March 28, 2019
Dan's Blog
As you recall from last year, a parent survey and the new tri-chairs of the Walk-A-Thon fundraiser all leaned toward moving our previous fall fund raiser - the Walk-A-Thon - to the spring. That's why today we are kicking-off the Walk-A-Thon with an assembly for your children and a packet of information coming home to you. See the article below in this Bulletin and please read the papers coming home in today's red family envelope.

We hope that moving the Walk-A-Thon to the spring takes off some of the load parents have in the fall with hectic schedules and the purchases and fees associated with the start of a new school year.

That being said, we still have two other financial items associated with this time of year besides the Walk-A-Thon. Those are the Auction procurements that begin this spring and the Annual School Gift Campaign donations that might have been given in the winter but some families put off until the spring.

Thank you for making sure you fulfill these three commitments:

1. Turn in your minimum donations to the Walk-A-Thon by the May 10th deadline.
* Minimum donations raised per family size are $85 for 1-student families, $170 for 2-student families, $235 for 3-or-more student families;
* Note that if your meet special requirements by the early turn-in day of April 11, your children would win a special prize.

2. Bring in your Auction procurements/donations by the June 10th deadline.
* Note that $225 is the minimum value for procured/donated items;
* If a family misses the June 10th deadline, the required minimum increases to $275.
*For more information on how to or what to procure/donate to the 2019 Auction, Julianne Read will be sending you 2019 Auction information in April.

3. Complete your one-lump-sum donation (or one or more periodic payments) to the Annual School Gift Campaign by the last day of the school year (June 12th).
*Note that if you are making monthly or quarterly payments, it's understood you won't have completed your total donation by June 12, and that is fine;
* For more information on the Annual School Gift Campaign requirements and instructions, please contact Cindy Wagner or go here

Our teachers, your students, and I greatly appreciate you parents fulfilling your fund raising commitments! Because of your generosity, St. Louise School is able to receive the necessary revenue beyond tuition payments that pays for enrichment grants, fun assemblies, new recess and PE equipment, musical instruments, enhanced technology in the classrooms, and other necessary purchases to run a quality, well-rounded curriculum for all of our 365 students in PreK through 8th grade.

So starting tonight, please join your child's excitement from today's Walk-A-Thon assembly and help him/her get started on your Walk-A-Thon pledge collections. Great people to direct your child to via in-person asks, phone calls, or texts are neighbors you know, grandma/grandpa, aunts/uncles, and your own co-workers. 

Pax et bonum,                                         
Mr. Fitz

All grade K-8 students are bringing home their 2nd trimester report cards today. For an explanation of how to "read" report cards, please read the "Grading" section of our policies (see page 18).

Parents are asked to sign the back of the manila envelope and return only the unsealed envelope to the teacher on Monday. (We will re-use the envelope after the 3rd trimester.) The report card is yours to keep.

Mr. Fuerte and I read every single report card, and we were proud in the past few days to read of the accomplishments and improvements of your children during the 2nd trimester! Now let's keep them focused to continue to work hard all the way through June 12!

... They can rest starting June 13 

Upcoming Calendar of Events  

  • The 2019 Walk-a-Thon kicks off with an assembly for the students and information coming home for the parents; thanks for starting to gather pledges and donations starting tonight and through all of April; the Walk-a-Thon is on Friday, May 3; 

  • Report Cards sent home with all K-8 students; please return only the parental-signed envelope (unsealed) on Monday

Wednesday & Thursday, April 3 & 4
  • School musical, Dear Edwina Jr., performs in parish hall at 6:30 for two nights only; tickets on sale through Tuesday only

Wednesday, April 3
  • Grades 6-8 receive Sacrament of Reconciliation

Friday, April 5
  • Some grade levels spending time in Eucharistic Adoration in the parish chapel; parents welcome

Saturday, April 6
  • CYO Coaches' Dinner, 6PM

Monday through Friday, April 8-12

Thursday, April 11
  • Parents' Club Meeting, 6:30PM - all parents invited to attend 


Walk This Way!
...Walk-A-Thon Starts Today
We are so EXCITED to launch our 2019 Walk-A-Thon! This Parents' Club fundraiser raises critical funds to provide enrichment grants to our teachers and operational support for our school.

As you know, we don't receive any state funding, and our low tuition doesn't cover the full cost of educating a student here at St. Louise, so we rely on our fundraisers to make up that difference. Our goal this year is to raise $60,000 and we're asking for your help to reach out to extended family, friends, neighbors and co-workers to support this effort with pledges.
TODAY, your children will have attended the Walk-A-Thon (WAT) assembly where they will have received the following items in a bag to bring home:
  1. Their WAT T-Shirt - they can wear this, or their uniform, as they collect pledges.
  2. A WAT Pledge Sheet and Envelope - students can record their pledges on this sheet, and collect money in the envelope (there is an online option as well)
  3. The WAT Parent Information Packet - this will give YOU all the WAT details, from a calendar showing you when the pledge sheets are due, to what to wear on Walk-A-Thon Day, to our Spirit Week Activities.

If you are new to this type of fundraiser, here is how it works:
  • Students set a goal of how many laps they will walk during our Walk-A-Thon event.
  • Next, they collect pledges, either a pledged amount per lap, or a flat pledge. Supporters can pay up front, online, or after the event.
  • Then, we have a super fun, Walk-A-Thon day (May 3) where students walk as many laps as possible on our parking lot/playground in the allotted time. There are snack and water breaks, and the teachers get in on the fun, too!
  • After the event, students will reach out and collect the money from the extended family, friends, neighbors and co-workers (unless they paid online - see details in the packet) and will turn that in. Students with the most laps and most money earned will win parties for their classes and individual prizes!
New this year - we are going to duct tape Mr. Fitz to the wall on April 30th! For every dollar your kiddo brings in that day (this is separate from the WAT pledge amounts), they will get one foot of duct tap and will be allowed to tape Mr. Fitz to the wall of the Parish Hall.  Here is what it could look like...

Also, we are bringing back the  After School Tailgate Party - a chance for us all to come together as a community immediately after the 3:00 dismissal bell and celebrate our children's accomplishments from the day. There will be food and a DJ on hand to help families party!
Please take some time to go through this packet when it comes home today. If you have any questions, please send a quick note to, and one of us will get back to you.
From your Walk-A-Thon Chairs,  
Marinell Zevenbergen, Jen Sharp & Julianne Read
Charger Pride with Every Stride!
Have You Fulfilled Your Obligation?

          Thank you to those who have already donated to our 2019 Annual School Gift Campaign! This is the required fund raiser that parents were  told about in January. If you have yet to donate, or to at least send in an initial pledge (for those who prefer to send in smaller, monthly donations instead of one, lump sum donation), we need you to  please respond at this time. Please contact  Cindy Wagner in the development office for more information or go  here

Your High Schooler Can Play CYO Sports
          CYO High School Volleyball registration has begun.  Any current St. Louise Parish high school student can participate.  The cost is $50 and registration ends April 5th.  Please visit www.teamsideline/  to register.  Please contact Joni Hoffman with any questions.
Mount St. Lost&Found is ready to blow again! Please stop by the bin outside the 3rd grade classrooms and find your child's sweater, jacket, p.e. shoes, water bottle, lunch box, or little sister. 


There are just a few hours remaining to use your credit or debit card for purchases, and have no fee for transactions in excess of $100.  Tomorrow is the last call for "fee free" credit card purchases.  Buy your gas, groceries and all other spending through Charger Cards first and pay for those cards with your credit card! Get your frequent flier points AND support St. Louise at the same time!

If you have yet to take advantage of March Madness, stop by our Charger Card office tomorrow morning from 8:15-9:00 to pay in person by credit card. Or you may complete the credit card authorization form and send it in with your printed order. This method lets you order and pay with a credit card even if it's not convenient to visit during Charger Card office hours.


If you need to catch up on the minimum rebate requirement that is due this June, or if you're already at the minimum but now working towards tuition credit for next year, try buying our  20% rebate cards.  Charger Cards has a number of cards available at 20% rebate!  These cards are limited while supplies last so get yours now!          
  • John Howie Steak
  • Palomino
  • Purple
  • Red Robin
  • Wild Ginger
  • Regis Hair Salons (Hair Masters)
  • Tutta Bella
  • El Gaucho
IN YOUR RED ENVELOPE TODAY - March Madness Drop off Forms and Scrip-To-Go forms.

The Charger Cards sale office in the central wing of the original school is open on school-Fridays from 8:15-9:00AM. 
Of course, you may always purchase 24/7 at  or  for ScripNow, Reload, or Reload Now cards.                          
Charger Cards...It's simple, it's thoughtful and it's truly the gift that
 keeps on giving! For more information on Charger Cards and online ordering, please visit or email chairperson Marsha at

On Your Mark, Get Set, Sign-Up
          Registration is now open here for all 4th-8th graders to sign up for CYO Track and Field.  Practices will begin on April 16th and will run fro m 5:00-6:30 every Tuesday at Tillicum Middle School and every Thursday at Odle Middle School.  Track Meets are held on the following weekends:
  • Preliminary: Saturday, May 4
  • Relay Meet: Saturday, May 11
  • Qualifying: Saturday, May 18th
  • 8th Grade Pentathlon: Sunday, May 19th
  • Championship: Saturday, June 1st
          If you have any questions or are interested in helping coach, please contact track coordinator Amy Wilken. Please note that if you need to order a St. Louise Track Team t-shirt, please mark the applicable box when registering. The t-shirts are $10 and are required. These are the same shirts as last year, so if you already have one that fits, you don't need to purchase another one. 
We Are Proud of Our Students
          Our math specialist teacher, Theresa Bannick, is starting a special fieldtrip opportunity for our 7th graders - to go to St. James Cathedral on an approximate monthly basis and serve dinner to the 175-200 homeless or low income people who attend the nightly St. James Cathedral Kitchen. (Parents of any grade level, please contact Mrs. Bannick if you could help chaperone one month with her.)
          Before dinner last week at this inaugural fieldtrip, this month's chosen 7th graders (pictured below) and Mrs. Bannick went around to some of the people waiting for dinner and introduced ourselves. Each student was then teamed up with an adult helper in the kitchen, and passed out dinners.  After dinner, the kids were on cleanup duty, along with having an opportunity to again go around and talk to some of the attendees who were served dinner.  One of our girls said her favorite part was after dinner when they were able to get out into the dining room and visit with the people.  One gentleman who loved talking about literature got into a conversation with the girls about "The Giver" - which is the novel they are currently reading in literature class. Some of o ur St.  Louise students had a wonderful conversation with two women who asked them all about who the original Saint Louise was and about our school.  
          Mrs. Bannick said afterward, "You would have been very proud of our students!  The homeless individuals were so appreciative and impressed with the maturity and kindness shown by our girls!"  


When we pray, the voice of the heart must be heard more than the proceedings from the mouth."

~Saint Bonaventure

Please Spread the Word to Neighbors, Co-Workers, Friends

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