Parent Bulletin
January 23, 2020
In Kids' Club, our older students act as buddies to the younger ones.
Here, Noah is helping Katarina with a project.

Unlike a public school with its School Board and PTA organizations, a Catholic school is different in that we have a School Commission and a Parents’ Club. Our Commission’s job is to advise and support Fr. Gary and me in the areas of school finance, policies, and marketing. Our Parents’ Club Board focuses on how to support the school in the areas of volunteering, fund raising, parent education, and community building. Both groups are made up of school parents who serve three-year terms.

Led by President Sean Manne , the School Commission’s roster this year is comprised of Eric Lund, Abigail Eala, Kristin Jamer, Annette Russell, Tyler Wilkin, and Nikki Craig . Led by President Karen Reed , the Parents’ Club Board is made up of Paige Brown, Jen Sharp, Kelly Miller, Johanna Posada, Pam Munar, and Colleen Nowak . I appreciate the time and wisdom all of these parent-leaders give our school!

Each year at this time we advertise that the School Commission and Parents’ Club Board will have openings to begin a three-year term, starting in the upcoming new school year. Joining one of these groups is a productive way to volunteer for the school and a fun way to meet other parents. In addition, you get the important role of providing input toward school decisions. 

Each group meets about five evenings a year, from September through May. Additionally, members will help with other functions, such as greeting at Open House or serving on committees. If you want to know more about what the various jobs entail, you should first go to the groups’ respective pages on our website to learn more. Then contact Sean or Karen to express your interest. They will invite you to attend their next meeting to learn more. The Parents’ Club Board next meets on February 13, and the School Commission next meets on March 5.

Recently, the Parents' Club Board and I sent out the emergency signal that we needed parents to step-up to volunteer as leaders of the Walk-a-Thon, or else we were going to have to cancel the event. We are so glad to announce that two couples independently answered the call to say they could co-chair, and we've put them together as our 2020 Walk-a-Thon leaders! Thanks and congratulations to Jim Britt & Cari O'Laughlin-Britt and Eugene & Ann Kolovyansky ! Their families are both new to St. Louise School this year, and they didn't know each other when they each said they'd be willing to step forward . But in the coming months, they'll become best-buddies, and you'll all get to know them! :-) Jim/Cari and Eugene/Ann will be calling on all parents to take part in May 1st's Walk-a-Thon and to give a hand as needed. Stay tuned!

I appreciate parents waking up each Thursday and starting their mornings by reading this Parent Bulletin. It's important to stay current with the happenings at your kids' school, and you never know what breaking news or upcoming event we're announcing. For example, right now I'm announcing that I have a Charger Card to Cold Stone that I will award to the 1st parent who emails me with the correct answer (guess) to this question: " What year did Lola Bazan begin working as St. Louise's secretary? "

Enjoy God's blessings today,


Don't forget to note below the parishes and times for Masses this coming Saturday and Sunday, as we kick-off national Catholic Schools' Week at St. Louise Parish and our neighboring churches. At each listed Mass, a St. Louise teacher will be waiting in the narthex with a free-dress bracelet to hand a student who arrives wearing a complete school uniform. This bracelet allows the child to a free-dress day this Monday. (Regular free-dress rules apply, which includes no shorts to be worn during this winter trimester.)

If you're at the St. Louise Masses Sunday morning, our School Commission and Parents' Club Board will be serving coffee & donuts in the school lobby after the 7:30, 9:00, and 11:00 Masses. While you enjoy your donuts, tour the school to see all the students' art work displayed in the hallways.

  • "Principal for the Day"; 8th grader Uyen-Mi Vu will be "in charge" of the school today - a privilege purchased for her at the Auction by her parents; she has already made one executive decision - designating today as a "Free Dress Day" for all students and staff
  • Bake Sale - proceeds benefit J.H. activities

Saturday and Sunday, January 25 and 26 - Catholic Schools' Week Begins
  • Students who attend any of the following Masses in complete school uniform (including red sweater/fleece) will receive a special bracelet from a teacher in the narthex; wear the bracelet to school on Monday the 27th and the student is entitled to wear Free Dress that day
  • St. Louise Masses - 5PM, 7:30AM, 9:00AM, 11:00AM, 1:00PM, 6:00PM
  • Mary, Queen of Peace Masses - 9:00AM, 11:30AM
  • Holy Innocents Mass - 10:30AM
  • St. Jude Mass - 9:00AM, 11:00AM
  • Our Lady of Sorrows Mass - 9:30AM
  • Thanks to our 1st, 3rd, and 5th grade students who will perform special functions at the St. Louise Masses
  • Thanks to some 8th graders who will serve in ministry roles at the St. Louise Masses as well as will be reading personal essays about Catholic education
  • Come to the school lobby after Sunday's 7:30/9/11 Masses to enjoy Coffee & Donuts, served by our School Commission and Parents' Club; while in the school, tour the halls to see student artwork displayed on both floors

Monday, January 27 - Catholic Schools' Week Begins
  • For Catholic Schools' Week, students who attended any weekend Masses noted above in complete school uniform (including red sweater/fleece) are entitled to wear Free Dress today, provided they show their teachers the special bracelet given out at the Masses

Tuesday, January 28
  • Faculty Bake Sale! All the teachers and staff made homemade cookies, brownies, and rice crispy treats and are selling them to students at lunch time today for $1 each. All money will be donated to Seattle's Union Gospel Mission.

Wednesday, January 29
  • Grade 6-8 parents and students go out to lunch today from 11:15-1:00
  • Our teachers and the parish staff eat lunch together from 12:00-1:00, celebrating Catholic Schools' Week with a lunch provided by our Parents' Club's Hospitality committee; thanks to the parents who will be supervising student lunch/recess during this hour

Thursday, January 30
  • Open House is tonight from 6:30-7:30PM; it's open to current families who want to meet next year's teachers and to prospective school families who are considering enrolling at St. Louise; please encourage your neighbors, co-workers, and friends to check us out!
  • Today begins the Early Admissions application period; re-register your child for the 2020-21 school year (or newly register your incoming PreK or Kdg. child) by February 13, and receive a $125 discount!

Friday, January 31
  • Another Auction Lunch Day - a fast food lunch will be delivered to the students whose parents purchased this treat at the Auction

Sunday, February 2
  • Our Chorale choir sings at the 11:30 Mass at Mary, Queen of Peace Parish in Sammamish

Save the Date for These Catholic Schools' Week Events

What is National Catholic Schools' Week? Since 1974, Catholic Schools' Week is the annual celebration of Catholic education in the United States. It starts the last Sunday in January and runs all week, which in 2020 is January 25-31. The slogan for National Catholic Schools Week 2020 is “ Catholic Schools: Learn. Serve. Lead. Succeed .” These are objectives we certainly see our own students achieve. Schools throughout America typically observe the annual celebration week with Masses, open houses, and other activities for students, families, parishioners, and community members. Through these events, schools focus on the value Catholic education provides to young people and its contributions to our church, our communities, and our nation. At St. Louise School, the following is our calendar of special events...

Saturday, January 25 -and- Sunday, January 26
We Love Our Parish
+ Catholic Schools Week Masses at:
  • St. Louise: Saturday at 5PM; Sunday at 7:30AM, 9AM, 11AM, 1PM (en Español), 6PM
  • St. Jude, Redmond: Sunday at 9AM, 11AM
  • Our Lady of Sorrows, Snoqualmie: Sunday at 9:30AM
  • Holy Innocents, Duvall: Sunday at 10:30AM
  • Mary Queen of Peace, Sammamish: Sunday at 9AM, 11:30AM
All students who attend any listed Mass above - in full school uniform - will receive a “free dress bracelet” which, when worn to school on Monday, allows them a non-uniform day
+ Students from grades 1/3/5/8 assist with the St. Louise Masses as ushers, lectors, & ministers; selected 8th Graders read personal essays on the value of a St. Louise School Catholic education

+ Our Chorale choir sings at the St. Louise 9AM Mass (and sings again at the 11:30 Mass at Mary, Queen of Peace the following weekend – February 2)
+ Coffee & Donuts hosted by Parents’ Club & School Commission in the school lobby after the three morning St. Louise Masses; tour the school hallways at this time to see student artwork displayed

Monday, January 27
We Love Our Students & Parents
+ Free Dress Day only for bracelet-wearers who attended a weekend Mass in full school uniform
+ No-Homework Night for the entire school
+ Letter-Writing Activity - students write thank you letters to parents for sending them to a Catholic school

Tuesday, January 28
We Love Our Neighbors
+ Tuesday Tour of prospective school parents at 9:45 & 10:50
+ Faculty Bake Sale at lunch time - students buy homemade treats from the teachers and school staff, as they raise funds for Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission
+ Art Activity - students design prayer cards to be given the hungry/homeless at Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission

Wednesday, January 29
We Love Our Teachers & School Staff
Teacher-Appreciation Day  for our St. Louise faculty; parents encouraged to send notes of appreciation to every teacher who teaches their child. (Remember: as a Catholic school, THIS IS THE DAY to appreciate our teachers; the "Teacher Appreciation Day" you'll hear about in May is for PUBLIC school teachers, as it was created by public teachers' unions, so we don't promote that date.)
+ School & Parish Staffs treated to a lunch from Parents’ Club Hospitality Committee from 12-1, while parent volunteers supervise the classrooms
+ Gr.6-8 take their parents out to lunch from 11:15-1 (permission slip required)

Thursday, January 30
We Love Our School
+ Read-In for the entire school from 2:05-2:45
+ Open House of all Gr. PK through 8th grade rooms and specialists - 6:30 to 7:30; both current school families and prospective school families invited

Friday, January 31
We Love Our God 
+ Schoolwide prayer outdoors to praise and thank God for Catholic schools; done in unison with the six other Catholic elementary schools on the Eastside
The ASGC Needs You ASAP
Our 2020 Annual School Gift Campaign (ASGC) has begun! The ASGC is a required fund raiser, expecting every school family to participate. Thank you for either sending in your one-time donation this month, or at least sending in a pledge to pay monthly or periodically through 2020. If you have questions about how the ASGC works or the various ways you can pledge and/or give, please go here or talk to Cindy Wagner .
Prayers Appreciated for School Mom
Peggy Harris, mother of 3rd grader Luke, 6th grader Alaina, and 8th grader Colin, has been at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, undergoing surgery and treatment for Lymphoma, which is presenting in a very rare way through the peripheral nervous system. Her surgeon removed part of the tumor growing out of the sciatic nerve and are running a myriad of tests and scans this week to determine the stage of the cancer before they present a recommended treatment plan.  Peggy's husband Brendan thanks everyone for their prayers, and says the Harris family feels blessed by all the support.
Seven of our current students (Mati, Blake, Alex, Annie, Nathan, Rithika, Allan) and two of our alumnae (Kate, Jenna) attended Tuesday's March for Life in Olympia, promoting the importance of life - from conception to natural death.
Open House Is a Week Away; Please Send a Prospective New School Parent Our Way
Thanks for helping to  spread the word  about our awesome school, and the opportunity for those with upcoming 4-to-14 year-olds to tour our school and take in all the great things that happen at St. Louise during a typical school day. Don't forget to use your social media accounts. Please share our  Facebook page  and  Instagram page

Please note that our next Open House will be next Thursday, January 30, starting at 6:30PM. Please encourage your neighbors, friends, and coworkers to come see for themselves why they would be smart to enroll their children in St. Louise for next fall. At an open house, they can meet all our teachers, explore our classrooms, and learn about after-school programs (mock trial, Girls Who Code, speech team, robotics, choirs, band, debate, etc.) and our cross-country, soccer, basketball, track and volleyball sports offerings.

As a thank you for your help, we do have a referral bonus program:
ONE FREE MONTH OF TUITION for one child for any current school family who refers a newly-enrolling family!
CYO Baseball Returns
It’s back! CYO Baseball is now open for registration. St. Louise will field two combined teams of grades 5/6 & grades 7/8. This is a co-ed sport open to all St. Louise students, as well as to parishioners. Sign up by going to this link .

Coaches are needed!

For any questions regarding CYO baseball or to volunteer to coach, please email Jim Goett. Go, Chargers!
This Coming Wednesday is Teacher & Staff Appreciation Day

January 29 is "Teacher & Staff Appreciation Day," as part of national Catholic Schools' Week. Remember, as a Catholic school, we take this last week in January to celebrate our school and honor the teachers. (The May date for "Teacher Appreciation" that you'll hear about later this spring was created for public schools.) Take advantage of Charger Cards if you'd like to treat your child's teachers and/or any staff members to a thank you gift on Wednesday the 29th. Use this Wish List of their favorite Charger Cards to help you shop.

Use Scrip for Gas and Groceries and Help Your Budget

January is a great month to organize and budget for the coming year. Use Charger Cards as part of your plan! Many families have found cards helpful in sticking to budgets! If you use an “envelope or cash” system, consider buying a grocery or gas gift card for each week!

Did you know if every school family bought gas and groceries with Charger Cards, St. Louise could earn $100K each year in rebates for just those two categories?! Charger Cards would like to encourage every family to start using Charger Cards for their everyday purchases.
The Charger Cards sale office in the central wing of the original school is open on school-Fridays from 8:15-9:00AM. You may always purchase 24/7 at  or              

Charger Cards...It's simple, it's thoughtful and it's truly the gift that  keeps on giving! For more information on Charger Cards and online ordering, please visit  or email chairpersons Marsha and Katherine at
Be Prepared! Next Thursday Is Time to Re-Enroll for 2020-21 Admissions
Next Thursday, January 30, begins our Early Admissions Period, with the end being February 13. During this two-week time-frame, any current school families who complete the re-enrollment process will save $125. The usual, annual application fee is $220, but current families who submit their fee by February 13 only have to pay $95. Please be prepared to act next Thursday when the re-enrollment process will be explained to you. This year, everything with the process will be done virtually , so you'll be enrolling and signing your 2020-21 tuition contract electronically!
Saint of the Week
please read this with your kids
Church Pew Organizers Needed

We are in need of folks to help tidy up and organize our Church pews on Fridays. Folks don’t need to be there every Friday but twice a month would help a lot. This good work helps to make our sanctuary a welcoming space as we prepare the Church for our weekend Masses. This is a simple but wonderful way to be good stewards and as a plus also earn school volunteer hours if you need them. Please contact Nila Agostini at the Parish Office at or 425 747-4450 if you’re interested. Thank you.

Funeral Reception Servers Needed

Wondering how you’re going to cover those volunteer hours? Here’s a great opportunity! Join the joyful band of sisters who volunteer for funeral receptions!  This is not for the glum or serious. This ministry is a life-giving, sacred time of fellowship for all. You can participate by preparing food or serving at the reception. You set the day and hours. This is a flexible ministry that fits your schedule. Contact David Gehrig at the parish office or (425) 214-5466. Thank you.
Skilled Power-Drill Users Needed

The parish is looking for folks who are skilled in using a battery powered drill to help us install replacement connectors to our church chairs. We have two work days: Saturday, January 25 and Saturday, February 8 - both days from 9 AM to 12 PM in the Church . Feel free to help out on both days or just one. Please bring your own battery powered drill, one 3/16 and one quarter size drill bit and both flat and Phillips head screwdrivers. Please mark your tools. If you’re able to help out, please contact Paul Trussell at . Thank you.
Opportunity for Adult Faith Formation
World-renowned speaker Christopher West is coming to Kirkland with his new event meant to equip men and women to learn, live, and share the beauty of the divine plan for human life, love, and sexuality. This event will sell-out, so go here now for tickets.

(Please note: this April 29th date is the same evening as our grade 3 & 4 Spring Concert.)