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Regent Mark Stansberry


The GREATNESS of an institution ALWAYS begins with PEOPLE
-Jim Collins
 Regent's Update

By Mark Stansberry, RUSO Chair
This year marks the 70th anniversary of the Regional University System of Oklahoma. It was created and elevated to constitutional status in 1948 through a vote of the people to limit legislative control over university issues.  I'm proud to say that our universities have grown and evolved to meet the changing needs of our students and workforce.
All six regional universities started at or near statehood as teacher certification schools. Today they are four-year institutions offering degrees ranging from education and pharmacy to forensic science, optometry and aviation. The  institutions are nationally recognized for outstanding programs, instruction, research and leadership initiatives.  Read more
RUSO Benefits You
Online Medications - Caveat Emptor

The internet has made it convenient to purchase medications, but it has also created a marketplace for unapproved medications and falsified prescriptions. According to the  National Association of Boards of Pharmacy, a  review of over 11,500 online drug outlets found 96 percent appear to be operating in conflict with pharmacy laws and practice standards. The best way to protect yourself is to to use a safe, secure and reputable website when purchasing medication online.Here are a few ways to help ensure a safe purchase:

Check that they are a U.S.  state-licensed pharmacy 
Review the website:
    • If you are purchasing a prescription medication, the website should require a prescription from your health care professional.
    • The website should give you access to talk to a person if you need assistance, as well as access to a licensed pharmacist.
    • The site should provide easy access to understandable privacy and security policies.
Six Questions
Regent Jeff Dunn, originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma, is lawyer and businessman. He is president and CEO of Mill Creek Lumber & Supply Company. 

Jeff and Mendi Dunn with their daughter, Langley, 21and Barrett,17, in Havana, Cuba

1) What was your college experience?  I graduated from Baylor University in 1989 with a B.B.A. in economics and finance.  I chose that degree because I loved economics and felt that the finance double-major would make me more "marketable" to potential employers. 

After a very brief stint in Washington, D.C., I elected to go to law school. I graduated from the University of Illinois College of Law in May, 1992. Attending such different institutions enhanced my ability to see things from divergent perspectives.
2) A RUSO regent is a voluntary position appointed by the governor. What motivated you to accept the position?   Our future largely depends on education and the stakes are pretty big in this arena. If we do not have an educated workforce, business needs will not be met. If we do not have an educated society, our democracy will unravel.
3) Do you have a favorite quote?  "Nothing can bring you peace but yourself. Nothing can bring you peace but the triumph of principles."  Ralph Waldo Emerson
4) What is the most unexpected lesson you've learned since becoming a regent?   Education is not "just like business."
5) What college professor had the greatest impact on your life/career?  Steven L. Green, economics professor and academic director, Baylor University. He was a great instructor with a true love of learning and teaching. He also thought way, way "out of the box."  In one of his last lectures in our macroeconomics class, Dr. Green compared Pink Floyd's "Comfortably Numb" with the works of William Wordsworth. I think of his lectures after almost 30 years.
6) Do you have a hobby or interest?  Attending my son's baseball games and sailing. 

Student Success Spotlight
Student success can be defined by different measurements--a successful career, being a positive role model, overcoming significant barriers, making a difference, or even having the grit and determination to accomplish an educational goal. The students featured in RUSO's Student Success stories each have their own paths to accomplishment. The one thing they do have in common is that they achieved their goal of getting a college degree. To read more success stories visit the RUSO website.

The Steely-Eyed Missile Man from Vinson
The man widely credited with saving the Apollo 12 mission was never supposed to work  for NASA. His career plan was to  have his feet firmly planted on Oklahoma soil as a farmer and rancher. Even when he started working at NASA, his plan was to work there until he could earn enough money to buy land and cattle.  Read more
Regent Updates
OSRHE Task Force Recommendations
The Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education recently concluded their task force review to consider ways to improve degree completion and increase productivity within higher education. A RUSO representative served on every subcommittee. The task force members reported their committee's  work at the January RUSO regents' meeting at NSU. 

Great Happenings at Your Regional University
For inspiration and collaboration learn more about 
what is happening  at regional universities.

Professor Mara Sukholutskaya received the prestigious national level American Association of Teachers of Slavic and East European Languages Award for Excellence in Post-Secondary Teaching. Sukholutskaya is the director of Russian Studies and ECU's Global Education program

NSU has partnered with the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office to offer a flexible criminal justice degree completion program to officers and staff who have completed an associate of science degree from Tulsa Community College. The program consists of fast-track classes that combine online and classroom learning 
Learn More
Journalism professor and student newspaper advisor Kaylene Dial Armstrong, recently published "How Student Journalists Report Campus Unrest" through Lexington Books, Her book evaluates newspapers on college campuses during the protest years of 1962-70 and includes a new chapter on the student newspaper at the University of Missouri during the 2015 protests.
SE will serve as a host site for free medical services in conjunction with Remote Area Medical Oklahoma.  Dates for the event are June 2-3 in both Bloomer Sullivan Gymnasium and Bloomer Sullivan Arena.  RAM is a free healthcare weekend for those in need of care they cannot afford. 
Learn More

SWOSU student Tommy Crews of El Reno was one of 12 students from across the nation selected to present NASA-sponsored research at the recent National Council of Space Grant Directors meeting in Washington, D.C. 

On April 4-7, UCO will host more than 3,500 students presenting at the National Conference for Undergraduate Research. The NCUR 2018 theme, "Connection to Place," offers more than 50 sessions across five interdisciplinary tracks: Forensic Science,  American Indian Studies,  Business Energy Sector

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