March 2022
Your monthly news & updates
If you're on the Advanced Reader Copy list then you've already received a separate email about the availability of my second book, Death Replaced. If you didn't get the email, click [here].

The Kindle version of the book will be available on the 18th (which gives all my ARC readers a head start) and I'm working on the print versions.

A couple of things to cover.
  1. This book is only available on Kindle due to the term of the agreement with Amazon. I'm in a 3-month contract with this agreement so if I hear pushback from the readers, I'll cancel at the end of 3 months rather than renew.
  2. The paperback version of the book was published with the eBook ISBN. I'm in contact with both Amazon and Bowker to resolve this but until then I've pulled the paperback off the shelf. I'll update everyone next month when things will be hopefully fixed.
  3. There is a hardback copy of the book. I've tried to price it as low as possible while covering costs.
  4. There is now also a paperback and hardback version of Ares Weapons Project Book 1.