August 2017
From the President's Desk: 

Thank you OG&E for your continued support of SMSDC's New Frontier 2017 "Creating Connections Procurement Conference", featuring the Buyer's Breakfast Roundtable. The winning combination of OG&E's uplifting and inspirational video, paired with Jewel Smith's motivational kick-off and remarks amplified the morning session and generated a new wave of enthusiasm amongst the participants. We are excited about the invaluable connections the MBE's and Corporate Members established during the Buyer's Breakfast Roundtable.

And a special thank you to all of the following 2017 Event Sponsors; OG&E, our Title Sponsor; our Gold Sponsors, Chevron and Conoco Phillips; our Silver Sponsors, CenterPoint Energy, Dell, JE Dunn and Johnson Controls; and our MBE Bronze Sponsors, DRG, Lynnco Supply Chain Solutions, Millennium Steel of Texas and Real Time Solutions.

On Wednesday afternoon, our Corporate Members attended Benchmarking Plus and our MBEs attended Capacity Plus. During these development courses, Clifford A. Bailey, President & CEO of Tech Soft Systems and Chairman of the National MBE Input Committee and Reggie Layton, Chairman of the Southwest Minority Supplier Development Council and Vice President, Supplier Diversity Supply Chain Sustainability for Johnson Controls, Inc., had a frank and candid discussion on "What's on MBE's Minds". This insightful dialogue was an in-depth conversation on the key roles and responsibilities of MBE's, corporations, the SMSDC, and the NMSDC in the Supplier Diversity Ecosystem. The common goals of corporations and MBEs were also discussed. "It's all about bringing the two organizations together to one, identify a need that a corporation may have as well as the capability the MBE may have - such that they develop a common goal of achieving a specific project that generates revenue for both long term." stated Clifford A. Bailey.

Those MBEs and corporations in attendance had the opportunity to ask questions and openly discuss key initiatives which lead to sustainability, best practices and revenue producing goal strategies such as MBEs doing business with each other.

Those in attendance remarked how empowered they felt by all of the collaborative networking opportunities and were appreciative of the valuable information that was shared during SMSDC's 2017 New Frontier "Creating Connections Procurement Conference".

For those of you who are planning to attend the Diversity at the Border Buyer's Breakfast Roundtable in El Paso, TX September 11th and 12th, we are confident you will share similar experiences and continue to create strong partnerships to build lasting business relationships. We look forward to seeing you in September.
In This Issue
Leadership Transition at NMSDC
Interim President, Louis Green, Named

Effective July 13th, The National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) named an interim executive director in the role previously held by Joset Wright-Lacy. Louis Green, formerly chair of the Michigan Minority Supplier Development Council and now CEO, Supplier Success, LLC. will serve as interim President. Additionally, Sidney Johnson Senior Vice President of Delphi Global Supply Chain Management has been elected Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, succeeding William Kornegay. Both will step into position effective July 14, 2017.

"On behalf of the executive committee and the NMSDC, I want to thank Joset Wright-Lacy for her efforts and what she was able to accomplish during her tenure," said Joe Hinrichs. "We wish her much success in her future endeavors."   
Moving forward, the Board will be focused on three key items: 
1) Continuing to build on teamwork that supports the network/affiliates. 
2) Establishing and maintaining a framework of leadership and organizational structure that provides value to all key stakeholders:  
  • Our MBEs
  • Corporate members
  • Communities in which the NMSDC makes an economic impact  
  • Employees and staff who are viable to ensuring that the mission and vision of NMSDC are carried out in a customer centric way. 
3) Reviewing NMSDC's global initiatives and re-establishing linkage with existing global affiliates. 
In the midst of all of this is NMSDC's celebration of 45 years as a leader in Minority Business Development. 
Much focus will be placed on the 45th Anniversary of the NMSDC and the pending annual conference to be held in October in Detroit, Michigan. The organization is looking to the conference as one which reshapes and redefines the NMSDC as a leader in minority business development, demonstrates the excellent training and development of supply chain leaders within the existing network; and spotlights an affiliate network that aligns with the collective success of the organization as the go-to leader for supplier diversity and development. 
This latest change represents a new opportunity for the NMSDC to move from its past with a renewed focus on technology and our various constituent groups.

For more information, please visit

2017 Diversity at the Border
Buyer's Breakfast Roundtable & Awards Ceremony  
September 11-12, 2017 | El Paso, TX

SMSDC along with title sponsor, Johnson Controls Inc, invite you to attend the annual event Diversity at the Border in El Paso, TX.  This year's theme, "Creating Connections Procurement Conference" will provide invaluable information starting on Monday, September 11th with the Connection Plus developmental program to be presented to Corporate Members and Certified MBEs.  Connecting opportunities will kick-off at the along remarkable Opening Chairman's Reception sponsored by Delphi.  With a beautiful scenery of the Franklin Mountains, attendees will enjoy hors d'oeuvres and refreshing cocktails while catching up with old and new business contacts.

  On Tuesday, September 12th, the event will feature the extraordinary Buyer's Breakfast Roundtable (BBR) full of limitless opportunities.  If you have not participated in SMSDC's BBR, now is the time to attend.  BBR showcases interactive sessions with corporate buyers of several buying entities who are ready to discuss purchasing opportunities with Certified MBEs.  SMSDC Corporate Members and state agencies are ready to discuss upcoming opportunities.   To end a very successful morning, SMSDC will present the 2017 Regional Award winners for Corporation of the Year, Advocate of the Year and Supplier of the Year.
Monday, September 11
1:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. 
Benchmarking Plus Class - Corporate Members Only
3:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.  
Capacity Plus Class - Certified MBEs Only
5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
Opening Chairman's Reception - Everyone is invited to attend 
Tuesday, September 12 
      8:30 a.m.  to  9:30 a.m.        
9:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.
10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
12:15 p.m. to 1:00 p.m.

The Doubletree Hotel 
600 N. El Paso St., El Paso, TX 79901 
$120 per night 
or call 915.532.8733, code: SMS 
Room block expires 08/15/2017. 


*If you would like a copy of your photo, please email Mayra Pena at and we will be happy to send it to you.

The Importance of NOT Letting your  
SMSDC Certification Expire!
We frequently receive frustrating calls by our MBEs telling us their SMSDC/HUB Certification has expired. Once your SMSDC certification expires, ALL MBEs have to begin the entire certification process from the beginning. Please note, WE NO LONGER ACCEPT PAPER APPLICATIONS. ALL certification is now done on-line. There are no exceptions.
For those MBEs in the STATE OF TEXAS, in addition to beginning the entire certification process all over again, the HUB certification, which enables you to bid on contracts, is no longer valid. The HUB certification process is only done once a month. This means for those MBEs in the State of Texas, they will now have to wait an entire month for their HUB certification.
Please make sure to check the expiration date on your SMSDC certification. You will receive an e-mail notification from the AdaptOne portal which looks similar to this:

DO NOT ignore this e-mail.
It is a courtesy reminder your certification is about to expire.   
Please contact Eduardo Muniz-Fraticelli at .


NMSDC is excited to announce that the new Opportunity Awareness Program
(OAP) module is live! As a NMSDC-certified MBE, you will have an opportunity to receive notifications by our national corporate members based on criteria specifications.
In order to receive emails, carefully review the following tips:
  1. The certification module of NMSDC CENTRAL® is powered by AdaptOne. This is where you complete your certification and recertification applications.
  2. To log in, you will need to have your log in credentials - provided by your certifying affiliate.
  3. Some features will be unavailable if you do not have a current certification.
  4. In order to receive this and other important notifications, make sure you request that your email client accepts
MBEs who are currently using have reported problems with receiving e-mails. They will need to provide the affiliate with another email address. This is a provider issue that NMSDC cannot address.

Log in today to view other features that are available to you now as a certified MBE!
  • MBE2MBE Search Tool and the MBE2MBE Collaboration Survey
  • Certificate
  • NMSDC Logo Pack
In order to receive this and other important notifications, make sure you request that your email client accepts

Please contact your affiliate if you have any questions, or need additional assistance.

Thank you for being an invaluable constituent of NMSDC!

Welcome!  NEW MBEs

JULY 2017 
CVG Group, LLC - Austin, TX
North Park NE Motors LLC (DBA: Audi North Park) - Selma, TX
Risk5 Compliance Group -  San Antonio, TX 

JUNE 2017

D&J Management Services, Inc - Tulsa, OK
Mercury Trade, LLC - El Paso, TX
Tilted Chair Creative, LLC - Austin, TX

MAY 2017
3G Construction, Inc - Odessa, TX
Slow Life Games, LLC - Santa Fe, NM

Welcome Back!  Returning MBEs

JULY 2017
1st Fire Protection Services, LLC        
Advance Research Chemicals, Inc.     
Advanced Workzone Services, LLC    
American Chemie, Inc.           
B2Z Engineering, LLC              
Bankson Group, Ltd.               
BEPC Incorporated   
Blend Medical Products, Inc.               
Bluebonnet Chrysler Dodge, LLC        
Donald L. Mooney Enterprises, LLC   
Dynamic Alternatives (DBA Dickason Staff Leasing)    
Eclipse Logistics Solutions, LLC           
G & M Contractors, LLC         
Galvotec Alloys, Inc.
Galvotec Corrosion Services
Laredo Technical Services, Inc.           
Loera Customs Brokerage, Inc.           
Loera Transportation Services, Inc.  
M. A. & Sons, Inc.    
Mexican Technologies Co. Inc.           
Mexico Trade Consulting, Inc.             
Millennium Packaging and Distribution, Inc.
Mirsa Manufacturing, LLC     
Moondance, Inc.      
Mustang Express, Ltd.            
Neco Industries, Inc.               
Paulmex International, Ltd. 
PrimaCore Solutions, LLC     
Purchase Power Exchange, LLC          
Service Express Oklahoma, LLC          
SnS Global Corporation          
Solrac Corporation   
Southwest Freight Lines        
Stratos Realty Group, LLC     
Temporary Alternatives, Inc.               
TLI & Environmental Services, Inc.     
Yardi Systems, Inc.   

Requirement for All New MBEs:
You must attend the following!

All new MBE's must attend a Pre-Certification & Post-Certification training.  The training will be held by conference call several times a month for each session.  Please make sure to attend one pre-certification & one post-certification training in order to complete the certification process. Appointment is not necessary.

The following are dates available for August:
Wednesday, August 9th
Wednesday, August 16th
Wednesday, August 23rd
Wednesday, August 30th 
Each training is from 10am - 11am CST
Conference call number: 641-715-0700
Access Code:  372354
Did you Know?

SMSDC offers subscription services to all of our Corporate Members & Certified MBEs.  What are subscription services & how will they benefit my business?
Subscription services for MBEs include:
  • Access to top corporate purchasing agents
  • Premium business connection outings and networking events
  • Vital introductions to national corporate members
  • Specialized procurement conferences & Trade Fairs
  • Supplier Diversity summits and roundtable discussions
  • Professional development fellowships
  • Mentor-Protégé pairings and other educational or development programs
  • Technical and/or financial assistance and support

Subscription services for Corporate Members include:
  • Targeted prime supplier match
Fees for subscription services vary.  Contact our Austin office at 512.386.8766 or email us at today. 



SMSDC along with Corporate Member, Johnson Controls Inc, is proud to offer Developmental Classes to all Corporate Members & Certified MBEs during each of our regional events. 

Learn more about these classes and how to register for the next session!

Benchmarking Plus is a process for corporations that seek to accelerate their supplier diversity initiatives based on real world experimentation. This two year process takes your corporation from where it is today to where it needs to be in the future in order to engage minority businesses in a sustainable manner.  Benchmarking Plus delivers the tools and management perspective to help your corporation determine what it is doing right and how you can help it approve.

Capacity Plus is a process for certified minority business enterprises that seek to enhance their sales and marketing processes and build their capacity to work with Fortune 500 corporations. This two year process provides practical insights that will help you address business challenges.  Capacity Plus delivers the tools and management perspective to help your company demystify corporate procurement processes.

Benchmarking Plus & Capacity Plus is led by Johnson Controls Inc, a world leader in supplier diversity, with more than 600 diverse suppliers and $1.8 billion in diverse spend.

If you are interested in signing up, please contact Mayra Pena at or call 915.433.0612.  These classes are complimentary but you must be an active corporate member or certified MBE to attend. 
Article of Interest

From the:

Myths persist in the public's perception despite their obvious misinformation. This is true in the minority business arena as well as in other facets of life.

These myths have a negative impact on MBE [minority business enterprise] success because legends can reinforce or encourage bad decisions by aspiring entrepreneurs and MBEs - decisions that can be critical and sometimes fatal to the establishment or growth of the businesses.

The myth list is a long list, but these are the most common.

Myth #1: "I don't need a written business plan - I have everything in my head."

Reality check:   For any new business to enter the marketplace, the owners need a detailed business plan which lays out their target market, funding, organization and anticipated revenue flow.

A sound business plan is mandatory if the business is seeking a business loan or status as an 8(a) socially or economically disadvantaged company. In addition, it prevents MBEs from failing to accurately predict revenue, cash flow and other critical items needed to survive. One of the benefits of being a certified MBE is the access to an experienced network of 12,000 business owners and 1,400 of America's top corporations who can help guide you in the right direction.

Myth #2: "I'm a Veteran/Service Disabled Veteran-the VA will give me a business loan."

Reality check:   Unlike the Veterans Administration Home Loan Guarantee Program, the VA does not provide loan guarantees for veterans to start a business. There is, however, a loan program targeted to veterans at the U.S. Small Business Administration called "Patriot Express" - if you are a veteran looking to start a business, the SBA (or their resource partners such as SCORE) can provide you with more information. Many of NMSDC's veteran MBEs advocate for each other, and know of every VA-related capital resources available in the United States.

Myth #3: "I can start a business and get a loan with no money down."

Reality check:   Lending institutions will require that you have some of your own capital "in the game." The percentage varies, but 25 percent-plus is near the norm.  When a MBE has significant personal investment in their business, they naturally take greater care in the finances and success of operations, and generally have lower default rates on business loans.

Myth #4: "I need to buy a building to house my business."

Reality check:  If there is one item which will doom a business, it is excessive fixed overhead costs. The last thing a new business needs is to take on a heavy overhead burden which will drive up costs and lower profits. If the business absolutely needs production, commercial or office space, find the best lease terms available at the shortest timeframe. If possible, work the business out of a home office or other low-cost option until the business can support a better facility.

Myth #5: "I can immediately draw a salary from my new business."

Reality check:   Don't quit your day job! Any new business requires time to be successful - in addition, invoices due to you may not be paid for 60 days or more, so you must be prepared to operate with limited cash flow. The last person to be paid in any company is the owner - employees always come first. Ensure that you can personally survive for up to a year without drawing a salary before thinking about starting a new business.

Myth #6: "I'm an 8(a)/Woman Owned/Service Disabled Veteran Owned/HUB Zone business, by law the government has to provide me with contracts."

Reality check:  Welcome to Federal Contracting! Yes, the federal government has goals to provide a certain percentage of commercial contracts/subcontracts to specific categories of MBEs as listed above. But that doesn't mean your business will be awarded one. Even if you fit the specific category for the procurement, you still must compete with other similar companies for the contracts.

To win, you must provide the best value to the government - in these days of reduced budgets, the lowest cost proposal which meets the technical acceptability of the procurement has a great chance to win. You must also show that you are completely capable of performing the contract - past performance documentation on similar contracts is usually required. No designation or certification guarantees that you will be awarded federal contracts - you must, with a few rare exceptions, compete to win.

With the right advice, your business dreams stand a much better chance of succeeding.  A great resource for any entrepreneur or business owner is the U.S. Small Business Administration - call the local office in your area for information on what products/services may be right for you.

Please view original copy of this article in the link below: 

Be a part of the #WeAreNMSDC Campaign 
From the NMSDC website:

The #WeAreNMSDC Campaign

To celebrate our 45th anniversary, the accomplishments of the NMSDC network, and to showcase the economic impact of minority businesses, the #WeAreNMSDC Campaign is highlighting the achievements of our corporate members, MBEs and affiliates councils, and will culminate at the 2017 NMSDC Conference in Detroit, October 22-25.

We invite our corporate members, MBEs and affiliate councils to participate in the #WeAreNMSDC campaign. Get Involved! To learn more about about the campaign click on the link below.

Learn More, click here.

Just a quick note:

All SMSDC offices will close at noon every Friday during the summer. 
Stay Connected - Upcoming SMSDC Events

September 11-12, 2017 
Diversity at the Border Buyer's Breakfast Roundtable
The Doubletree Hotel
600 N. El Paso St.  El Paso, TX 79901

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The SMSDC is a non-profit organization dedicated to certifying, connecting and developing minority-owned businesses (MBEs). Through active leadership & professional education, the SMSDC works with major corporations throughout the United States and MBEs within the Central and Southwest Texas regions, Oklahoma and New Mexico to increase participation in diversity programs.

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