Are You Ready For 2022?
Don't Be Caught Off Guard!
It is time for year-end HR processing
When planning your year-end activities, there are numerous tasks you must anticipate and strategies to consider. So much must be considered and planned that it can be frustrating and overwhelming, which often results in forgotten tasks, and can ultimately create serious compliance issues and fines, or even greater business concerns down the road.
A few year-end items you should double check:
  • Open enrollment completed?
  • Performance reviews delivered?
  • Annual turnover calculated?
  • FMLA usage reviewed?
  • ACA reporting ready to go?

And, a few items to get scheduled for the New Year:
  • OSHA log preparation
  • Employee classification review
  • I-9 & personnel file audit
  • Contact Alternative HR!

Alternative HR can assist you with any of these items and more. Give us a call today at 605.335.8198!
The Alternative HR Team