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January 2015
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10 Simple Ways to Save
Soup's On!
Happy New Year
from Heather !

"Do something today your future self will THANK YOU for." ~ Les Brown
Grow Up & 
Grow Inside!
Old school:  you cannot grow produce in the winter

New school:  YES you can grow produce
 in the winter with the new Tower Garden
 grow lights!
tg lites
With Tower Garden Grow Lights, you can grow leafy greens, herbs and other non-fruiting plants indoors all year round. Our T5 fluorescent grow lights use less energy to produce more light than other common options. Powering lights for the recommended 14 hours per day costs about
 $0.30 a day.

Invest a few minutes to learn about the man behind the Tower Garden and his inspiration for aeroponically & vertically!
tim blank
Tim Blank, TG creator

Food For Thought
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Happy 2015!  Are you ready to get GOing with more health,vitality & energy this year? I'd love to help you! Please contact me to get your 2015 moving in the right health direction! 
GO:  Transform You!
apple Are you challenged trying to incorporate a healthy diet and lifestyle into your busy schedule? You're not alone! LiveBetter28 is a clean eating 28-day program designed to jumpstart your health transformation. Say YES to Simple Changes, a Healthy Lifestyle and Living Better!

When you join this program you will receive a lot of support including:
Grocery list
Trackers & Daily Log
Recipe Books for Meals & Shakes
Secret FaceBook Group - get support, ideas & inspiration!  Contact me to get started!
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FBDo you want to learn more about our products and programs, but you just don't have time to go to a live event?

We have the perfect solution for you:  join us for one of our Facebook parties!  It's simple - login from your device at event time and follow along with the posts. These virtual "parties" have been very successful! They are interactive sessions, lasting approximately 45 minutes. Please FRIEND ME ON Facebook and I will invite you to our next party!
10 Simple Ways... Eat Clean & Save Green!

kris carr
by Kris Carr, New York Times and #1 Amazon best-selling author, wellness activist and cancer thriver.

New Year, New Thinking - have you always thought that the goals of saving money and eating healthier are in direct opposition to each other? Read this article from Kris Carr - her tips will change your mind!  

Wonderful quotes in this article:
You are the CEO of your health!
Do your best to invest in yourself today; 
your future depends on it.
Inspiration & Hope!
Marathoner Claudine Nicholas talks about her lupus diagnosis at age 23 and what she did to regain her health and her hope!
claudine nicholas
She encourages people to DREAM bigger 
than they ever have before!
Are you a [food] trendsetter?
Do you know what the "hot" nut is for 2015?  grasshopper
Do you know what "neurogastronomy" is?
Are you ready to add insects to you diet? 

Read about these trends and more in this article by award winning chef Rozanne Gold. She also sees cabbage and "food as medicine" as hot, that makes JuicePlus+ both trendy and traditional!
Soup's On!
Whipped Roasted Cauliflower and Onion Soup

Once the thermometer drops many of us "think comfort" before anything else.

Comfort comes from a desire to be soothed in whatever way we yearn; be that warmed when we are cold, satisfied when we are hungry or settled when we are feeling ill. Nothing touches all those needs like a cozy bowl of soup! Recipe here!
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