Trinity has tentatively scheduled an outdoor worship service for Sunday, June 7 at 8:30am in the School field. Details regarding registration and community safety expectations will be distributed late next week.
Dear Trinity Family,

We recently sent out a survey to assess your priorities and comfort level with slowly returning to in person worship, alongside our commitment to maintain a robust online presence. There were 324 responses. I want to share with you some highlights of that survey: 

Select your age group:

To what extent do you agree with this statement: Being physically in church is vital for my spiritual well-being, even if it means taking precautions of limiting the number of congregants, social distancing, wearing face masks, no communion, no singing, no reading materials, no coffee hour and no childcare.
As you can see, the responses for a return to worship are fairly evenly distributed between those who would return despite less than ideal conditions, and those who would prefer to wait. The highest percentage of agreement by far was in response to the following question:

I would feel comfortable extending our season of solely online worship if that is the safest option for Trinity during this pandemic.
It seems 78% of those surveyed 'Agree' or Strongly Agree' that safety is our highest priority, and we take that very seriously.

The opening of Trinity Church shall follow guidelines and best practices as set out by diocesan policy, as well as state and city-wide authorities. Please click here to read more about Trinity’s proposed response to each phase of the city plan. Though I hope we move in a linear and smooth fashion through these steps, if it is necessary to move backward, Trinity will make the proper response. Additionally, this plan is subject to change based on new information and best practices as they are made evident.

Taking this all into consideration, we have tentatively scheduled an outdoor worship gathering following all indicated protocols. This worship service will be in the Trinity School field at 8:30am on Sunday, June 7, which is also Trinity Sunday. It will be important for attendees to pre-register, and agree to follow the community safety expectations as they are put forward. Specific instructions for attendance and registration will be distributed late next week.

We will continue to provide online resources indefinitely. Once we are able to return safely to indoor worship, after entering phase two, we may live-stream the service as well.

Again, I need to emphasize that a return to "normal" will take some time and our community will have to remain flexible, even as we attempt to provide worship in the next few weeks and months. It will require continued patience, compassion, trust and love from all of us. Thank you for your continued support. 

In Christ,

The Reverend Andrew R. Thayer