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Change Is Coming, Like It Or Not
Whether you want to accept it or not, change is coming. The average age of a seasoned business owner is 68. Of all established businesses in Canada and the United States, 65% are owned by these same seasoned owners. 

As I get older, the thought of what might happen after an Owner transitions out of the family business seems to occupy more of my thinking.

I question what kind of statement they might leave to future generations by the actions taken while building the company..
11 Tips for Continued Marketing Success

1. Know Your Target Audience. 
Understand members of your target group thoroughly, including their attitudes toward the services you offer e.g., is the purchase
Running out of runway to sell the company.

Are You Running Out of Runway?

Feeling tired and not prepared to do any more work on the business? Maybe you waited too long to sell and the end is still not in sight. The kids are now older and ...

21 Tips In 21 Minutes for Owners

  • How to sell 70% of your businesses and enjoy a huge windfall on your remaining 30%.
  • Protecting intergenerational wealth.
  • Selling to your children.
  • Families act the same in your business as in your home.
  • Entitlement issues.
  • Lots of options for Owners to exit.
  • You don't know what you don't ...