SMSDC News                           December 2018
From the President's Desk

Within the next few weeks, many of us will gather together with our loved ones, family and friends to celebrate the holidays and welcome in 2019. And while each of us is busily preparing to bring 2018 to a close, I hope you share in my sentiment of how truly spectacular the year of 2018 was. And while we can focus on the highlights of the year, NMSDC's 2018 Conference & Business Opportunity Fair, held in October at the Austin Convention Center in downtown Austin, it is important for us to not lose sight of the generous and tireless support of every Corporate Member, Minority Business Enterprise, SMSDC Stakeholder and Volunteer. To each of you we offer our heartfelt warm wishes and thanks. Their contributions are paramount to the continued success of those business connections which impact the economic fabric of our minority communities.
Those of us who gathered in the El Paso and Austin's Regional Task Force year-end celebrations, had the opportunity to showcase many of their achievements from 2018. The importance of showing up at SMSDC events, be clear in what you can do and how you can do it, strategically tailoring your message to the right audience and be patient was consistently messaged.  I hope to see the San Antonio Corporate Members & MBEs in tonight's San Antonio Year-End Celebration! 
Perhaps like me, you are already making your list of 2019 New Year's resolutions. I challenge each of you who are reading this holiday message to add one more item to your list, "I will take full advantage of as many of the SMSDC events as possible". You are an SMSDC Stakeholder and as such, I invite you to join us on Tuesday, February 26th at the Toyota Motor Manufacturing Texas facility in San Antonio, TX to collaborate, discuss barriers & successes for achievement in 2019. After the annual meeting, please join us as we take an informative and motivational tour of the Toyota plant.  If you have not taken this tour in the past, this is your chance!   Stay tuned for additional details regarding the Annual Stakeholder's Meeting coming soon!
Let us not be complacent with what we have accomplished in 2019. Utilize your SMSDC certification to leverage your company to better its best. 
On behalf of the SMSDC Board of Directors and team, we wish you a happy new year filled with health, happiness, and spectacular successes.

In This Issue

Have a recent achievement or new development in your organization? We'd love to share your story too!  Click the "SHARE YOUR STORY" link below to leave your name and contact information and we'll reach out to you.

ALL NEW and ReCertification applications are to be uploaded   without exception.
If this is a   NEW application  and you are having trouble uploading your documents, please contact Eduardo-Muniz-Fraticelli at 512.297.6478 during regular business hours or send an e-mail to
If this is a   ReCertification, and you are having trouble uploading your documents, please contact Gabrielle Ramirez at 512.386.8766 during regular business hours or send an e-mail to
Eduardo and Gabrielle are fluent in Spanish.
ANY received paper applications will be returned and not processed.
Thank you for your continued support of the SMSDC.

Requirement for All New MBEs:
You must participate in the training prior to the Certification Committee reviews your application.

All new MBE's must attend a Pre-Certification & Post-Certification training.  The training will be held by conference call several times a month for each session.  Please make sure to attend one pre-certification & one post-certification training in order to complete the certification process. Appointment is not necessary.

The following are dates available for October:
Wednesday, December 12th
Wednesday, December 19th

Each training is from 10am - 11am CST
Conference call number: 641-715-0700
Access Code:  372354#
En Español:
La llamada requerida para poder obtener la Certificacion de Minoria esta disponible cada Miercoles del mes de 11am - 12pm CST.  Esta conferencia es requerida para todas las certificationes nuevas. 
Porfavor marcar al 641-715-0700, codigo: 372354# 
Frequently Asked

One of the most important documents for the MBE Certification is the Proof of Ethnicity. This document must reflect that you are at least 25% minority. (meaning that one of your grandparents was a racial or ethnic minority) If you are clamming Native American ethnicity, then instead of proving a certain percentage you must provide an active valid Tribal/Blood Card and be active in the tribe's roster. A list of examples of documents you may provide to prove your racial and ethnic minority status is provided below:
  1. Foreign Birth Certificate;
  2. Parents Foreign Birth Certificate;
  3. Grandparents Foreign Birth Certificate;
  4. Parents Death Certificate;
  5. Grandparents Death Certificate;
  6. Adoption paperwork;
  7. Marriage Certificate or License;
  8. Official Military Paperwork.


Subscriptions are available to those MBEs who wish to receive services over and above those provided with basic certification.   These services will provide you with leadership, resources and connections to grow your business.  

SMSDC Subscription Services include:

  • Access to Capacity Plus
  • Business Plan Enhancement
  • Prime Supplier Development
  • MBE/ Corporate Meetings
  • Access to National MBE Database
  • Corporate Supplier Diversity Portal Registration
  • and much more
Fees for subscription services vary.  Contact our Austin office at 512.386.8766 or email us at today.  


Austin Regional Task Force 
Year-End Celebration
December 11, 2018
Austin, TX

Grand Opening Celebration
December 4, 2018
El Paso, TX

El Paso Regional Task Force
Year-End Celebration
December 4, 2018
El Paso, TX

2018 NMSDC Conference & Business Opportunity Exchange
October 14-17, 2018
Austin, TX

SMSDC Upcoming Events:
February 26, 2019
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., "2019 Annual Stakeholders' Meeting",  Toyota Motor Manufacturing Texas, One Lone Star Pass, San Antonio, TX
April 11, 2019
"MBE Showcase"
Oklahoma State University
Tulsa, OK

June 12-13, 2019
"2019 Premier Face Time Expo", The Westin Riverwalk, 420 W. Market St., San Antonio, TX
June 14, 2019 ,
"2019 Premier Face Time Golf Tournament," The Resort Course @ La Cantera Golf Club, 16641 La Cantera Parkway, San Antonio, TX
July 31 - Aug 1, 2019 , "2019 New Frontier Buyer's Breakfast Roundtable", The Skirvin Hotel, 1 Park Ave.Oklahoma City, OK
September 11-12, 2019 , "2019 Diversity at the Border Buyer's Breakfast Roundtable", The Doubletree Hotel, 600 N. El Paso St., El Paso, TX









    Real Time Solutions






The SMSDC is a non-profit organization dedicated to certifying, connecting and developing minority-owned businesses (MBEs). Through active leadership & professional education, the SMSDC works with major corporations throughout the United States and MBEs within the Central and Southwest Texas regions, Oklahoma and New Mexico to increase participation in diversity programs.


Austin headquarters: 512.386.8766 
El Paso: 915.433.0612
Oklahoma: 405.767.9900 
San Antonio : 512.297.6478

From your MBEIC Chair:
Dear SMSDC's MBEs,
As the end of year draws near and we all start diving into
the holiday spirit, it is the perfect time to pause for some moments, and as MBEs look back to a year of efforts and toil, but also of opportunities and blessings.
We may or may have not noticed some of those opportunities and blessings, as they sometimes came disguised as hitches or as "one more thing to worry about"; and therefore, we may have just missed it. Or, perhaps we were so immersed in the daily activities that new opportunities passed us by. Maybe we were struggling with other immediate priorities, and therefore we did not take all the chances we could have taken to pursue that one prospect, or to attend that one event; which may have made all the difference.
Regardless, looking back constructively is a chance to learn, and is a good way to start preparing to take every opportunity we can when they come our way next year.
Looking back at 2018 at SMSDC we see there were many events and activities to take advantage of our certifications; by developing ourselves, connecting with others or by getting more exposure. We hope you made it to at least some of them and make an effort to be there in 2019.
San Antonio and El Paso RTF Kickoff meetings. Announcements of MBEIC nominations.

Austin RTF Kickoff meeting.
Annual Stakeholders' Meeting in San Antonio with elections.

Aptiv Introduction with El Paso RTF Meeting
Austin and San Antonio RTF meetings and MBE Idol training.

Oklahoma MBE Showcase.

El Paso RTF Meeting and How to prepare for a Conference and MBE Idol.
Austin and San Antonio RTF Meetings.

Premier Face Time Expo and Golf Tournament and MBE Idol Semi-finals in San Antonio.

MBE Idol Finals- Presentations in front of Dell Panel.
El Paso RTF Community Outreach.

NMSDC Conference and Business Opportunity Exchange.

Austin, El Paso and San Antonio RTF Holiday Gatherings.
Remember, our MBE certification is only as good as our commitment to put it into use and to promoting our businesses, by being actively involved in the council.
So how can we use it better? As MBEs we need to be ready. We need to plan. As, "A goal without a plan is just a wish.",  Antoine de Saint-Exupery.
We need to look at at SMSDC's and NMSDC's activities for last year and next year, to see which ones we don't want to miss and make a decision; not only attend, but to get involved. If we spend time in trying to make a difference for others, we are investing time in making a difference for ourselves. Trust me. By going all in you will get more out!
I say this based on first-hand experience. I have seen that my involvement has made all the difference for our company as MBEs.
Having won the MBE Idol award and presenting in front of Dell; having been elected as MBEIC Chair and serving at the regional and national councils with ongoing meetings and conference calls, and volunteering at NMSDC's conference; have given me the opportunity to meet and connect with more key players than in many years combined. Two new projects have taken off since my involvement, and more are on the pipeline!
So, get ready to participate in MBE Idol, to serve and get involved to possibly be nominated for volunteer positions and do everything in your power to make your certification count.

Share with us your plans and your GOALS and invite others to do the same.
And now, let's take a break and focus on wrapping up the year, and counting our family blessings and giving thanks and praise for them. Let's remember that this season we can be kinder, more considerate, grateful, and generous towards others; and spread the true meaning of the season extending it to the entire year.
Merry Christmas and a Blessed 2019!
Beatriz Fernandez

SMSDC is proud to present the Elevate My Business Challenge hosted by the Lift Development Group led by Kim Folson program.

News from NMSDC:
From NMSDC President's Blog

With a little time to rest, recharge and take stock, I am looking back with real gratitude and great pride in the success of our 2018 Conference and Business Opportunity Exchange in Austin October 14-17.

When I stepped into the leadership of NMSDC in August, the Conference loomed on my calendar like the ultimate challenge. Still getting to know the people, the network and the scope of my new job, with only a few weeks to prepare, I was determined to be ready for my first Conference as President and CEO of NMSDC. And I wanted all of us to make this year's Conference a great success. I think we did it!

I greeted, shook hands with and met as many people and groups as I could. Moving around the Austin Convention Center every day, I was impressed again and again by the energy, the commitment and the warmth of all of our members and stakeholders. What a thrill to have Austin Mayor Steve Marcus and Texas Secretary of State Rolando Pablos welcome everyone to Austin!

Once again, a big thanks to our Conference Co-Chairs. From the corporate membership, we welcomed Dell, Toyota and Wells Fargo as Co-Chairs; from our MBEs, we welcomed Ongweoweh; and, for the first time, a Corporate Plus Co-Chair - Acro Service Corporation.

This year, as well, we had a very special Platinum Sponsor - Vista Equity Partners, one of the great success stories in American business. Throughout the Conference, as it has been throughout the year, MetLife was a generous and vital partner with NMSDC as well.

I'm especially happy that I could kick off the Conference with a high-energy entrance to the Monday Breakfast - marching in to the tune of Bruno Mars' "24K Magic"! I appreciate, more than I can say, the great welcome I got from everyone.

This Breakfast set the tone for all of our Conference events - fun and fascinating. What a thrill to have my old friend, Dallas Cowboys legend Emmitt Smith, as a guest. He was in the spotlight for a "Champion's Huddle," sponsored by Major League Baseball and introduced by MLB's Corey Smith. Leading the lively conversation was another friend, Ying McGuire, Vice President of International Operations and Business Development, Technology Integration Group, who discussed with Emmitt his transformation from sports hero to successful businessman.

At the Monday Luncheon, I was honored to accept, from Wells Fargo, a check to NMSDC for $100,000, to seed our CEO Academies in the year to come. The Luncheon program also included a great fireside chat about access to capital, with three guests who are major players in providing capital - Fred Royall of Royall Capital, Richard Powell from AP Capital, and Winston Smith of BCF Capital. And although the weather failed to cooperate fully with our plans for the Lights ... Camera ... Austin! Reception at Star Hill Ranch, we rescued the evening and celebrated anyway.

To continue reading, please click on the link below. 

OVEANA opens new call center in 
El Paso, TX

SMSDC was proud to host Oveana's Ribbon Cutting in celebration of a new call center for its client Toyota Financial Services (TFS) on December 4 in El Paso, Texas. Oveana will provide call center services to Toyota Financial Services, creating new economic opportunities for the El Paso community.  

Oveana, a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), Women Business Enterprise (WBE) and State of Texas Historically Underutilized Business (HUB), has pursued business opportunities with TFS for several years. As a result of CEO Rosa Santana's successful partnership with Toyota over the last decade and El Paso's availability of skilled workers, Oveana was selected to provide bilingual call center services to TFS. 

Santana sees this as an opportunity to grow her business with Toyota in her hometown of El Paso while providing employment opportunities for El Pasoans. "I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to grow a longstanding partnership with Toyota, which has resulted in economic development for the El Paso community and competitive paying jobs," says Santana. 

Oveana is a part of the Santana Group of companies and is now one of several companies under the Santana Group to do business with Toyota. Oveana provides business process outsourcing (BPO) services to its customers. Among the other companies under the Santana Group are Integrated Human Capital, Workforce Management, Diversa, and Forma Automotive.   

San Antonio's Regional Task Force  Year-End Celebration
December 13, 2018
6 p.m. to 8 p.m.
TRECO Services
904 N. Zarzamora St.
San Antonio, TX 78207

2018 has been an exciting year and 2019 is around the corner...this means it's time to CELEBRATE!   Don't miss out!  

Event speaker, Wayne Shanks from USAA will discuss opportunities coming up within the organization and how to do business with USAA.

Please bring an unwrapped toy for our toy drive to benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Appetizers and drinks will be served. 
Crazy Taco Truck will also be on-site to sell it's delicious food & drinks.

2019 Annual Stakeholders' Meeting
February 26, 2019
San Antonio, TX

Get to know your council, network with SMSDC's Board of Directors, Corporate Members, Certified MBEs and Staff.  
As an SMSDC stakeholder, 
this meeting is your opportunity to collaborate, discuss barriers & successes and plan for a better 2019.   

The Annual Meeting
will take place on Tuesday, February 26th at the Toyota Motor Manufacturing Texas, One Lone Star Pass, in 
San Antonio, TX. 
8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Lunch will be served.
Toyota Plant Tour(s) will be available during the event. Limited space is available & registration is required. 
* More information including a detailed agenda 
coming soon.



New Certified MBEs!

Buffalo Industries Group, LLC - Jay, OK
Goodman MBE Group GP, LLC - Boerne, TX
Goodman MBE Group, LP - San Antonio, TX
JC Floors, LLC - Pflugerville, TX
TAP Design Management, LLC - Oklahoma City, OK

Breath of Fresh Air Janitorial Services, Inc. - Owasso, OK
Isidore PLLC - Austin, TX

Chico Recycling, LLC - El Paso, TX
HR Legal Search, LLC - Austin, TX
Okafor & Associates, P.C. - Round Rock, TX
Palante Healthcare, LLC - Albuquerque, NM
SKY LEASE I, Inc. - Austin, TX
True North Bio, LLC - Cedar Park, TX
VU Plastics, LLC - Bullard, TX

Welcome Back!  Returning MBEs

A1 Staffing & Recruiting Agency, Inc
Applied Energy Solutions, Inc.
Arise Solutions, Inc.
Basin Environmental & Safety Technologies, LLC.
Business Assets Enterprises LP
Cesar-Scott, Inc.
Chaffin Tower Services, Inc.
Clowe & Cowan of El Paso LLC
Contractors Corner, LLC
D & B General Cleaning Contractor, Inc.
Daniel B. Hastings, Inc.
Diana M. De Montemayor, LLC
DMCA Partnership Group, LLP
Energy Exchanger Company
ESC Consultants, Inc.
For Positioning Only, LLC
Gilliam IP PLLC
Griffin Food Company
Howl Transportation LLC
Interactive CAD Services, Inc.
J. R., Inc.
Limon's Road Service
Logisti-K LLC
Lopez Scrap Metal Inc
McClain Electrical Contractor, Inc.
MCI Diagnostic Center, LLC
Oliver Termite & Pest Control
Onsite Contracting, LLC
Perma-Temp Personnel Services, Inc.
Plastic Giant, Inc.
PrimaCore Solutions, LLC
RODCO Enterprises, Inc.
Rose Systems Corporation
RSI, Inc
Russell Transport, Inc.
SensisTX / K. Fernandez & Associates
SIM Industrial Supply
U.S. Electrical Corporation
Venkel LTD
VU Manufacturing, LLC
Xyant Services, Inc.

The Importance of NOT Letting your  
SMSDC Certification Expire!
We frequently receive frustrating calls by our MBEs telling us their SMSDC/HUB Certification has expired. Once your SMSDC certification expires, ALL MBEs have to begin the entire certification process from the beginning. Please note, WE NO LONGER ACCEPT PAPER APPLICATIONS. ALL certification is now done on-line. There are no exceptions.
For those MBEs in the STATE OF TEXAS, in addition to beginning the entire certification process all over again, the HUB certification, which enables you to bid on contracts, is no longer valid. The HUB certification process is only done once a month. This means for those MBEs in the State of Texas, they will now have to wait an entire month for their HUB certification.
Please make sure to check the expiration date on your SMSDC certification. You will receive an e-mail notification from the AdaptOne portal which looks similar to the image above.   

DO NOT ignore this e-mail. It is a courtesy reminder your certification is about to expire.   

Please contact Gabrielle Ramirez at 
SMSDC along with Corporate Member, Johnson Controls Inc, is proud to offer Developmental Classes to all Corporate Members & Certified MBEs during each of our regional events. 

Learn more about these classes and how to register for the next session!

Benchmarking Plus is a process for corporations that seek to accelerate their supplier diversity initiatives based on real world experimentation. This two year process takes your corporation from where it is today to where it needs to be in the future in order to engage minority businesses in a sustainable manner.  Benchmarking Plus delivers the tools and management perspective to help your corporation determine what it is doing right and how you can help it approve.
Capacity Plus is a process for certified minority business enterprises that seek to enhance their sales and marketing processes and build their capacity to work with Fortune 500 corporations. This two year process provides practical insights that will help you address business challenges.  Capacity Plus delivers the tools and management perspective to help your company demystify corporate procurement processes.

Benchmarking Plus & Capacity Plus are led by Johnson Controls Inc, a world leader in supplier diversity, with more than 600 diverse suppliers and $1.8 billion in diverse spend.

If you are interested in signing up, please contact Mayra Pena at or call 915.433.0612.  These classes are complimentary but you must be an active corporate member or certified MBE to attend.