July 2, 2020
Have a safe and happy 4th of July

Independence Day. Lord God Almighty, in whose Name the founders of this country won liberty for themselves and for us, and lit the torch of freedom for nations then unborn: Grant that we and all the people of this land may have grace to maintain our liberties in righteousness and peace; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen. — Book of Common Prayer p242
News Update

As we head into summer, we are going to revert back to our twice monthly pre COVID-19 publication schedule. Going forward the New Spirit News Update, will be released on the first and third Thursdays of each month.
The Ordination of Melissa Roberts George to the Sacred Order of Priests
Five-minute read.
Photographs (and video) from the June 27 Ordination of Melissa Roberts George to the Sacred Order of Priests at Grace and Holy Trinity Cathedral.

14-minute video.
Bishop Marty’s sermon at the Ordination of Melissa Roberts George to the Sacred Order of Priests

Your Stories Needed – Bishop John Buchanan
One-minute read.
Do you have an interesting story or anecdote about Bishop Buchanan? Please send them to us.

Just how easy is it to give money to your church?
Four-minute read.
Friction. It’s a marketing term used to describe all the little things we do (or don’t do) that make it harder for someone to buy a product, or in the case of our churches and ministries, make a donation. Let’s face it, if it’s too hard, it isn’t going to happen. So what are you going to do about it? Oh, and a minor rant (or two).

How the Episcopal Church works to shape public policy
Two-minute read.
As followers of Jesus, God forms us as we engage in civic responsibilities.The Office of Government Relations (OGR) represents the policy priorities of The Episcopal Church to the U.S. government in Washington, D.C. Find out more about the work of The Office of Government Relations.

Strengthening your compassion
One-minute read.
Is compassion a rare attribute nowadays? I can’t answer that, but it is worth asking myself if I think, speak and act in a way that reflects this core Christian value.

Faith + Yoga = Formation!
One-minute read.
Scripture tells us that our body is a temple. We glorify God with our bodies when we incorporate faith and physical activities.

Sign Up For Education for Ministry
One-minute read.
Participating in Education for Ministry is an investment in your spiritual life.

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Online worship & prayers
Many churches in the diocese are offering daily prayers, reflections, and Sunday worship online. We've compiled a list of all we know about. If you know of others, please let us know."
Diocesan COVID-19 Webpage

The COVID-19 webpage to provides links to all the key resources you need.

What's Happening
The Episcopal Youth Community in West Missouri summer events update
Two-minute read.
An update on WEMO Youth summer events. Happening will be postponed and Camp WEMO will now be an at home experience.

Youth Events
July 5
Zoom Desert and Discussions. Online. 7-8 p.m.
July 9
Zoom Picnic. Online. 1-2 p.m.
July 10-12
Diocesan Pause Retreat. A Self-guided Retreat. Online.
July 20-24
Digital MissionPalooza. Online.
August 3-7
Camp WEMO @Home. Online.
Church Events
July 3
Diocesan Office closed.
July 13
Backyard VBS Introduction. Online. 7 p.m.
External Events
None at this time.
July 7
Finance Committee, Online. 3 – 4 p.m.
July 8
Diversity and Reconciliation Commission. St Augustine’s Episcopal Church, Kansas City. 4 - 5 p.m.
July 14
Standing Committee/Diocesan Council Meeting. Online. 7 p.m.
July 17
Commission on Ministry. Online. 9:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.
July 29
Executive Committee. Online. 3 p.m.
July 17
For all the latest information about events around the diocese visit the Events Home Page .

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The next News Update will be published on Thursday, July 16, 2020
Clergy, Administrators, and Church Leaders
United Thank Offering 2021 Annual Grants – Two grant cycles offered
Six-minute read.
Application deadlines: August 14, 2020 and February 26, 2021. These grants are awarded for projects in The Episcopal Church and throughout the Anglican Communion, each year with a different focus. For 2021, the focus is Recovering with Love and Gratitude: An Episcopal Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic in Local Contexts.

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Bulletin Inserts
Bulletin & church newsletter inserts for you to consider and include.
Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Inserts

Several bulletin inserts and posters are available in the article linked to below.

Inserts from The Episcopal Church

These weekly bulletin inserts provide information about the history, music, liturgy, mission and ministry of The Episcopal Church, and may be of help to churches with limited time and resources to prepare weekly bulletins.

In Case You Missed It
Beloved Community “Rapid-Response” Grants available
Three-minute read.
The Presiding Officers’ Advisory Group on Beloved Community Implementation is pleased to announce the availability of grants to address the racial disparities laid bare by the coronavirus pandemic and for groups responding to racist violence and policing reform.

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Episcopal Church Women accepting scholarship applications through Friday, July 17, 2020
One-minute read.
The Episcopal Church Women (ECW) have scholarship opportunities available to women who are at least twenty-three years of age, a member of a parish or mission in The Diocese of West Missouri and who are studying for the diaconate or priesthood.

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