A faith-based ministry supporting the only Recognized K-12 Evangelical Christian School in Israel.
2021-22 NBS Staff
As summer concluded, the 2021-22 NBS staff met in Haifa to prepare for the new school year.
Aziz Deeam, the High School Principal, led the meeting. Each year NBS affirms its values and builds upon the Biblical nature of these values. This year's focus was Education is a Way of Life. Each participant received a workbook with six chapters and used this workbook during the presentations. The contents included: a) The school's strategy for 2021-22 school year; b) the goals; c) the execution plan; d) resources to help the staff learn about the concept of "education for life"; e) tools to help the teacher achieve the goals; and lastly, f) some forms to help build consistent application of processes.

The staff was encouraged! They also shared times of worship, Bible study, and prayer.

We encourage FON's partners to regularly pray for the teachers and students. May the name of Christ be glorified daily!
Family and Children's Ministry Leaders Back in Nazareth
It was a LONG, disruptive, and arduous journey, but Praise the Lord, Mike and Mimi Brookshire are back in Nazareth after a sabbatical in the USA. Their quarantine is over and life is resuming. Welcome back! FON loved having you in the States. Thank you for being such good ambassadors.
Photo Journal
School began for the 2021-22 school year on September 1. The school opened with Covid precautions. All classes were prepared for meeting in person. Daily unknowns, Covid cases and exposures have necessitated some modifications. Some individuals and classes have been put in quarantine. They use Zoom when this happens. Masks are mandatory in class. Many students choose to wear them when outside, and others do not. It is a stressful situation for all. Please continue praying for all to be healthy and to recover physically, emotionally, spiritually, and fiscally.
Students in 1st - 3rd were welcomed with love and fanfare to the new school year.
In keeping with tradition, the seniors celebrated their first day of their last year at NBS. This banner will remain near the entrance for the duration of the 2021-22 school year. Each senior class designs their banner and each is unique. FON and NBS thank God for the opportunity to influence the lives of NBS students for thirteen (13) years. May God be glorified through their lives to make a difference in this world.
Students were so happy to be on campus! They loved the new water coolers.

The main campus was buzzing with activity as the students refreshed friendships and began their next level of study.
For the most part, the construction projects were completed as planned. One of those projects involved dividing a former room that had an awkward and limited set up into two rooms. One room is a counseling area for teachers and parents to meet. The other is a small kitchenette for the teachers. The teachers now have a sink in their area and don't need to get water from a nearby bathroom for tea or coffee!
FON's donors and the Parents and Graduate's Committee helped with the improvements throughout the two campuses. Every one of the decades old windows was replace for energy efficiency and sound abatement.
Fresh paint, repaired/replaced air conditioners, and many other improvements were in process up to the last minute.
A safety gate and rail were placed near the school labs that are located on the upper most area of the school.
A safety railing was added at the 1st-3rd grade school to keep students from falling over the side.
Former porch space outside the computer laboratory was reconfigured to provide a much needed upstairs office and classroom expansion. The windows for this area are on back order. The area will be completed as soon as the materials arrive.
Fresh paint, repaired/replaced air conditioners, and many other improvements were in process up to the last minute.
The uneven concrete walkway between the main courtyard and the 4th-6th grade courtyard was made level and tiled. The students commented that the space "looks so nice, it feels very smooth!" They like it!
Another small room was built for small group teaching, tutoring, and parent meetings. Every inch is value added.

Teacher's Responses to the Improvements
  • Thank God and FON for the railings and other safety measures. The areas are so much safer!
  • Everything feels so much cleaner and nicer.
  • The windows are lovely. The color is nice. They really help with sound and they make classroom learning better. We love the windows!
  • Thank you, Friends of Nazareth for helping NBS!
Support the FON Ministry

  • A strong and purposeful start to the 2021-22 school year.
  • The partnership between NBS and FON.
  • The dedicated staff of NBS.
  • FON's amazing prayer and financial supporters.
  • Mike and Mimi Brookshire's safe arrival back in Nazareth and for their productive and relaxing time while in the USA.


Pray that:

  • Covid cases will be minimal and will cause minimal disruption.
  • The Administration and teachers will be physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually strong throughout the 2021-22 school year.
  • The expansion of the Potter's Wheel Youth Center, an after-school discipleship program where creative classes are offered to students, will be successful.
  • All construction workers will work safely and that their projects will be completed with excellence and on time.
  • Tourism will open in Israel. FON needs to start planning the details of its 2022 calendar events...flights, in-country reservations, etc. The FON leadership needs a face-to-face meeting with the NBS Board, it has been about 2 years since the last meeting.
  • A replacement partner for March, Mother's Day ministry will be located.
  • All of FON's 2022 plans will materialize.
  • FON's September 24 Board meeting will be productive.
  • There will be a spiritual awakening in the Holy Land.

PLANS - 2022

  • March 2022. Mother's Day programs. If you have a team interested in supporting this initiative, please let FON know. DATES ARE: MARCH 15-25.
  • April 2022. Renovation team. Meadowbrook Church, Gadsden, AL.
  • July 2022. VBS programs. Multiple churches from AL, OK, SC, TN, and VA.
  • August 2022. Potter's Wheel at Baptist Village. Multiple teams from DBU, OBU, UNA/BCM, TN church College ministry, and possibly a Christian University in CA. Taiwan team is expected to help with PW3.
  • August 30-September 10, 2022. Spiritual Enrichment Journey. Cost TBD. Enrollment is expected to not exceed 30.
  • September 2022. Tentative - SLU 101.
Peaks and Pits by Dr. Roger Mardis

Please pray for Dr. Mardis as he continues his preaching/book tour surrounding his latest book, Peaks and Pits, How the Land of the Bible reflects the Life of the Believer.

All book proceeds benefit Nazareth Baptist School.

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