Parent Bulletin
June 4, 2020

This is our second-to-the-last Parent Bulletin for the 2019-20 school year. Next Thursday the 11th will be our final Bulletin. Of course, by next Thursday, your children will have completed the requirements for this academic year, and on that day you'll be able to refer to your 2nd grader as a 3rd grader, to your 6th grader as a 7th grader, etc. How exciting! Kids grow up so quickly, don't they?! And we adults age so quickly too, especially during this current March through June time-frame! I looked like THIS when I last saw you in person on March 15. In just three months, I have aged to now look like THIS .

I look forward to celebrating the end-of-the-school-year with a school Mass via live-stream this Monday, June 8, at 11:00AM. Please set aside this time to view Mass at home as a family, at this LINK . Immediately after Father Gary ends Mass, I will be stepping in front of the live-steam camera to make special announcements about students winning scholarships, adults receiving our Volunteer Extraordinaire awards, and students earning Service Award ribbons. You won't want to miss this Mass!

Wednesday, June 10, is the true end-of-year day, with some teachers having one final virtual meeting or message that day. Something else the teachers will be doing on June 10, is to hold a type of "parade" in our parking lot! Starting at 10:00AM this coming Wednesday, if you enter the St. Louise parking lot at 156th Ave. SE, and drive north through the typical morning drop-off line, your child's teacher and other school faculty members will be sitting on the carpool sidewalk area, waving to your kids. It's our version of a last day of school "goodbye." After back-and-forth waving between teachers, students, and parents, you'll keep driving north and exit out onto Main Street.

This entire "good-bye parade" will take you just one minute, so perhaps you can tack on a trip to the park or a drive-through-window, fast-food lunch for the kids before you head home, thus making the trip even more worthwhile. The teachers and school faculty will be outside on Wednesday from 10:00-11:00AM for this drive-through "good-bye parade" -- which is an optional event -- so it's understandable if your family might not be able to drive to school that morning.

Teachers begin their vacations after June 12, and the school office staff will continue working through the final week of June. Grade K-8 report cards will be postal mailed to you starting June 22.

Blessings on your day,

If you PreK-6th grade families were unable to come to school Monday to pick up your child's items from his/her desk, we've bagged the items. Your child's things are waiting in a bag in the school office. The office will be open on Tuesday and Wednesday from 9-2.

It's exciting that in-person Masses are returning to our Archdiocese, and at St. Louise Parish, that means outdoor Masses will soon be set up -- to be held on weekends right in front of our main school building (near the school flagpole). If you aren't already on the Parish's Flocknote messaging-app , please sign up now so you will learn the details of how to attend these Masses in June and July.


Monday, June 8
  • End-of-Year Mass live-streamed at 11:00AM on the parish website; all families are asked to celebrate from home; immediately following the liturgy, stay tuned for special awards and announcements
  • No online-lessons today

Tuesday & Wednesday, June 9 & 10
  • Final online-lessons in grades PK-6 on one or both of these days (depending on the teacher's schedule)
  • Grade 7 families to come to school to return laptops, claim yearbooks and supplies, and clean out lockers; exact day and time to be signed-up with Mr. Gallant and Mr. Weiss
  • Any PreK through 6th grade families who were not able to come to school on June 1, may come Tuesday or Wednesday from 9AM-2PM to pick up their child's supplies, which will be waiting in the school office

Wednesday, June 10
  • Official end to the 2019-20 school year
  • Drive-through "good-bye parade" in the parking lot from 10:00-11:00; please enter only via 156th Ave., and exit only via Main St.

Monday, June 22
  • Report Cards mailed home

Tuesday, June 23
  • New School Parent Orientation, 6:30PM

Wednesday, June 24
  • School office closes for summer vacation; office to be open limited hours in July

Thanks for Your Charger Cards Commitment Being Completed
Last week, the Charger Cards team postal mailed each school family with their contribution/rebate status, so you know what you will need to please pay if you have yet to fulfill your 2019-20 Charger Cards commitment.

As you know, each school family has a required minimum $125 contribution/rebate to make by June. (The exception is for a family who opted-out of participating in Charger Cards on their participation form , and instead paid cash.)
If you have a fee to pay to make up the difference between the $250 opt-out payment and how much in contribution/rebate you’ve already earned, please send to the school office a check payable to "St. Louise Charger Cards." Thanks for fulfilling this fundraising commitment.

I f you have questions, please email Marsha at .)
Click on the photo above to see the "award winning" video for our Walk-E-Thon video/photo contest. Thanks to the talented Eala family for writing, directing, producing, and acting in this fun video!
Thank You for Fulfilling Your Commitments
Thank you during this unique time we find ourselves in this spring to still make sure you are fulfilling your commitments to St. Louise School. Families are expected by now to:

1) VOLUNTEER 40 hours or pay a $19.50 per-hour fee in lieu of hours less than 40; please read the next article below for more information on completing your volunteer hours;

2) Donate to the 2020 AUCTION with a minimum $225-value donation or procurement (for returning families only); see the Auction article below for more information;

3) Purchase CHARGER CARDS so to accumulate a minimum $125 profit/rebate to the school or pay $250 cash to buy-out of participating; please go HERE to remind yourself of what you committed to;

4) Participate in the WALK-A-THON with cash donations (no minimum amount required this year for our transformed "Walk-E-Thon"); please click HERE for Walk-A-Thon info;

5) Donate to the 2020 ANNUAL SCHOOL GIFT CAMPAIGN HERE ; please contact Cindy Wagner if you have questions;

6) Be consistent financial STEWARDS of your Catholic parish if paying the contributing-parishioner tuition rate; more information on St. Louise Parish may be found HERE .

If you have questions, please direct them to the head of each program/event or to Mr. Fitzpatrick. Thank you for fulfilling your commitments in support of St. Louise!
Last Reminder: Please Log Volunteer Hours and/or Pay the Fee
We really appreciate the volunteering of St. Louise parents! As you know, the minimum amount of volunteering we ask of each school family is 40 hours. If it looks like you'll be falling short of 40, you have two options:

1. Donate a fee in lieu of hours, by giving $19.50 per hour for every hour you'll be under the minimum 40. (So if you have 30 hours completed, you would pay $195.00). You may pay for your volunteer hours in lieu of volunteering by going HERE .

2. Get in those final hours of volunteering by helping with some of the following needs (or with other jobs you know your teacher or a staff member needs help with)....

We could use more Mentor families - current school families who would be assigned a newly enrolled school family to contact from May to August to answer their questions, such as how to purchase school uniforms or what volunteer opportunities you suggest. Once it's okay to get together later this summer, as a Mentor family you would find a time to set up a playdate with your child and other kids in the class with the new family, as you would be assigned a newly enrolled family to mentor who has kids your same age. This is a great act of service, and we could use more Mentors! Please contact Daisy Mendes or Laura Bonner , our Mentor program co-chairs, if you would be able to mentor a new school family this summer. Note: The hours you foresee putting in to mentor over the summer can be applied to this 2019-20 year if you need more hours in order to fulfill this school year's 40 hour commitment.

We have ongoing needs for parents to join the Adopt-a-Garden program, where setting up your volunteer hours plan can't be any easier. You are assigned a small area on the parish and school grounds, and then you come on an approximately monthly basis at whatever time works for you - weekend or weekday; evening, afternoon, or morning. You keep your "adopted garden" looking nice throughout the year with your weeding, raking, and pruning. If you'd like to learn more, please contact our Adopt-a-Garden overseer, Jonathan Taasan .
Note: The hours you foresee putting in to do Adopt-a-Garden work over the summer can be applied to this 2019-20 year if you need more hours in order to fulfill this school year's 40 hour volunteer commitment.

Another way to earn volunteer hours while staying away from others physically is to help us promote St. Louise School admissions. If you have a friend or coworker whom you think would be interested in enrolling their children in a Catholic school, tell them that St. Louise is still accepting applications for admissions for the upcoming school year. You can also promote us by tagging St. Louise in your posts about distance learning and by sharing
our school posts. You'll find our school posts HERE and HERE . Figure out the time it took you to email/text friends and/or to tag/post and count this as volunteer hours. We figure that connecting personally with a specific friend/coworker to discuss the benefits of enrolling at St. Louise can count as at least 1 volunteer hour, depending on how much time you spend with them. Also, each time you tag a post about our school on Facebook/Instagram, you can count this as 1 volunteer hour. So get your social media promotions going please, to help out your school and to earn some hours!

Finally, how would you like to earn one volunteer hour for simply typing a few sentences about why you love St. Louise School?! We would appreciate having parents write positive reviews about our school on the various sites prospective parents check-out when deciding on choosing a school. If you love St. Louise School and would be willing to write a few sentences about what makes our school special, please contact Cindy Wagner in the development office. Cindy will send you the link to the review sites that need your positive comments.
Can you believe these once silly and scary students are now St. Louise School graduates?! Congratulations to the Class of 2020!
St. Louise Summer Camps Take Place on Campus this August
We plan on holding our Summer Camps in August. Maria Zambrano's team is coming up with sensible plans to hold four weeks of camp sessions on campus that will ensure a clean environment with plenty of hand washing and physical distancing, as well as lots of time outdoors. Camp is open to children entering grades K-5 in the fall, and each week's session will be limited to 15 children. Please go here for more information or email Maria . Remember, you may sign up your child for a single week or multiple weeks. Don't delay! Once we fill a week with 15 kids, that session will be closed to new registrants.
A Letter from Your Walk-E-Thon Chairpersons
Dear St. Louise Families,

Wow! What an incredible Walk- E -Thon! You all worked so hard, were very creative, and we have raised $34,000! Thank you to all the families for adjusting and working within parameters to stay safe and have fun.  

We'd like to take this opportunity to announce the prize winners! Congratulations to everyone for working so hard!  All students are receiving a keychain to add to their backpack or sports bag to remember the Walk- E -Thon!  
> Most Active Student in Each Grade (winning a water bottle and Amazon gift card):
PreK - Sidak Dogra; K - Sarah Neuman; 1 - Nicholas Kehdy and Mateo Coronado Barbeyto; 2 - Joshua Cambridge; 3 - Mark Neuman; 4 - Claire Charles; 5 - Rithika Victor; 6 - Briony Brown and Ellison Brown; 7 - Elise Hueffed; 8 - Andrew Matthews.
> Most Creative School Spirit  (winning a St. Louise swag-basket):
Nathan and Ysabel Eala.

> Most Active Grade (each student winning a New York Cupcakes gift card):
5th Grade - with 30 out of 41 students logging over 3 hours of activity each.

> Most Money Raised (winning a Kindle Fire HD):
6th grader Jensen Muller raised $1,100 in donations! 

Thank you all again for an incredible 2020 St Louise Walk- E -Thon!  

Your Walk-A-thon Chairs,
Ann, Eugene, Cari and Jim

Auction News
June 1st was the deadline to commit to your auction donation for SKYBALL! Thank you so much for your incredibly generous support! If you missed the deadline, please do the following immediately:
1.        Make a Cash Donation by clicking here .
2.        Commit to donating and item, certificate, wish or gift list by filling out your procurement form here .
The minimum donation required is $225, and if you'd like your kiddos to receive the coveted benefit of Free Dress for a date TBD in September, you'll want to donate $400 in cash or item value.
Physical items and gift certificates are not due to the auction office until September 18. For more information about our November 14th event, visit our website ! You'll find info on gift registries, sponsorships, etc.
Thank you so much for all you do !

St. Louise Parent & Auction Director
Congratulations, Class of 2020
Yesterday, graduation ceremonies were held for our 8th grade class, and we proudly graduated 44 students who will be matriculating to 18 different high schools this fall. Here are highlights of some of the awards announced yesterday:

  • The Valedictorian was Daniel Sandino, with a 99% average in all his classes the past two years.
  • The Class Speaker, chosen by her classmates and teachers, was Lauren Teders.
  • Receiving the St. Louise de Marillac Christian Spirit Awards were Justine Utz and Daniel Sandino.
  • The Leadership Awards went to Jack Kehoe and Courtney Stockwell.
  • Our parish's Knights of Columbus awarded three Catholic high school scholarships to Carmen Denny, Ann Sullivan, and Lauren Teders.
  • Our parish's Athletic Board awarded the CYO Christian Athlete Awards to Justine Utz and Jack Sharp.
  • Our parish's Gospel of Life Community awarded prizes to the top human life essays written by these 8th graders: Braden Russell, Ann Sullivan, and Courtney Stockwell.

Congratulations to ALL of our 8th graders (seen below at last fall's annual Blessing of Pets)! We are proud of them and will deeply miss them!
Thank You, Volunteers
We deeply appreciate the following volunteers for helping to supervise recesses throughout this past school year, assisting our head playground supervisor, Ann Marie Sweeney, and our other instructional assistants in keeping the children safe during recess:
Karen Garvizu; Sharon Victor; Erica Lizotte; Veronique Tano; Carolyn Yepez; Amavilia Cardona; Cesar Flores; Jillian Cambridge; Ruth Kerschbaumer; Joe Pacheco; Julia Lacouture; Michael Stapleton; Paul Herber; Shirley Wu; Maria Moreno; Dana Balajova; Vicky Kan; Edelmira Solares; Elizabeth Armenta; Genevieve Bekkerus; Yodit Kebreab.

* * * * *

Thanks to these parents who assisted Mr. Fuerte each week with directing after-school carpool pickup traffic: Ann Marie Sweeney; Anahid Alvarez; Veronique Tano; Laura Bonner; Rayme Teders; Ely Ponte; Brian Piercy; Hicham Kehdy.

* * * * *

Thanks to Jeffrey Hummer for overseeing last Saturday's Spruce-Up of the grounds, assisted by these families: Goett; Podaca; Kincaid; Buysse; Phan; Armenta; Blaha; Cardona; Nguyen; Salmon; Brambila. If any school family would like to continue doing periodic yardwork on campus during the summer, earning volunteer hours for 2020-21, please contact Jonathan Taasan , who oversees our Adopt-a-Garden program.
Summer Learning for Your Children Is Either Recommended or Required
Parents and teachers often worry about the perils of “summer slump.” Students spend 10 weeks away from school over the summer and then come back in September seeming behind where they left off in June. To try and combat this, St. Louise School expects students to do some “homework” over the summer, to keep children out of a slump in math and reading so too much time doesn’t have to be spent on review in the fall. We also need our students to practice keyboarding in the summer, as the only way to get faster with typing is to type with the proper keyboard-finger-positions.

The details of what is expected for summer learning may be found HERE .

And following is a summary of what we are asking of your kids, which of course will need parents’ supervision and motivation:


Keyboarding skills are essential in today's technology-dependent learning environment, and without proper frequent practice, many children develop poor habits which will end up slowing them down. Just as learning to play a sport or an instrument with correct form is vital, it’s also essential that students use the correct finger positions on the keyboard to build accurate muscle memory. While students are practicing, parents are encouraged to observe and guide their children.

We are REQUIRING that every St. Louise student ENTERING grades 3-7 put in a minimum number of minutes of keyboarding practice at least five days a week, using the online keyboarding programs we will give you. Students have log-in credentials on the keyboarding programs, and each student’s progress will be tracked by their computer teacher during the summer.


St. Louise students ENTERING grades 1-8 in the fall will have RECOMMENDED math work that can be done in various ways:
  • Complete free online math lessons on the Khan Academy website;
  • Complete the math packets your child’s teacher sends home on June 1, and/or complete the unfinished math workbook pages your teacher sends home at the end of the school year;
  • Current 6th and 7th graders should complete their current online books, which will be accessible for summer practice;
  • Consider purchasing a math workbook and have your child complete one page every day or two.


Our plans at St. Louise School for summer reading this June through August is to have students ENTERING grades K-5 do daily summer reading of any kind, while student ENTERING grades 6-8 are REQUIRED to do summer reading of specific novels and complete specific written assignments.
For students entering grades K-5, we’re giving you suggestions for summer reading, including recommended books, authors, and online resources. Your teachers suggest you read 20 minutes every day this summer. For students entering grades 6-8, Mrs. Patterson and Mr. Gallant will have for you lists of specific novels from which you must choose for summer reading. The teachers have also developed written assignments, to be completed after the reading and due on the first day of language arts class in September.

Finally, if you have children who need to improve their reading skills, please consider enrolling them in the Summer Reading Skills Program offered through Seattle University, College of Education. This summer, they are offering it online for grades PreK – 8. Some of our students have attended this program, and their parents have nothing but positive feedback. For detailed information, by grade level, visit:  
Helping Your Neighbor This Summer Is a Terrific Family Service Project
Jubilee Reach is a Bellevue charity, with its volunteers collecting groceries to distribute to hundreds of needy families in our community every week. They are calling on our St. Louise families to consider signing up to bring in an order of groceries one day a week, or even as little as one day a month. Jubilee Reach provides the simple grocery list, and you just pick up these items the next time you do your regular, family, grocery shopping, and deliver them to their Bellevue location. What a great family service project you and your kids can participate in this summer!

Visit  to sign up. Questions? Contact .
Keeping Your and Your Family's Faith Strong Is Now So Much Easier
St. Louise Parish has a group subscription for , and that means all of you now have a free subscription, too!  Formed provides the very best Catholic content from more than 60 organizations to help families and individuals explore their faith anywhere. Formed contains thousands of movies, children’s programs, e-books, audio, parish programs and studies direct to your browser, mobile or connected device. You can now watch Catholic movies and children’s programming, listen to audio dramas and books, study the Bible and grown in your faith.

To set up your new account, follow these instructions.  

1.     Go to
2.     Select your parish: St. Louise
3.     Register with your name and email address

If you have questions or need help setting up your account please visit: .  
Saint of the Week
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