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Happy 4th of July!
IDA and TeamQuest believe reading is a gateway to independence! 

In the spirit of the 4th of July, sign up for TeamQuest, follow these steps, and raise $400 in 4 days!

TeamQuest's Must-See of the Week
We've told you about fun things to do in Arizona... 

Let's talk about the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix! Located in Papago Park, this TeamQuest absolute must-see promises lagoons, nature trails, and the occasional wildlife spotting. The Desert Botanical Garden covers 144 acres with desert plants from all around the world.

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IDA in Arizona
As promised last week, see how IDA Arizona makes the Grand Canyon State so special.
Cross Training to the Finish Line
A common complaint about workout routines is that it's boring to do the same thing over and over again. But TeamQuest is different - we offer alternative exercises to change things up - because training and exercising should be fun! So in spirit of the Grand Canyon State, hiking is TeamQuest's cross training activity of the week.
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