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August 14, 2019 | 4.0
Hi Everyone,

We hope you find our new research development grand rounds useful, which will continue on 8/21 with Dr. Bateman convening a panel to discuss “Opportunities for research for full-time Clinicians.”

Are you travelling to a conference but need some family help at home or on the trip? Take advantage of the Family Care Travel Award featured below.

Are you considering submitting a grant? Please reach out to Rachel Abrams ahead of time for a list of required documents and to get the process started.

Have a great rest of the summer,

Awards & Grants
Deborah Culley
Congratulations to Deb Culley on receiving a grant from National Institutes of Health (NIH) for her project titled “Cognition and the immunology of postoperative outcomes.”

This research study will investigate postoperative delirium in patients 70 years of age or older, undergoing elective primary lower joint replacement or spine procedures.  
Lawrence Tsen
Congratulations to Lawrence Tsen on receiving a BWH Anesthesiology seed grant for his project titled “Investigation of Porcine Epidural and Spinal Spaces: Mechanism of Dural Puncture Epidural (DPE) Technique.”
Charles Serhan
Congratulations to Charles Serhan on recently being recognized as an Expertscape expert in Omega-3 Fatty Acids.

You can view the list of experts in Eicosanoids at this link:
"Our Scientists are Working on It"
I deas Requested!
As you may have seen on the rotating flat screens throughout the hospital, Brigham Health has been executing a new research campaign since January of 2019. They are looking for new and exciting material to use for their “ Our Scientists are Working on It ” series.  

They need short, punchy, eye-catching one-liners about BWH research, highlighting the translational impact of their work .

Ex. " Can viruses be used to treat brain cancer? Our scientists are working on it "

Every suggestion posted will highlight the specific investigators working on the issue, so this is nice opportunity to promote our research faculty and the transformative work they are doing .

Please reach out to Claire O'Brien with any questions you may have!
Post-doc Peer-to-Peer Mentoring Program
Do you know any post-docs who may be interested in a peer-to-peer mentoring program to help broaden their network, learn about the US funding system and options for career paths, improve their biosketch and CV, and more? BWH has a post-doc mentoring circles program to do exactly this! 

Junior post-docs could participate in this program as mentees and more senior post-docs would be eligible as mentors. Registrations for mentees and mentors are currently open. More information on the program and application forms can be found here.

The registration deadline is August 16, 2019.

Contact us for more information at !
Department-Wide Research Education Initiative Grand Rounds
Connection LIVE Lunch:
Tips and Tricks to Presenting your research
Date: Monday September 16, 2019
Time : 12:00 - 1:00 PM
Location : Carrie Hall ( 2nd floor "Pike" in the Peter Bent Building near the 15 Francis Street entrance)
Finding Funding
Are you considering submitting a grant?
Please reach out to Rachel Abrams for a list of required documents and to get the process started.

BWH Program for Interdisciplinary Neuroscience
Amount : Up to four 1-year awards of $50,000 each
Deadline : September 15, 2019
Summary : The Program for Interdisciplinary Neuroscience (PIN) aims to engage and help support investigators, physicians and other professionals from across the Brigham community who are focused on understanding and treating disorders of the nervous system. In accordance with the donor’s wishes, one of the awards will be specifically in the field of brain tumors. The other three awards may be in any area of basic, translational, or clinical neuroscience. Please contact Charles Jennings, PhD , with any questions.

Anesthesiology Department Seed funding
Deadline : Rolling
Funding : up to $10,000 
Eligibility : Lecturer, Instructor, Assistant, or Associate Professor at the time of award funding
•   Goal: Support clinical, translational, or basic science research and project development
•   Prerequisites: 
–   Grantee should have a mentoring plan (senior mentor or mentoring team in area of proposed investigation)
–   Grantee should have a career development plan
Up to 5 seed grants will be awarded in 2019. Grant recipients are required to present their work to the Research Leadership Committee before the start of the project and to the Department at the conclusion of their grant.

Family Care Travel Award
Deadline : Rolling
Funding : up to $750 (lifetime limit of 2 awards will apply to each applicant)
The Center for Diversity & Inclusion, with the support of the Brigham and Women’s Physician’s Organization and the Biomedical Research Institute, is pleased to announce the Family Care Travel Award to assist faculty who are caring for a dependent family member at home. The Award will provide financial support to defray some of the costs of traveling with dependents, or extra care at home, while traveling for professional meetings critical to promoting the advancement of early career scholars with familial obligations. 
Helpful Resources
For guidance and advice on the research process and resources, contact Sarah Corey.

For a Department of Anesthesiology Biostatistical consult, please follow this link or send an email to Kara Fields.
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In Response.
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In Response.
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If you have important information, an update, or announcement that you would like to include in next month's research newsletter, please email your content along with any images, to Sarah Corey .