December 13th, 2018
Contact for Inquiries about Pet Home & Litter Pick Pups: xanadupack@gmail.com
For Guardian Pup Information, Call Sheron: 970 708-8030
And please try again if I do not answer -- I may be away from my cell phone (sorry, I do not text well; please call me)

Guardians & former XANADU Dog Purchasers: Send Photos of your XANADU Dog All Decked Out for the Holidays; Holiday Photos Will Be Included in the Next Several Pup Alerts.
Some of our current Guardian Pups are celebrating the holidays!
ALL XANADU Pups are GUARANTEED for Temperament, Genetic Soundness, and Vet-Checked Health. (See XANADU'S Ltd. Warranty (linked below). For additional photos of the parents of these litters, please visit xanadoodle.com "Breeding Dogs" page or see our fall Pup Alert Newsletters). XANADU Breeding Goals are linked below. SEE below for GUARDIAN INFORMATION link IF you want our "best" pup for about 1/3 - to - 1/2 the price and enjoy having puppies underfoot. XANADU Female Breeding Agreements are for two future litters (four future litters for Male Guardians). A Guardian Female is AVAILABLE from Zoe & Elvis Jr’s. Golden Retriever Litter, and Guardians of both genders are AVAILABLE from BHAKTI'S Goberian litter.

For all inquiries about AVAILABLE Guardian puppies out of Eve or Bhakti, please call me (Sheron) at 970 708-8030.

PUP SHIPMENTS / TRANSPORTATION: You have more options now, both Stateside and Overseas. Please Note Link Below if you need assistance with transportation for your new puppy. TRANSPORTATION for OUR HOLIDAY LITTERS -- Airlines get cranky about shipping pets close to Christmas; they just won't do it, and we don't want a XANADU baby to be bumped in pet cargo in favor of a suitcase. Santa's gifts to good children will be available to fly when they are eight weeks old, and a pup cannot be held longer by Guardian families or at the XANADU Headquarters. Our babies will be available for flights and available to be picked up from Guardians on the front range of Colorado (Pueblo to Denver and through Longmont) through early December.

Puppy photo attachments and XANADU Breeding Goals (See Links) will let you know if you want XANADU'S Breeding Goals in your new BFF. XANADU'S Mission is the development of the World's Best Family Dog. ALL of these litters' pups will be intelligent, attentive, highly-trainable adult dogs. Personalities and characteristics differ in our current litters, and many puppies in XANADU litters (especially Zoe’s litter) are expected to be GREAT SERVICE DOG CANDIDATES. Please inquire if you hope to train your pup for service. Do remember that all pups are sweet little terrorists...they ALL need positive training. I recommend pro-active training books and puppy classes. Your veterinarian or local Pet Shop can help you find a good trainer in your area.
Finding a Golden Retriever who tests clear in all 165 of Cornell University's Embark Genetic Tests is almost impossible. Puppies from this litter are not to be registered. XANADU will be the sole owner of this lineage. You could pay $10,000 or more for a registered Golden Retriever pup that does not have this litter's genetic credentials, hardiness, and guarantee. We are very proud, and this is probably a once-in-a-lifetime chance to get a GREAT American Golden Retriever puppy. XANADU will not repeat this breeding. AVAILABLE GOLDEN RETRIEVER PUPPIES -- Please note collar-color changes (Pups need new collars as they grow!) : IN THE FOLLOWING GROUP OF AVAILABLE PUPS, WE HAVE ONE FEMALE GUARDIAN PUP, ONE LITTER PICK FEMALE PUP, AND PET HOME PUPPIES. The coat coloring ranges from light blonde to dark red. All eyes are brown and these pups are expected to be between 45 & 65 # full grown (smaller pups noted).
2018 PRICING follows for GOLDEN RETRIEVER puppies: 
· Guardian Female Pup, $1500
· Litter Pick Female, $3500
· Pet Home Pups: $3250

DOB: 2 October 18
Pick up Date: NOW
1. AVAILABLE FEMALE, "SPARKLE" w/ Red-Paw Collar. Very laid-back little girl-- like sister, Ruby (below). Sparkle interacts happily and loves to play, yet is super chilled-out. Sparkle would rather watch or snuggle than jump into the fray! 
2. AVAILABLE FEMALE, "RUBY," Ruby’s a bit lighter in color than Sparkle, but stil l red. She is also laid back, like Sparkle. These two seem to enjoy chilling out together and watching the antics of the others, but they will interact well and play happily, too. Like sister, Sparkle, Ruby enjoys interaction with humans!
3. AVAILABLE FEMALE, Multi-Color Collar . This little gal loves to climb! Very curious and active - - smart puppy, who could be a wonderful companion to an active person /family. "Multi" (as in "multi-tasking!") has a small white mark on her nose, and is a beautiful dark red.
4. AVAILABLE FEMALE, Blue-Collar . Lightest color in the litter; small white patch behind right shoulder. Blue- Collar is smaller in size (like the Guardian male). She is a very happy, interactive, and playful girl! Energetic, but not at all fussy.
5. AVAILABLE FEMALE, Teal-Collar (formerly Green Collar Female) Boundless energy female that is fearless! Loves to play with her toys, brothers and sisters, and she also interacts beautifully with her human. Very curious and confident--and pretty, too!
6. AVAILABLE FEMALE, Blue-Stripes (formerly Orange-Collar Female) . Pretty golden-colored female. This girl is destined for greatness: She was the first to respond to my voice, first to search out the source and move towards it. She has light eyebrows which are distinctive. She’s curious, but easy going. Loves to interact but not demanding. Probably a great Service Dog candidate, or just a knock-your-socks-off very smart best friend to you and your family.
7. AVAILABLE MALE, Multi-Color Collar. Beautiful red fella wearing Santa hat in photo. Rather a laid-back youngster, but loves to play and interact. Has huge paws and tiny white spot near nose and on his back paws.
9. AVAILABLE MALE, Black-Collar Boy. Medium-Red coat. Fun - loving, active pup who loves games with his sibling BFFs. Social, playful, and happy! 
8. AVAILABLE MALE, Green-Collar, Beautiful red boy. Very curious and playful! Enjoys the interaction with other dogs, especially his siblings and his human friends.
BHAKTI’S GOBERIAN LITTER, SIRED BY CEDAR (and another true XANADU cross).  These puppies will probably be the most beautiful dogs you have ever seen. ALL are tri-colors with beautiful markings. Some have one or two blue eyes.  Pups should grow to a size of about 45 lb. as adults. Coats should be plush. Both genders are AVAILABLE.

2018 PRICING follows for GOBERIAN puppies: 
· Guardian Pups, $1250 (Gotta have great Male & Female Guardians from this exceptional litter)
· Litter Pick Male and Female, $2885
· Blue-eyed & Bi-eyed pups: $2650
· Brown-eyed pups: $2250

Hazel-eyed pups are usually the same price as the brown-eyed puppies. Green eyes often turn hazel. Remember that brown eyes are dominant, and a brown-eyed puppy is just as sweet and smart and healthy as a pup with bright blue eyes. Vanity options do cost more.

DOB: 5 October 18
Pick up Date: NOW
PURPLE is the tom-boy. She LOVES being outside. She is very smart. She was the first to figure out how to climb up steps and first to go through the doggy door. She has always been the most social of the litter - the first to get excited for people to play with her or hold her. She loves to be held. She has two brown eyes. She will be a fun, loving, ACTIVE dog. "No couch-potato here," I can hear Sheron saying in my mind. ;)
PINK Miss Pink is a pretty, pretty princess. She is a bit timid - it took her awhile to get used to going outside - she would stand just inside the sliding glass door (as pictured) and whine at her brothers and sisters to come back to her. She doesn't seem to like the cold or the snow, but if there is someone looking for a snuggler, this one is for you! She loves snuggling in blankets. She is sweet, but may need someone that has plenty of time to devote to just her - perhaps someone without other dogs? She is a beauty though - she has one blue eye and one green eye (expected to turn hazel). She is a mini-Bhakti. 
YELLOW (Guardian Female) Miss Yellow is MY favorite. She has light coloring on her face that really accentuate those bright blue Cleopatra eyes. She is absolutely gorgeous, but is also equally sweet. While all of her brothers and sisters are playing, she will sit quietly looking at me for me to pick her up. She likes to hug and snuggle. She is the calmest of the group, but like any puppy, can also be playful at times. She loves her belly being rubbed. This one just melts my heart!
BLUE (Guardian Male) Little boy blue is my husband's favorite; he's a man's man -- rambunctious, playful, active, somewhat of a power chewer (I always have a toy ready for him!), but he does have a tender side too - he likes to hug, and he has the softest coat of the bunch. This is the guardian male. He has more of the husky look, and has one brown eye and one blue eye. He is not very timid - he was the first to jump right off of the stamped concrete slab without hesitation while his brother and sisters were more cautious. 
Wishing you all a happy holiday season. What better way to celebrate, than with furry cuddles and puppy breath?! Let us know how we can help make Christmas puppy wishes come true!
Always my very best to each one of you,
Sheron Steele & Xanadu of the Rockies
Sheron Mariah Steele, PhD
Xanadu Dogs, LLC
Ridgway, CO 81432