October 11, 2018
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Please see the article below about the upcoming funeral Mass for school parent Pat Cimprich.

Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord,
and let perpetual light shine upon them.
May the souls of the faithful departed,
through the mercy of God, rest in peace.

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It's already time to start scheduling the November Parent-Teacher Conferences in which all school parents must participate. (In grades 1-8, we also ask the student to attend at least part of the conference.) To make sure you'll be scheduled for a more convenient time, please open the separate email you'll be receiving this morning from me. That email contains the link of the Parent Survey, where you are to choose the more convenient conference dates/times. You'll have one week to response to the survey, and then the teachers and I will sit down and set up Parent-Teacher Conference schedules based on your requests. If you don't complete a Survey by the deadline of noon next Thursday, you might get assigned an inconvenient conference time such as Thanksgiving morning at 5:45AM or in the middle of the 4th quarter of the Seahawks game, so please be sure to finish your survey by next Thursday morning! We'll get back to you with your finalized November conference date/time by the first week of November.

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In my 30 years as principal, and in our veteran teachers' many years teaching, we have all noticed the same trend - more students are missing school multiple-days-at-a-time due to their family pulling them out of class to take a family trip. Now, before you think our concern is simply "jealousy" - after all, the only time my mom pulled me out of school for a trip was to take a trip to the dentist - please realize that our concern, and the reason for our recent actions regarding this "new-normal" for many families, is primarily out of concern for your children, with a secondary reason being concern for the teachers.

We all agree that it is a good thing for families to enjoy time together on a trip. There is nothing more important then parent-&-child unity and love. That is a big reason why a typical school calendar devotes much time to days-off and vacations. There are many three- or four-day weekends built into the St. Louise School calendar, along with two weeks at Christmas-time and one week at Easter-time. And of course, there are 11 weeks of no-school during the summer. It is during these times that school families should plan those big trips of more than a few days.

When your child misses a number of school days in a row due to a "choice" (as opposed to when he/she is "forced" to miss school, such as when home sick with the flu), there are so many reasons why this is detrimental:
  1. Missing school for gratuitous reasons gives your kid the message that school is lower on the scale of importance, when in actuality, "being a student" is your child's #1 job at this time in his/her life.
  2. When a student misses school, he/she misses more than the homework assignments the teachers gave that day. Also squandered are the in-class lectures, the teacher demonstrations, the partner-work on assignments, the small group-work on projects, and the building of artistic skills, athletic skills, and social skills which took place in art class, music class, p.e. class, and recess.
  3. Students absent from school for more than a couple of days in a row will return being way behind in understanding the new math chapter, the new novel in reading class, and the new science project that were taught when they were gone. This creates the feeling for most students of feeling like they are running on a hamster wheel, trying to catch up in the days after the return, but realizing they aren't making progress because as hard as they try, the rest of the class is still ahead of them.
  4. Teachers have a heavy work load of preparing lessons, correcting papers, scoring tests, creating projects, etc. It's both demanding on the teacher and unjust to the classmates for the teacher to have to break from his/her work time or to have to ignore the rest of the class, so to work one-on-one to prepare a list of absent work for the soon-to-be traveling student to attempt to work on during vacation and/or help the absent student catch up with private lessons, initiating make-up tests, etc.
  5. Studies have shown that missing more school than just for sick days is harmful to students' future success. One study of kindergarten students who missed a lot of school days showed that there was a higher chance those students would perform lower academically in 1st grade. Another student of 6th grade students who missed more school than normal showed that these kids were more likely to not graduate from high school with their peers six years later.
I could go on, but you get my point. Of course, please know that the teachers and I understand when a family goes on a trip during school days due to a family emergency, such as visiting an ill grandparent who lives out of state. We would never bat an eye over this type of absence. But when we do bat an eye - actually we go into massive blinking attacks - is when a student is going to miss a week or so of school, so the family can go to Disneyland, Hawaii, Cancun, etc. during school days, when there are 14 full weeks already scheduled throughout the year as no-school days.

Because of our growing concern for more and more students missing school for reasons other than illness or family emergencies, and because this problem affects both the teachers' workloads and those students' academics and anxiety of being able to catch up, we have strengthened our school's absence policy.

Please go to page 4 of the POLICY HANDBOOK on our school website where you'll find the entire Absence Policy spelled out. Our website also has a link to the new Planned Absence Form that you and your child must present to the teacher at least 5 days prior to certain planned absences. Following is a snippet from our policy. Please go to the website to read the entire policy and procedures regarding planned absences...

Planned Absence of Three or More Consecutive Days

   "If a student will be absent three or more school days in a row, at least five school days' notification to the school about the absence is required through the use of a Planned Absence Request Form. Note: if the trip is due to a family emergency, out-of-town funeral, etc., exceptions to the following procedures can be made.
   The student is to have each teacher, whose class he/she will miss, sign the back of this form and list the assignment that will need to be completed - if known ahead of time. (For grade K-3 students, simply having the homeroom teacher's signature will suffice. For grade 4-8 students, all teachers' signatures, including specialist teachers, are required.) The teacher is not required to list any assignments ahead of time. The teacher may also add comments as to any concerns with what curriculum the student will miss, if the student's grades are already at risk, etc.
   Once the student receives signatures and any assignments/comments from all teachers, the student is to give this form to the principal no later than 5 days before the absence begins. The principal will approve or object to the request based upon the teacher's comments, the length of the absence, and the family's attendance history, and will inform the parents on the approval or objection.  Although parents make the final decision on taking an absence from school, there are consequences.
* If the requested absence is objected to by the principal, the teacher will not accept any missed work for credit. However, it's to the student's educational benefit to still keep in step with the missed learning and catch up to where the classmates are in the curriculum upon his/her return.
* If the absence is approved, it is the student's responsibility to make up all school work he/she missed during the absence, and much will be graded for credit. In most cases, assignments assigned by the teacher before the planned absence will be due the day the student returns to school. If not turned in the day the student returns, the assignment will be graded as late work. In the case of an assignment not being able to be assigned by the teacher prior to the planned absence, each teacher will decide on the appropriate time allowed for the student to make up work. The day the student returns to school, the student and parent should attempt to meet with all the teachers to coordinate make-up work.
* The student should expect that missed tests which need to be made-up will most likely be taken during before-school or after-school hours, so parents must be prepared to adjust family schedules.
* The student and parents must realize that quizzes and most in-class projects completed when the student was absent cannot be replicated upon the student's return, and the student will receive zero credit for those missed, graded events. Thus, the student could likely earn a reduced grade on the report card for the trimester when the family trip was taken..."
There is still more policy and procedures regarding absences, including how planned absences of only 1 or 2 days are treated differently than absences of 3 or more days, so please make sure you read the entire Absence policy on page 4 of our POLICY HANDBOOK.

Thanks for your efforts to make it a goal for your child to have 100% attendance at school (except on days your child has a fever, cough, etc.)!

Pax et bonum,
Mr. Fitz

It's a Wonderful Life at St. Louise - our 2018 school Auction - takes place on November 10. You parents have already supported the Auction wonderfully through your exciting donations, and now it's time to support it even more - and support your children's education - by attending the event and bidding on items.  
Please RSVP now at this link.
On Auction night we'll be holding a special Fund-a-Need bidding time during the live auction. Every single one of you will be able to raise your bid card high and get called out by the auctioneer as a "winning" bidder, based on the giving level you choose for this Fund-a-Need. This year's focus will be on facility upgrades:
     1) Helping St. Louise School pay the bill for our recent addition of a security door, camera, and parent keycards;
     2) Helping us pay for our upcoming plans to makeover our parish hall so we can hold our school musical on campus, as well as have a better performance area and more seating for school concerts.
For more information on this year's Fund-a-Need, please watch our slideshow, narrated by some of your kids.  
Upcoming Calendar of Events  

  • Due to tomorrow's No School Day, Charger Cards is open this morning from 8:15-9:00, selling cards in the original school's central hallway.
  • Bake Sale during lunchtime; most items are $.50 or $1; proceeds benefit junior high activities
Tomorrow - Friday - NO SCHOOL DAY
  • The teachers are participating in an Archdiocesan-mandated theology retreat; both the school office and Kids' Club are closed today

Tuesday, October 16
  • New Parent Q&A Coffee - all parents who are new to St. Louise this fall are invited to a coffee/pastry social, where veteran school parents will be there to answer questions you have as a new parent; please RSVP via your evite or by emailing Cindy Wagner

Thursday, October 18
  • The Parent Survey - which Mr. Fitz emailed you on October 11 - closes today at noon. This survey is where you request the best date/time for your required Parent-Teacher Conference, so please make sure to complete the survey by today's 12PM deadline!

Friday, October 19
  • Auction Wine Contest ends today; details here

Friday, October 26
  • CROWD Social for 6th-8th graders from 7-9PM in the parish hall; early registration (at a reduced fee) closes on October 12

Saturday, October 27
  • Fall Fix-Up from 8AM-12PM; bring your yard tools and help us beautify the grounds 
  • Junior High Math Team competes in Seattle Prep tournament

Wednesday, October 31
  • Fun Dress Day; see costume restrictions and special treats here
Thursday, November 1 - NO SCHOOL DAY
  • The school office and Kids' Club are closed today; All Saints Day Masses at St. Louise at 9AM and 7PM
Monday, November 5 
  • Deadline to RSVP to attend the Auction
 Rest in Peace, Patrick Cimprich
           The funeral Mass for fellow St. Louise School parent, Pat Cimprich, is next Thursday, October 18, at 11:00 in our church. The entire 6th grade class will attend, and parents of 6th graders are asked to also attend and sit with their children as a family. In addition, our Chorale choir will sing at the Mass.
          Pat's wife, Natalie, welcomes any and all school parents to attend the Mass. In addition, any school parents of any grade level who can help with preparing and delivering food for the reception would be greatly appreciated! Please deliver to the parish hall kitchen - in disposable containers - one of the following on Thursday between 8:30-11:00AM:
  • Potato salad or macaroni salad
  • Fruit salad or vegetable platter
  • Pasta salad or green salad


Patrick, Simone, and Natalie


Hello, St. Louise Families!

Thanks to the 100+ of you who RSVPed within just the first few days of registration opening last week for the BIG NIGHT!

Auction Night is just 4 weeks away, when we will get together and celebrate It's a Wonderful Life at St. Louise!  Here is what you need to know about helping to fill the ballroom at the Seattle Marriott Bellevue!

Buying Your Tickets


1. If you purchased your tickets at the Deck Party back in May - all you need to do is send an email listing who you would like to sit with, and please mark the subject line "Reservations."
2. For everyone else, to purchase tickets, please go to the Registration Page. Within the registration page, be sure to note which meal you would like to enjoy. Under "Special Accommodations," please note with whom you would like to sit. If you are new this year, and don't know a family to note, we'll seat you with other parents who have kids in your grade level.





We are just 4 weeks away and have hit the "we need all hands on deck" time! Here are the 2 volunteer needs we have right now:
1. Auction Night Volunteers: We need more Auction Night Volunteers. These are our dedicated volunteers who make the night run smoothly - handling registration, raffle ticket sales, live auction spotters, runners, item distribution, etc. If you have specific questions about how volunteering works on the night of the big event, please reach directly out to Mike Kirby  or simply sign up here.
2. Pre Event Volunteers: Also, if you are at school any day or evening, and have 30 minutes or more to volunteer, I have all kinds of jobs that need to be completed over the coming weeks. Just send me an email and let me know when you can be here and for how long. I'll help you check off your volunteer time! Thank you so much - this event does not happen without everyone in our community!

Important Dates


10/19:  Premium Wine is due for the Krispy Kreme Class Party. Click here for more info.


10/22:  Our first Online Auction goes live! 


11/1:  RSVPs due for It's A Wonderful Life at St. Louise!


11/5 thru 11/9:  Preview Week in the school lobby!


11/10:  It's A Wonderful Life at St. Louise at the Seattle Marriott Bellevue!



You are in store for a lot of fun surprises at this year's event. We hope you will join us! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask or stop by the auction office in the north wing next to the PreK room.


Julianne Read
St. Louise Parent & Auction Director


 We Are the Champions...Again!
           Our St. Louise Cross Country team once again won the overall CYO Team Championship! Last Sunday at Lake Sammamish State Park, besides bringing home the overall team trophy, the Chargers also brought home this hardware:
  • 4th Grade Boys Overall Team Champions
  • 6th Grade Boys Overall Team Champions
  • 6th Grade Girls Overall Team Champions
  • 7th Grade Girls Overall Team Champions
  • 8th Grade Boys Overall Team Champions
          Congratulations to the hard-working student-athletes on the St. Louise Cross Country team! Additionally, we applaud the leadership of Amy Wilken, cross country coordinator, along with her coaches Reine Kehdy, Meghan Green, Diane Sloss, Sarah Darboe, Sarah Pierce, Sarah Donaldson.
The Individual Medal Winners from St. Louise were:
4th Grade Boys: 1st Place - Blake Wilken
5th Grade Girls:  3rd Place - Jane Clinton
6th Grade Boys:  1st Place - Ben Shaules; 2nd Place - Ben Sharp; 4th Place - Nick Sharp; 5th Place - Ethan Read
6th Grade Girls1st Place - Annie Wilken; 4th Place - Ellie Estrada; 5th Place - Sophie Pierce
7th Grade Boys:  1st Place - Colin Harris; 4th Place - Jack Kehoe
7th Grade Girls2nd Place - Allison Kussy; 3rd Place - Justine Utz; 4th Place - Finley Gillespie
8th Grade Boys:  1st Place - Modesto Estrada; 2nd Place - Cris Veloz; 5th Place - TJ Russell
8th Grade Girls:   2nd Place - Jenna Wilken; 5th Place - Evie Aitken
 School Photos Shot Yesterday; Retakes Next Month
           Photos from yesterday's Photo Day will arrive at the school in the next few weeks, and will be sent home to you at that time in the red envelope. If you forgot to preorder, you have one week to place an order at pre-order prices. After that, the prices raise higher. Please go HERE to place your order. 
          If your child(ren) were absent yesterday for Photo Day, be sure to note the Retake Day is scheduled for Wednesday, November 14. If you have any questions concerning school photos, please contact Cindy Wagner in our development office.  
No School Tomorrow

           A reminder that tomorrow - Friday - is a no-school day. The school office will be closed, as will Kids' Club. Our teachers will spend tomorrow in a theology retreat, learning about four Mysteries of the Church - the Trinity, the Paschal Mystery, Incarnation, and this fourth Mystery, that the first three mysteries lead us to. This is a retreat that all the Catholic school teachers in our Seattle Archdiocese attend annually. (St. Louise will have a second one on March 15.)

 We Have a Dozen Expectation for Your Kids

  Student Learning Expectations - SLEs - are expectations that our students should know, understand, value, and be able to do by the time they graduate from St. Louise School. These 12 SLEs comprise four categories important to the development of a well-rounded student: an active Christian; a life-long learner; a well-balanced individual; and a community member. Each month, one or two different SLEs are focused on school-wide until the 12 expectations are thoroughly covered by the end of the school year. 

Mr. Fitzpatrick announces to all the students the "SLE(s) of the Month" on a Monday intercom announcement at the beginning of each month. The students and their teachers then discuss the meaning of the SLE and come up with examples of how this expectation could be practiced, observed, and realized. They then work all month on improving their knowledge and understanding of this learning expectation, and some grade levels are even able to achieve it later that month or later in the year. Other grade levels will need more years of practice before they can confidently confirm they are able to satisfy this objective.
October's SLEs of the Months are:
  • A St. Louise student is a life-long learner who exhibits enthusiasm for learning, including the ability to connect learning with life experiences. (SLE #2.3);
  • A St. Louise student is a community member who shows awareness of local, national, and international events. (SLE #4.2).
Parents can partner with the school by discussing every month's SLEs at home at the dinner table or when driving in the car. Break down the vocabulary in the Student Learning Expectation to your child's level and then come up with examples for your own life - when you were a kid and now as you're an adult - on how you worked at completing that same expectation. This can then lead to asking your child how he/she is going to show an accomplishment of the SLE, either this month or in the coming year(s).

New Denominations of Charger Cards Now Available 
We now have in stock (in very limited supply) two denominations of plastic Amazon cards - $25 and $100 at 2% Rebate. These cards are in short supply and we will apply first come/first served to this stock. We still do have the paper Amazon cards for those who prefer paper.

Also in stock at limited supply are McDonald's $10 cards - perfect for the Holiday giving season that's fast approaching.

Some of our new special offerings:

Gene Juarez $25, $50, $100
Macy's Ecard $500
McDonalds $10 (LTD)
Starbucks $20 (LTD)
Taco Bell
Walmart $500
Wendy's $10

These are just a few of the cards available now with bonus rebates so please stop by the Charger Card window or visit or to learn more.  

Special Window Sales Day Today

Due to the NO SCHOOL DAY tomorrow, our Charger Card sales window will be open TODAY - THUSDAY - from 8:15-9:00 am.  Orders received by 9:30 am this past Monday are being sent home in student backpacks today.  Of course, you may always purchase 24/7 at

For more information on Charger Cards and online ordering,
or email chairperson Marsha at
Meet Our Newest School Parents

          We are excited to have 50 new school families join the St. Louise School community this fall! Each week we've been showing you some of the new faces and names. Here are the latest families who joined St. Louise, each enrolling in October. Welcome!

Shirley and Ricardo Wu

daughter in kindergarten


Todd and Kristin Jamer

son in 5th grade


It's Time to Sign-Up for CYO Basketball
Dear Parents, 
It is basketball sign-up time! Please register your 4th through 8th grade children to be a part of St. Louise CYO Basketball for the 2018-2019 season.
St. Louise CYO Basketball is open to all 4th through 8th grade students at St. Louise school, as well as to children who attend other schools but whose parents are members of St. Louise Parish.  CYO Basketball is for kids of all skill levels - from beginners to experienced. Every child on a St. Louise team will get guaranteed playing time.
All registration is done online at:
Our NEW LOWER-PRICE Registration Fees are as follows:
  • $75 for the first child registered within a family;
  • $60 for the second child registered within the same family;
  • $45 for the third child registered within the same family.
These regular Registration Fees are in affect until Friday, November 2, at 11:59 pm. Late registration between November 3-16, will see the fees increase to $110.
By the way, all regular season CYO basketball games are held on weekends, either Saturday or Sunday.  Teams typically play 7 or 8 regular season games. The opening weekend for games is November 17-18, and the regular season ends on January 27. There are no games scheduled over Thanksgiving and Christmas weekends. 
If you have any questions, please contact St. Louise Basketball Coordinator, Rodney Thomas at .
Thank you in advance for signing your child/children up for Chargers Basketball!
Rodney Thomas
St. Louise Basketball Coordinator

Job Opening Up at St. Louise School
           We were sad to hear that our school bookkeeper, Amy Thielman, will soon be leaving us to work full time at another company. Amy has been a major part of our administrative team since she joined us two and a half years ago. She not only has been a tireless worker to oversee the various financial processes at school, but her efforts have helped us create new ways of doing financial transactions, such as an increase in how parents can make online payments using credit cards and electronic fund transfers.
          With Amy's impending departure, we are announcing a part-time bookkeeper position available at St. Louise. This position enjoys a flexible schedule, allowing the bookkeeper to work three full days a week or four to five shorter days per week, for a total of 25 hours weekly. The bookkeeper's work schedule mostly follows the school calendar, with limited hours during school vacations.
          The candidate chosen for this position will be trained by the outgoing bookkeeper and must be available to begin training by no later than December 1, 2018, with the ability to completely take over the position by no later than February 1, 2019. (Earlier training and start dates are possible.) A compensation range of $25 to $35 an hour will be based on experience. This position does not offer health benefits.
          A candidate is desired who has as an associate degree in accounting. Bookkeeping experience is required, as are strong computer skills with accounting software and database management, including proficiency in QuickBooks and Excel. The ability to work as a team player and manage multiple tasks simultaneously is essential.
          The school bookkeeper oversees the processing of tuition, cash deposits, fee collections, and bill payments. Other duties of the school bookkeeper include preparing reports for our school's fund raisers, and assisting the school's finance committee in preparing an annual budget. For a more detailed job description, and an application form, please go to or email Dan Fitzpatrick.

Thank You, Coaches!


          We appreciate all the coaches of our St. Louise CYO Soccer teams this fall! Led by soccer coordinators Maria Kelly-Doggett and Christie Allemand, our coaches deserving applause are: Kathleen Lund, Sherri Brouwer, Kirk Elliott, David VanNoy, Max Engel, Bob Currie, Brian Smith, JC Fawcett, Genevieve Bekkerus, Peter Zevenbergen, John Jung, Marcelo De Barros, Marie & Matthew Gallanar, Graham Condit,  Daniella Olsen, Tyler Wilken, Glen Doggett, Tim Russell, Jon Sharp, Jim Goett, Chris Read, Carolyn McHugh,  Matt Aitken, Nathan Ayres, Tom Lester.

Prayer Inspiration for the Week

"Praying the Rosary is like stepping back from the crazy, noisy, busy world and into a calm, quiet, peaceful heaven."
~Matthew Kelly, author and speaker

All parents are welcome every Wednesday-schoolday at 8:15 a.m. to pray with fellow school parents in a small-group setting. Please check in at the school office.
See what's happening on our St. Louise Facebook page