May 21, 2020
National Council of Churches to Hold Virtual Ecumenical Memorial Service on May 24 to Mourn the Lives Lost to COVID-19
Four-minute read.
The National Council of Churches USA (NCC) will hold a public online memorial service on Sunday, May 24, 2020, at 6:00 pm ET to mourn the more than 300,000 people worldwide who have lost their lives to the COVID-19 pandemic, more than 90,000 of whom were in the United States.

Churches to ring bells May 31 at noon to honor the heroes and the victims of COVID-19
One-minute read.
Church bells will be ringing throughout Missouri at noon on Pentecost, May 31, 2020, to commemorate lives lost to COVID-19 and in thanksgiving for all essential workers putting themselves on the line for the sake of all during the pandemic.

The Joy of Worshiping … Online
Seven-minute read.
Worship changed with an abruptness we’ve not seen before. On March 15, we were in our church buildings, on March 22, we were worshiping online. Read of Carolyn Thompson’s joy and hopes for future of online worshiping.

Recognize graduates, teachers, and end of the year programs
One-minute read.
The traditions and rituals of spring will be different this year in new and creative ways. Here are some ideas on how to recognize and celebrate graduates, teachers and end of year programs in meaningful and memorable ways – even in the midst of a pandemic!

The Episcopal Youth Community in West Missouri summer events update
One-minute read.
The traditions and rituals of spring will be different this year in new and creative ways. Here are some ideas on how to recognize and celebrate graduates, teachers and end of year programs in meaningful and memorable ways – even in the midst of a pandemic!

Backyard VBS!
One-minute read.
Even in a COVID-19 world we can creatively bring children (and families) from all over the diocese together. Let’s do Backyard VBS!

Will you proclaim the Good News of God in Christ?
One-minute read.
Embracing Evangelism, a new six-part evangelism video course, is a resource to help Episcopalians grow in their own relationship with Christ and to help others do so as well.

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Online worship & prayers
Many churches in the diocese are offering daily prayers, reflections, and Sunday worship online. We've compiled a list of all we know about. If you know of others, please let us know.

Diocesan COVID-19 Webpage

The COVID-19 webpage to provides links to all the key resources you need.

What's Happening
This course is ideal for all lay and ordained pastoral leaders who who wish to explore crucial leadership skills and practices. Leadership Reboot continuing education course offered online May 29, June 6 through Bishop Kemper School for Ministry.
Changing Perspectives On Sunday School
May 28, 7:00 p.m
For several years there has been growing concern among individuals, parents, congregations, and clergy that collectively we have been treating Sunday school as the ‘meat and potatoes’ of Christian formation, rather than the ‘dessert’. What do you think? Come discuss changing perspectives on Sunday School in this online session.
May 25
Memorial Day. Diocesan Office Closed.
May 28
May 29
Leadership Reboot. Online. 9:00 a.m. – Noon.
June 2
Finance Committee, Online, 3:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
June 12
Commission on Ministry, Online, 10:30 p.m. – 12:30 p.m.
None at present
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Clergy, Administrators, and Church Leaders
Sewanee Ministry Collaborative seeks clergy participants and conveners
Two-minute read.
The Sewanee Ministry Collaborative is seeking clergy applicants as participants and conveners. The Collaborative is a mutual mentoring program designed to help clergy flourish in their chosen ministries.

Diocesan Website Updates
One-minute read.
The Prayer Cycle has been updated through the remainder of the liturgical year.

Bulletin Inserts
Bulletin & church newsletter inserts for you to consider and include.
Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Inserts

Several bulletin inserts and posters are available in the article linked to below.

Inserts from The Episcopal Church

These weekly bulletin inserts provide information about the history, music, liturgy, mission and ministry of The Episcopal Church, and may be of help to churches with limited time and resources to prepare weekly bulletins.

In Case You Missed It
Phase Two Pastoral Direction for Clergy and Parishes of The Episcopal Church in West Missouri
Two-minute read.
On Monday, May 4, 2020, Bishop Marty issued a new Pastoral Direction to the clergy and lay leaders of the churches of West Missouri.
Addendum to the Phase Two Pastoral Direction issued providing further recommendations on singing in public gatherings
One-minute read.
On Wednesday, May 13, Bishop Marty issued an addendum to the Phase Two Pastoral Direction to clergy and lay church leaders. The addendum updated his earlier recommendation regarding singing.

Music Licensing: Church Publishing and the Presiding Bishop’s Chancellor share information
Four-minute read.
If your church plays music online you must have a license. Some further notes on broadcasting church music online.

Bishop Kemper School for Ministry seeking part-time Administrative Assistant

The Bishop Kemper School for Ministry (BKSM) is seeking a part-time administrative assistant to the dean. This 10-hour-a-week position offers flexible hours.

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