Almsgiving and fasting are two of the pillars of Lent, and yesterday on Ash Wednesday, everyone in the school - teachers, staff, and students - partook in these two disciplines. We fasted from our typical, filling lunches and instead ate a simple bowl of white rice and pinto beans.

The money that would have probably been spent to create a filling lunch yesterday was donated by each person when they picked up their bowl of rice and beans. Next week we will announce how much money was raised to donate to Seattle's Union Gospel Mission.

As you recall, the Union Gospel Mission was here a couple of weeks ago, educating the students on the ways they help feed the hungry and help those without shelters. We've already collected almost $500 in donations to the UGM through our recent Faculty Bake Sale, where the teachers baked treats and the kids purchased them, with 100% of donations earmarked for the UGM. In addition, students made a couple hundred prayer cards that will be sent to the Union Gospel Mission, who pledge to hand these cards out to those they feed at their shelter or greet in the streets of Seattle.