August 2020
City Provides Grow Boxes to Ease Food Insecurity
The City of South Fulton is growing in a new way as it launched South Fulton Grows, an initiative aimed at ensuring residents have enough to eat. City volunteers gathered at Welcome All Park to distribute nearly 200 free grow box kits – complete with lumber, soil and seeds – that will allow residents to raise their own vegetables. Also in the works is a community garden that will further supplement produce needs.

With a retail value of about $150, each kit will include all the resources needed to plant a mini-garden capable of feeding a family of three.
“The grow boxes teach people to grow their own produce, building a level of self-sufficiency,” said Chapin Payne, deputy director of parks, recreation and cultural affairs. "As a society, we largely have forgotten how to grow our own food. South Fulton Grows is bringing back that skill and helping residents empower themselves."
Virtual Programming Takes A Break: Watch YouTube Replays
Virtual programming is taking a break during the month of August. Our parks and recreation professionals will brainstorm new ways to keep you on your feet and feeling healthy with various exercises and arts programming.

Don't worry. We've got you covered. Click the link below to view a playlist of the content already broadcast. Virtual programming is scheduled to resume live in September.
Read South Fulton: Pick Up a Book at a Tiny Library Near You
Pick up a book at one of six tiny libraries located at several parks throughout the City of South Fulton.

District 2 Councilwoman Carmalitha Gumbs partnered with the Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Affairs Department to bring the Read South Fulton initiative to life. Click the the link below to learn how this initiative came about and where you and your children can check out a book.
PRCA Distributes Free School Supplies at Back to School
Parks and recreation staff spent the last Saturday in July handing out free school supplies with Councilwoman Helen Z. Willis at Welcome All Park. Each bag of school supplies contained pens, pencils, notebook paper, a notebook, and hand sanitizer. PRCA wishes all South Fulton students, who return to school virtually on Monday, August 17, a safe and healthy school year.
Add To Your Calendar: Parks Board and Public Arts Meetings
The Department of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs is gathering community input through a series of virtual meetings that are open to the public.

Please review the upcoming schedule of meetings for the Parks Advisory Board and the Public Arts Commission. August meetings have already taken place, but you can register for the next pair of meetings October 6 and 8.

Need more information? E-mail Programs Manager Lakita Ford.

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