Raising A Reader Fall Update

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bookrec KID'S READ: Red Sled  by Lita Judge
      This comical winter read is a change of pace since the words are mostly  onomatopoeias  and the rest of the story is told by the pictures.   What an opportunity for your child to tell YOU the story!   Don't miss out on the wild ride in Red Sled.  Your children are sure to be delighted.
REMINDER: If you make purchases through  smile.amazon.com Raising A Reader gets a portion of the proceeds. Thank you! 
RESEARCH READ:  Mind in the Making by Ellen Galinsky
         At the core of Raising A Reader's mission is helping children and parents do things NOW to experience success in the future.   Mind in the Making is a book dedicated to similar ideals.   It is an intriguing read but also gives practical advice and ideas on how to develop essential life skills such as focus and self control, perspective taking and critical thinking.  If you want to find out how you can do more for a child in your life, this book is a good start! 

We are lucky to have a great team here at Raising A Reader.  Here are our latest additions! 

Kip Hubbard - Associate Director
Kristen Linn- Program Coordinator New Castle to Parachute
Monica De La  Espriella - Program Coordinator Outreach and Basalt

See their bios on our Board & Staff Web Page