It's time to start planning for every kid's favorite time of the year...summer!  If you're looking for a program that keeps kids engaged, excited and energized, we've got just the program for you! 

Designed to align with this year's national summer reading theme, "Ready, Set...RUMBLE!" combines hands-on rhythm making with stretching & plenty of physical movement to create a show that's playful, educational and fun!  

As they walk in the door, each member of the family receives a Boomwhacker, a colorful musical instrument. Once the program starts, a high-energy rhythm facilitator leads the group in a program of jumpin' & jammin'!

Along the way, they'll learn fun facts about the importance of physical fitness, as well as tips on how
to include more exercise into their everyday lives!  
Scheduling Information
Available May 25th - August 25th, 2016
Audience Limit: 300 
Program Length: 40 minutes

Metro Atlanta ITP (Inside the Perimeter) - $350
Metro Atlanta OTP (Outside the Perimeter) - $400  

For special pricing outside Metro Atlanta, please             contact us!

* Teen Interactive Drumming Programs Also Available! *

Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or special requests!  We're committed to helping to create a great summer experience for you and your library!
Hands-On Learning! 
Arts Integration!
Summer Fun! 

Kind Words!
"This show has been one of the most talked about performances that we have had! Everyone was handed a Boomwhacker as they came into the room. Dave's energy and ability to keep a crowd busy is amazing!  A great addition to any "On Your Mark, Get Set ... READ!"  Summer Reading Program!
Jeanne Mann
Children's Coordinator
Sara Hightower Regional Library Systems

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