Join Elder John R. Prosper & Settler Dorothy A. Lander

for Readings from their Joint Memoir:

A Dialogue on Treaty Education

Antigonish Heritage Museum (The Old Train Station), Main Street, Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Saturday, August 6, 2022, 4 p.m. AST

Live Streamed on Antigonish Heritage Museum Facebook Page. Join us at this link:


This community event will unfold in the spirit of Truth and Reconciliation, beginning with a smudging ceremony, serving of lusknikn (Mi'kmaw bannock), an opportunity to sign the Parchment of Re-Commitment to Peace and Friendship Nation-to-Nation that was one of the way stations on John R.'s and Dorothy's pilgrimage, and the live auction of the painting by Loretta Gould.

Live Auction

Painting by Loretta Gould featuring the clan signatures of the original 1725 Peace and Friendship Treaty.

Proceeds from the auction (bids begin at $1000) and the sale of the book will go towards the restoration of St. Anne's Church in Walnek/ Summerside.

Words of Praise

When differing perspectives come together in a co-learning journey, we learn to listen and understand one another in respectful and reciprocal ways. In this book, John R. and Dorothy have done just that – their pilgrimage can be very much understood as a co-learning journey – a unique gift that has been created by bringing together distinct perspectives on everything from the fiddle to the peony to the black ash.

·    Debbie Martin, PhD, Canada Research Chair in Indigenous Peoples’

Health & Well-Being, Dalhousie University.  



Mi’kmaw students will see their experiences and their relations reflected back to them—the hardship and the places of resilience—throughout this book. Settler students will have a window in how processes of colonization, over time, aimed to eclipse Mi’kmaw ways of knowing, being and doing with Eurocentric perspectives. As such the book will provide an important learning resource for Treaty Education in this province.

·    Joanne Tompkins, Faculty of Education,

St. Francis Xavier University, Antigonish, Nova Scotia.

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