February 2022
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I want to thank everyone who read and enjoyed Atlanta (Ares Weapons Project #1). Also, a special thanks to my editor Marcie who worked overtime to help with the last round of corrections.

The next book for AWP, appropriately called Book Two, is now in its first draft. Look for teasers and random thoughts to appear in the blog.

Beyond the AWP series, keep an eye out for a new book, Worked to Death. It is on the editor's desk, Once it becomes available, I'll send out the Advance Review Copies.
Editing Software Options
There are many options in editing software, but what's the best route to follow?

Traditional and Independent Publishing
There are several differences between traditional and independent publishing.

Looking for Beta Readers
Beta Readers
I'm looking for readers interested in books that haven't made it to the editor. Give them a read and let me know what needs to change. If this interests you, drop me a line.