St. Louise Parish Hall. Breakfast is served from 8-11AM and craft vendors are selling from 8AM-12PM.

Start a new family tradition as we welcome the season of Advent! Enjoy a delicious breakfast and take care of some Christmas shopping at crafts booths that offer unique gifts and treats. 

Breakfast is $5/kid and $10/adult. From 9-11 a.m., Saint Nicholas himself will be in the Hall to greet the children and will be available for taking pictures with your family!
For more information, contact our St. Nick co-chairs,  JT & Janelle Taasan.
Volunteers are needed to help the day before (Friday the 6th) and the day of (Saturday the 7th).  Earn your volunteer hours in fun & festive atmosphere! Please go HERE now to sign up for the day and volunteer job you'd like.

Last year at the St. Nicholas Breakfast, the Lau/Kan family got to meet Saint Nicholas himself!

Auction News


What a night we had on Saturday!

We Are One was a huge success, and we had a ton of fun! (See below for some photos showing a smidgen of the evening.)

We grossed nearly $380,000, thanks to your prayers, volunteering, and bidding!

The Fund-A-Need for a new science curriculum and new wi-fi radios raised $54K, surpassing our necessary $40K. So, the school can use the extra donations for additional technology purchases. (Some of our teachers with old laptops will be so happy!)

The second Fund-A-Need - for the Tuition Assistance Endowment Fund - raised $44K. Our goal was $50K. If you were not able to attend the Auction and donate toward that, please contact Cindy Wagner and she would be thrilled to receive your donation, as we try to reach that $50K mark.

I'll soon be emailing all school families a separate letter with lots of information, thank-yous, and other details, but here's what you need to know right now:


Receipts will be coming out by early next week. If your company offers matching, please submit your auction receipt through them.



Winning bidders can pick up unclaimed items between tomorrow and next Thursday in the Auction Office during school hours. The deadline to pick up items is November 21.



We have about 20 items that did not sell at the auction. We'll be putting those on sale via Mobile Bidding next week for your bid and purchase. There will be some great deals available! Stay tuned!



Black and White photos and Passport Day photos will also be on sale, starting tomorrow. See my auction follow up email for links to purchase.


Thank you, once again, for all of your wonderful support!
St. Louise Parent & Auction Director

Conferences in 10 Days; Report Cards in 1 Month
       In today's red envelope you'll find a two-sided handout that explains Parent-Teacher Conferences on one side and Report Cards on the other side.
         Please read through the Conferences information prior to coming to meet with your child's teacher on the 24th or 25th. You have only a 20-minute appointment with the teacher, and we want to make sure you take advantage of this brief time by being prepared.
          Thanks in advance for 2-parent families making every effort to have both mom and dad at this required Parent-Teacher conference. 
          Remember that we also want grade 1-8 students to attend at least part of the conference.  We'll have adult supervision in the library on November 25 (from 11AM-8PM) and on November 26 (from 8AM-12PM), so children can wait there and watch a movie during their siblings' conferences. (Please note this childcare is for school-age children only. Please find a babysitter for your toddler.)
         The 1st Trimester ends on Thursday, November 21. Skyward will close down for parents or students to be able to access on November 15, in order for teachers to start inputting final grades, as they begin to create your children's report cards. When Report Cards are sent home with every grade K-8 student next month, you'll want to refer to the Report Card information handout. It explains how to "read" the marks and grades on the card. 
          Thanks for partnering with the teachers as they assist you, the first educators of your children, in raising and educating your kids!

Credit Card Fee-Free Offer Ends Tomorrow

If you use your credit card to purchase Charger Cards tomorrow, Friday the 15th, there will be no fee for the transaction.*
You may pay in person at the Charger Card office window tomorrow from 8:15-9:00 AM
Skip the line and submit your order online or on paper, and then pay by credit card online when we send you an invoice for payment.  Email us  if you'd like more information on this latter method of paying online.
*N ote: Fee-Free does not apply to orders with rebates less than 3%.

Easy Options to Use Charger Cards!

Whether it's Thanksgiving Dinner, or Thanksgiving Travel, there are  a number of ways Charger Cards can help you get ready for Thanksgiving Break:
Thanksgiving Dinner
QFC or Fred Meyer (5% rebate)
Nordstrom (6%)                                                                                  
Gifts - Amazon (4.25)
Gene Juarez-Hair/Makeup (10%)                                                              
Shell (closest station to St. Louise; 2%)                                                                 

Thanksgiving Travel
Hotel (Best Western ) (12% rebate)                                                                                          
Starbucks- for the drive or wait time (7%)                                              
Dominos - easy family dinner! (12%)                                                      
Groceries & Gas (Nov):
Safeway (4%)                                                                                                      
Chevron(closest station to St. Louise; 2%)                                                           

Because next Friday the 22nd is a no-school day, the Charger Cards sales-window will be open next Thursday the 21st - from 8:15-9:00 AM.

The Charger Cards sale office in the central wing of the original school is open on school-Fridays from 8:15-9:00AM. 
Of course, you may always purchase 24/7 at  or .                          
Charger Cards...It's simple, it's thoughtful and it's truly the gift that
 keeps on giving! For more information on Charger Cards and online ordering, please visit or email chairpersons Marsha and Katherine at

Please search our Lost and Found "mountain" (located outside the 5th grade classrooms) to find the jacket, sweater, water bottle, bicycle, or small dog  ;-)   that you child may have lost and is piled inside. Unclaimed items from the Lost and Found Bin will be donated to the St. Vincent de Paul Society next week, so please don't delay.
A Message to Parents from Our Director of Extra-Curricular Programs and Kids' Club
Dear Parents,

I want to share with you some information I recently read: Secrets of Successful Afterschool Programs. This article notes that according to a study conducted by the Harvard Family Research Project, the hours from 3-6 PM are the peak time for juvenile crime and victimization. Therefore, participation in an afterschool program keeps students off the streets, off their phones, under supervision, and potentially prevents other risky behaviors. This article addresses a two-part question, and gives answers:


Q) Does participation in afterschool programs make a difference?

A) A decade of evaluation studies have demonstrated that students who participate in afterschool programs benefit academically, social-emotionally; and in the areas of health/wellness, as well as helping to prevent activity in crime, drugs, or sex.


Q) What are the key characteristics of an effective program?

A) The article listed several elements.  Some of these included fostering a sense of community through connections to program staff and peers; providing developmentally appropriate activities/incentives; and engaging families.
Our St. Louise Kids' Club promotes the well-being of our students by providing opportunities for individual academic advancement, engaging/fun activities, structured periods of "free-time", and most importantly - a safe and loving environment. 

Please take a look at our "KIDS' CLUB IN ACTION - PRESENTATION!".  This is a short video with just a FEW of the beautiful memories that the children have lived these past weeks. 
BTW - We still have a few openings in Kids' Club - both beforeschool and afterschool. Please contact me if you would like information about how to join our Kids' Club Family.
Director of Extra-Curricular Programs and Kids' Club

Our Annual Thanksgiving Baskets Collection Drive Is This Coming Wednesday
          This coming Wednesday, November 20, each student is asked to bring in his/her donation to our school-wide Thanksgiving Baskets service project.  Most students have discussed with their teachers about a specific food item to bring in, but some students will instead be donating new, plastic laundry baskets, which will hold all the food and will be permanently gifted to the family for practical use in their homes. 
          We will be partnering with the parish's St. Vincent de Paul Society this Thanksgiving to create 20 bountiful, traditional Thanksgiving feasts to deliver to needy families in our community so they can enjoy a full and delicious Thanksgiving meal, as well as stock their cupboards for the weeks after. Thanks in advance for your donations the  morning of Wednesday the 20th. If you have any questions, please ask your homeroom teacher or   Cindy Wagner  .

Gavin enjoyed having the Humane Society's mobile pet truck come to school last week so he and his 2nd grade classmates could see the animals up for adoption. The 2nd graders are supporting the Humane Society all year with donations of pet food, as their grade level's service project. 

You Wouldn't Happen to Have a Sewing Machine, Would You?
            We are exploring having an afterschool "sewing club," but we need your help.  Would you be willing to donate any of the following items?  
  • Working sewing machine
  • Sewing scissors (large and small)
  • Thread
  • Cotton fabric
  • Batting
If so, please email Theresa Bannick.   Thank you for supporting our extra-curricular programs!

please read this with your kids

Thank you for patronizing the following businesses and thanking these families who, through their generous sponsorship, help underwrite the costs of St. Louise School's Auction, Walk-A-Thon, and other events...

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