2021 Amenity Package, Rules & Regulations, and ID sticker were mailed in April.

If you need extras or didn't receive yours, contact the HOA Office.
All Pools Open May 15th
Pool Season 2021
Ready or Not
It's here!
Ready for the 2021 Pool Season? We are!
We are very excited to announce that the Board will be opening all pools this summer without requirements put in place in 2020. We are following the Governor's Executive Orders and guidelines issued by the Health Department.
We will continue to do our part and ask each of you to help in mitigating the spread of Covid-19. Each pool is supplied with sanitation wipes for you to use as well as hand sanitizer dispensers. We encourage all residents to clean their area before they leave the pool.

Let's all continue to our part to mitigate the spread of Covid-19.
All Pools Open at 6:00 am daily.
Main & Quiet Pools Close at 10:00 pm.
Lullwater & Winterthur Pools Close at 9:00 pm.
Pools are Swim At Your Own Risk except during the Lifeguard Hours below.
Lifeguard Hours
Main Pool

May 15 - August 1
Daily: 11 am - 10 pm

August 2 - September 26
Weekends: 11 am - 10 pm

September 27 - October 3
Daily: 11 am - 10 pm

October 4 - Closed
Lullwater & Winterthur Pools

May 15 - 26
Weekends: 11 am - 9 pm
Weekdays: 4 pm - 9 pm

August 1 - September 5
Weekends 11 am - 9 pm

Labor Day 11 am - 9 pm

September 6 - Closed
All Pools: May 27 - August 1 - Daily
Main Pool: 11:00 am – 10:00 pm
Lullwater Pool: 11:00 am – 9:00 pm
Winterthur Pool: 12:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Pool Rules
  • All persons using the pools do so at their own risk and responsibility. All OWNERS are responsible for the behavior of their family members, occupants, tenants, and guests whether or not the Owner is at the pool.

  • All children 3 years old and younger and any child not potty-trained MUST wear snug-fitting plastic pants or a water-resistant swim diaper. A fine of $100 will apply to negligent members who allow their child/guests to enter the pool without the proper swimming attire and cause the pool to close due to fecal contamination.

  • Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a person over the age of 16 at all times. 

  • Persons between the ages of 12-15 may be unaccompanied ONLY during lifeguard hours and are responsible for themselves.

  • All swimmers must wear swimsuits; the HOA and/or lifeguards have the final decision on determining appropriate swim attire.

  • NO spitting, spouting of water, blowing the nose, etc. in the pool.

  • NO persons with open sores or cuts or that have an infectious or communicable disease that can be transmitted by water, shall be permitted to enter the pool.

  • NO running, pushing, wrestling, or boisterous conduct is permitted in the pool area.

  • NO glass, sharp objects, or hazardous materials in or around the pool area. Broken glass found within the pool area will cause the pool to be closed per state regulations.

  • NO animals are allowed in the pool. 

  • NO profanity of any kind is permitted.

  • NO tobacco of any kind; e-cigarettes, or vapor allowed in the pool or inside the fenced area.

  • NO person is permitted on the lifeguard stands at any time, except the lifeguards.

  • NO skateboards, rollerblades, remote control cars, hoverboards, or similar type items are allowed in the fenced area of the pool.

  • All persons using the pools should do so with the utmost care and caution to avoid accidents and injuries, not only to themselves but to others.

  • The lifeguard’s word will be final in matters of pool rule enforcement. The Pool Manager, Lifeguards on duty, and community patrol shall have the authority to expel anyone at any time for continued misbehavior, including, but not limited to profanity, improper or exuberant behavior vulgar language, and rough play.

  • In the event of an emergency dial 911.
You must have self-control, practice courtesy, and use common sense.
Lifeguard Safety Break
The pools will be cleared of children seventeen (17) and under once per hour for a period of 15 minutes. These breaks will be held every hour on the hour. During this period, lifeguards will not be on duty and neither the lifeguards nor Nautix will be responsible for people using the pool. Be prepared to show your Legacy Park ID when asked by a guard or pool monitor.
If there is an issue at the pool, PLEASE let the lifeguards know. The quickest way to resolve a problem is when it is happening. If the lifeguard cannot help, ask for the supervisor on duty.
Inclement Weather
This is the policy for bad weather & the pools that are managed by Nautix!!

At their sole discretion, Nautix may clear the swimming pool of any and all patrons when weather conditions warrant such action:

  • Lightning: Patrons will be cleared from the pool for 30 minutes from the last instance of lightning.

  • Thunder: Patrons will be cleared from the pool at the first sound of thunder and will not be allowed back into the pool for 30 minutes from the last instance of hearing thunder.

  • Rain: Patrons will be cleared from the pool when it is no longer possible to see the bottom of the deepest point of the pool.
Scheduled Main Pool Pool Closures
The following days for the Legacy Park Shark's swim team practice:

May 18, 20, 24, 25: 4:30 - 7:00 pm
May 27-June 30: Monday - Friday: 8:00 - 11:00 am

Please be advised that these are closed practices.
The Swim Team meet dates have not been finalized yet.
Remember.......during these times, the other 3 Legacy Park pools will be open as usual.
Check the calendar if in doubt!
Legacy Park Amenity ID Required
Electronic access cards are needed for the gates at the Main Pool, Lullwater Pool, and Quiet Pool.

If you already have a Legacy Park ID card that gets you in the gym or basketball court, there is NO need to get a new card. You do need to add your 2021 sticker to the back of your card.

Residents with non-working cards should contact the HOA office at 770-919-2556.
The HOA has mailed the 2021 amenity stickers to all residents in good standing. If you didn't get your stickers, email the HOA office.

Please remember that all Legacy Park residents over the age of 12 years must carry their Legacy Park picture ID with them while on Legacy Park's common property. This tag must be shown to gain access to the amenities and common areas and for entrance to many Legacy Park events.

Children under 12 years of age are NOT allowed to be on Legacy Park's property without adult supervision.

If you do not have your ID, you will be asked to leave the area. If you or your family members have lost the ID please come to the HOA office for a replacement. Please bring a photo ID with you in order to get a Legacy Park ID. The HOA will provide one (1) replacement photo ID; however, each subsequent ID will be $10.00.

One yellow & silver sticker should be placed on the back of your Legacy Park ID card. Again, if you do not have an ID tag with this sticker you will be asked to leave the common areas.
Guest Policy
When bringing your friends to the amenities, keep in mind the guest policy:

Up to four (4) guests will be allowed per resident over the age of 18 for use of the Trails, Town Green, Playgrounds, Amphitheater, Bandstand, and Baseball Field.

Up to two (2) guests will be allowed per resident over the age of 18 for the use of the Swimming Pools, Tennis Courts, Volleyball Court, and Basketball Court.

Unaccompanied children between the ages of 12 and 18 are allowed only one (1) guest while on LP property and when using the amenities.

No one under 12 is allowed on LP property without
an ID-carrying resident over 16.  
For all up-to-date information, please visit You are receiving this e-mail as your address was provided to the Legacy Park HOA. Please note that your e-mail address has not been solicited or given out to any outside organizations. This message was sent to you on behalf of the Legacy Park HOA. Any questions or comments related to this message may be directed to Lisa Neff, Property Manager at [email protected]