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Issue: #9
June 2015

The newsletter title has multiple meanings. So many use these rankings to prepare for competitions by setting and tracking goals plus seeing how the competition is doing. I am also looking forward to meeting you in Lyon to find out how I can make this better for you plus answer your questions about these rankings.  

This newsletter includes improvements based on your feedback, requests and suggestions. Please continue to make suggestions, requests and comments as well as completing the survey. This is your site and I try to implement all the improvements / features you want.

The Rankings will survive!

This site gets easier to maintain every day.  The rankings site's future is not in doubt in my humble opinion - it is on a path to thrive.     

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This site is for you as I've said many times. I am taking the trip to Lyon to meet with you and further progress 
the site the way you want it. We can meet anytime between August 11th through August 16th. Hope to see you there. Plans will be announced on this page.  

Photo courtesy of Dariusz Bednarski 
Ranked Athlete Spotlight
Weia Reibold, NED

Great athletes are often determined by how long they excelled.  Weia has set 18 world records (5 this year already!) and won 4 world championships over the past 15 years.  Her specialty is the high jump (11 outdoor and 7 indoor world records), but she is also consistently highly world ranked in the javelin (since 2005) and multi-event (world record W65 this year).  A 19th world record is the non-IAAF tetradecathlon or double heptathlon in 2003. Weia's sustained excellence earns her the distinction of a great athlete.  Her recent accomplishments put her in contention for a Best Ranked Athlete Award. She also loves statistics!


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Meet Results in Ranking

Some complete mee t results that were inserted into the rankings this month:
Photo courtesy of  Michael Brown
By the Numbers
June was a great month

I think this month had the most growth ever in spite of my getting bogged down recreating some efficiency tools (3 times).  
  • 27,093 performances added (2,687 by athletes).
  • Representing 11,652 athletes from 77 countries.
  • 4,356 newly listed athletes.
  • Site traffic was up too with over 55,000 sessions from people in 143 countries!
This site will continue to grow significantly each month. We still haven't come close to the potential. The improvements made this month to the efficiency tools will help greatly but one person cannot keep up with the processing demands let alone all the other things needed to maintain and sustain. Support this site by: 
  • Contacting me about how to help raise funds from companies and benefactors
  • Copy & paste complete meet results. This may seem trivial but it saves quite a bit of time finding results and getting meet information entered.  Furthermore, the meet results can be inserted into the rankings much faster now that the programs to process these are significantly improved. 
  • Increase awareness by clicking on Share below the Facebook posts I make each time I insert complete meet results. Please share on interested group and friends' pages.

John Seto (US) (World)
(845) 635-9487                                                                                                              Photo courtesy of Izak Albert du Toit
Who is leading?
    It is not a fair question since there are so many performances missing but you can help finish the scoring system. North America (including Central America and the Caribbean) rankings are in reasonable shape thanks to Athletics Canada's collaboration. Please send any performances for other athletes you think may contend for the awards.  The North American leader board (posted to the site later this week) illustrates how the scores can be done using this system. Please suggest any better scoring system.   
    Trophies provided by Gentle Giant Awards