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Greetings! The holidays are rapidly approaching.  We will be spending time with family, friends and colleagues.  Much of that time will be spent sharing meals and conversation. During the holidays following good etiquette ensures that everyone will have a great time.

Take our friendly etiquette quiz and test your dining etiquette knowledge.  It is never too late to learn good dining skills.  Invest in yourself. Call today so that you and your family will feel comfortable in any holiday setting.
Potluck Etiquette
As the holidays approach potlucks are a way to share the expense and labor of a large gathering. Here are some guidelines to remember when preparing for a potluck.  Following good etiquette makes it enjoyable for the host and guests.
  • The host or another assigned person is responsible for managing the menu. This should not be completely left to the guests.
  • Prepare your dish at home. Washing, slicing, dicing is not allowed on premises.
  • Prepare an ample amount. Four servings is never enough for a potluck.
  • There is nothing wrong with store bought items. Use some originality.
  • Offer to supply the paper goods as a contribution.
  • Take hot food hot, and cold food cold. Use crock pots, or coolers. No frozen food at the potluck. The stove may not be available.
  • Place food in a serving dish. No plastic tubs from the delicatessen. Label your container. 
  • Remember the serving utensils. Don't count on the host having enough serving utensils for everyone.
  • If bringing beverages, provide a cooler and ice.
  • Guests should assist with set-up and clean up. Offer in advance. The host is not responsible for everything.
  • All the dishes should be served. No holding back.
  • Be considerate of other guests. Smaller servings may be in order.
  • Avoid negative comments about dishes.   
  • Unless invited by the host, leave the leftovers.
Cell phone use should never come before those present .  Everyone should be able to disconnect to socialize and conduct business.  Poor cell phone etiquette can damage your personal and professional lives.

Mrs. Dolsey provided clear and concise guidelines during our dining tutorial.  The hands on approach was extremely effective for our group.  As I begin a second career, I will feel more confident dining with potential clients.  I would recommend this tutorial to anyone who would like to enhance their professional image. 

-Patricia C., Detroit, MI
Our etiquette classes can help you improve your workplace etiquette, guide your children in learning good manners, and help you refresh your etiquette skills for formal events. We can also customize a program to your unique needs.


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