Volume 2 | No. 3 | October 2, 2020
Building Connections for Success!
Team Mentoring Program
A program designed to maximize the experience of students in science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM), and pre-health majors in order to increase their retention, achievement, and graduation. Student and faculty mentors work with you to build connections for your success!
| Mentor Highlight |
Rebecca Hsieh
TMP Mentor 2020-2021
This past summer, I was honored with the opportunity to participate in the University of Georgia’s NanoBio REU Program, which was completely remote due to COVID-19. I investigated the molecular dynamics understanding of the interactions between proteins and DNA by virtue of theoretical analyses and computational modellings. Because of this very unique research experience, I will be presenting at the national BMES annual meeting in October. The research experience overall has been very influential on my research interests, as I plan on incorporating molecular dynamics and computer simulations in my future work at my current research lab. Moving forward, I also hope to carry my knowledge and skills in molecular dynamics simulations into my PhD and the research I will be conducting at the graduate level.
| Mentee Highlight |
Research | Summer & Fall 2020
I am currently a senior working in the Paul Allen Global Animal Health Center and focusing my research on the bacteria Flavobacterium psychrophilum. My research is based around the concept of bacterial antibiotic resistance and the variables that play into this. In this bacterium specifically, the mechanism that helps it survive is the use of efflux pumps which are able to take an antibiotic that has entered the cell and expel it back out. This prevents the antibiotic from carrying out its function and essentially renders it useless. My goal is to learn more about the use of this efflux pump as well as different ways to inhibit it.

Partaking in this research has helped me apply what I have been learning while studying for my degree as well as prompt me to think scientifically and develop well rounded hypothesis/research plans. I plan to present my findings at a research fair next semester and hopefully partake in other research during the meantime while I am accepted into medical school. 
Jesus Mendoza
Zoology Major
Former TMP Mentee
TMP Office Assistant
Interested or intrigued about doing RESEARCH? TMP can guide and support in exploring the possibilities!
| Faculty Highlight |
Value of mentoring in the career/professional development of students.

“I believe, as educators, it is our responsibility to volunteer for activities outside of the regular teaching and research appointments and share our time and energy to benefit the community at large. Student mentoring is one of the crucial services that a faculty member, especially a woman faculty in engineering, can provide to motivate the next generation of engineers and help prepare them for future leadership roles. My service as a mentor for the Team Mentoring Program (TMP) has been extremely rewarding as it not only allowed me to learn more about the need for diversity and inclusion in the student population but also provided me with an opportunity to put myself in a broader context as an educator. I look forward to many more years of service at TMP, where I would continue to advise the students and help with the student success actively.”

Dr. Anamika Dubey
Assistant Professor
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
TMP Faculty Mentor

| Alumni Highlight |
Thank you Annaliza Mariscal – Lease Crutcher Lewis; Arnikan Baleswaran - Portland General Electric; Abdon Godinez - Washington State Department of Transportation; Marisa Gliege - Ph.D. student at Arizona State University; and Addis Kebede – Microsoft.

We appreciate you taking the time to share your educational journey, knowledge, and experience with current students. You are adding greatly to help TMP students expand their professional network and “Build Connections for Success!”
TMP Alumni Speaker Series: Engineering Emphasis
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