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May, 2013

RTS is your point-of-sale solution. We provide ticketing and concessions software for every movie theatre. In addition, RTS now provides your digital signage package as well. 

RTS was developed in a theatre so we understand your needs. RTS licenses include upgrades, hardware and software support, back office management, online ticketing through your website, and direct integration with industry partners. 

With 20 years in the business, we work with more than 1500 theatres in the US and Canada. Please visit our website or contact sales for further product information.
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Hello and Welcome to the May Newsletter! 
In this issue you will find details about:
  • Digital Signage  
  • Upcoming Events
  • Software Changes 
Enjoy our updates and information.
RTS Team 
Digital Signage
Our Digital Signage package allows your theatre to truly evolve into the digital age. 
  • Auditorium Signs
  • Concession Signs
  • Show Time Signs
  • Directional Signs
  • Poster Signs
  • Advertising Signs
  • Interactive Signs
Bring your theatre to life with digital signs.

Replace Mylars and boring posters; no ordering and waiting on the mail for media. 

Schedule changes sync automatically across all signs. 

Save time and money by going digital, and going green!

Software Changes
Added Software Features:

Credit Card Search Window
Easily search transactions via credit card.

Concession Item Setting
Added to restrict sales unless the item has been earned as a reward. 

April Newsletter Recap  
In the April Issue
  • Onlne Gift Cards
    • Virtual & Physical cards are available. Customizable configuration allows your theatre to adjust settings and seamlessly input fees.
  • Reserved Seating
    • Features graphical displays of available and sold seats.
    • Support for multiple seating types
    • Works via RTS Internet Ticketing, and Fandango
    • Customizable Seating Maps and Floorplans
  • Software Update
    • Multi-Tender Interface
      • Two or more different forms of payment within a single transaction 
    • "Schedule Export" has a makeover
      • New Location: "Setup"-->"Communication"--> "Schedule Export"
      • New Features: Accessible from any station and now supports Dolby LMS 
  • Downloading a Demo of RTS 
    • To download a demo of our software please visit our website at
    • Download is located in the bottom right corner
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