Infant Mental Health is about early relationships: their origins and their power

Greetings and Happy New Year to all members of CT-AIMH.  Please read on for current information and articles regarding infant/early childhood mental health.

CT-Association for Infant Mental Health: One of 18 States

Now there are 18 states and 1 county in Florida using the Competencies and Endorsement for Culturally Sensitive, Relationship Focused Practice Promoting Infant Mental Health�. In addition Western Australia is also using these systems.
The entities holding the Competencies and Endorsement� are working to form the Alliance for Infant Mental Health.  Committees are in place to develop marketing strategies, by-laws, and funding.  Connecticut is a member of the Founding Planning Committee for the Alliance.  Click here to see the states involved.

A plan of the Alliance is to expand the Endorsement to those working with three and four year olds.  Watch for news in that area.

The Alliance is also having conversations with Zero To Three to determine how the two organizations can complement and expand each others' efforts to build a competent workforce in infant mental health.

Time to Renew/Join CT-AIMH Membership

CT-AIMH Annual Meeting

April 16, 2015, 8:30-noon.  The Lyceum in Hartford.
Registration will be open to members in February prior to open to general public.

The Crier
MI-Association for Infant Mental Health Newsletter

The Crier has good articles promoting infant mental health.  Here are links to articles in the recent issue:


WAIMH Newsletter

The Journal of Infant Mental Health also has important research articles regarding infant mental health.  It is available at a reduced rate with membership in WAIMH.  To join WAIMH click here

Pediatric IMH in Wall Street Journal

This article describes how pediatricians and psyhiatrists work together in the same office.

CEED: Center for Early Education

A number of on-line courses are offered that are very relevant to infant mental health Click here  to see all of the courses offered.

CT Association for Infant Mental Health


CT-Mirror Series on Trauma

This series is a  thorough and compelling discussion of trauma effects for young children.


Read about Child First from Dr. Darcy Lowell as well as comments from two other Board members: Melissa Mendez and Dr. Jerry Calnen.


Changing Course




Recognizing Trauma and Isolation


Talking About Trauma



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