Ready, Set....YOU! You are priceless!

Last year, a fearful frantic mother contacted me, begging me to enroll her son into our Recovery High School. She was ready to move to Pasco County to do so. He was about to be discharged from Drug Treatment in Pinellas County and she was frightened if he returned to his school, he would relapse.

Unfortunately, research actually proves that her worst nightmare is a heartbreaking reality. Teens in traditional high schools are exposed to forces that make it very difficult to maintain recovery, of those who make a commitment to sobriety, over 50% relapse within 12 months.

Over the last few months, she has reached out to me time after time; he ran away, he relapsed, he is violent. Again and again, her heart shatters as well as mine.

Enough is enough. After this last phone call, he had been missing for 3 days, I knew we HAD to do something and quick. I talked to Board Members, community partners and we leapt into action. A recovery coach and peer support specialist reached out to the young man. But...he needs more.

If only our school was open. If only we had a safe place for him to receive therapy and support in his recovery while receiving a high quality education.

What if YOU could offer the solution? What if your support could save a life? What if your time offers the hope that one student needs to sustain their precious life another day? What if you are the missing link to this masterpiece?

Because you care about the needs of our young people struggling with addictions, your donation will make a difference.
Board of Directors Update
We held our second Board of Directors Meeting on Saturday, June 6, 2020.

President: Tina Levene was nominated and approved to become the Executive Director of Florida Recovery Schools of Tampa Bay, Inc. Her employment starts August 15, 2020.

We have filed all Federal and State paperwork and paid all fees.
We voted on our first school's name: Victory High School and the logo is above in our Progress Report.

Thank you to our board for dedicating your precious time and talents!
News & Media Coverage
Tina Levene, President of the Board of Directors, was interviewed on Marnie's Show about Support for You as You Start Something New. How to follow your passion and make it your purpose. Thanks Marnie for the opportunity to share about our Recovery High School.
Our website is live!
Please visit to gain more information about our mission and share.