Announcing our new
Spark Reading Comprehension 
& Memory Program (TM)

Dear Friends,


In response to the academic needs of our students, Spark Development is pleased to announce the new Spark Reading Comprehension and Memory Program (TM).


How Does The Spark Reading Comprehension and Memory Program(TM)  Work?


Designed specifically for students who can accurately decode words, but who still struggle to understand or retain the material they have read, the Spark Reading Comprehension and Memory Program(TM)  teaches children to visualize and engage in Active Reading. When students make mental pictures of the words they read, they are able to link the individual words and sentences into a cohesive, memorable whole. Active Reading further helps the child to better concentrate on the material at hand and to develop critical thinking skills.


By mastering these skills, students will better remember everything else they study, including spelling and vocabulary!


How Do You Know Your Child Needs The Spark Reading Comprehension and Memory Program (TM)?

  • He reads the same passage or story over and over and still fails to understand or remember it.
  • When she speaks, her stories are out of sequence, or she has trouble getting the words out.
  • He has difficulty remembering more than a few details of a conversation or more than one direction at a time.
  • Her writing is disorganized and lacks focus. 

Spark Development's Reading Comprehension and Memory Program (TM)  enables students to develop and strengthen the ability to turn words into pictures, bringing words on the page to life in a visual symphony of people, places, color and action that they will better remember and recall.  Help your child to better understand and remember all that he or she studies!


Please call us at 516-568-2100 for more information or to schedule a meeting to discuss your child. Our initial consultation is absolutely free.



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