Ready-for-New-Homes Pup Alert!
June 9th, 2018
For inquiries about XANADU Guardian Pups, please call Sheron: 970 708-8030; PLEASE, NO TEXTS (and if you cannot get through at first try, call back in 45 min.)

THIS Email ALERT features ONLY the puppies that are AVAILABLE & READY FOR NEW HOMES NOW. Other tiny babies and upcoming litters will be featured in an upcoming Pup Alert Newsletter.

If you are receiving a puppy from Merry's Mini-Doodle Litter by Snow or from Brouhaha's litter by Rio Coco, or if you are interested in purchasing Guardian, Chanson, please see attached copy of "Supplies for New Pup Owners." Photos of puppies are attached & photos of parent dogs are on our Breeding Dogs page at

And if you are considering a XANADU pup from Merry's Litter or Brouhaha's litter please see the attached information in " XANADU Breeding Goals," so you can determine if the XANADU Dog is the right dog for you.

Please note that the human Guardians of XANADU females who have available puppies cannot board your puppy past puppy-pick-up dates. Please select a pup from a litter whose availability matches your ability to take him/her home when s/he is ready to join your family.

"Guardianship" is how XANADU improves litter by litter. According to XANADU'S mission, we are in business to develop the World's Best Family Dog. Each litter has what I consider to be a "best pup" according to XANADU Goals and what XANADU needs in our breeding program to accomplish these goals. This pup is selected, because s/he best exhibits these goals.

A Guardian puppy is a future breeding dog, and a partnership is established between XANADU of the Rockies and the new Guardian that allows a qualifying person to foster a XANADU pup in what is intended to be puppy's forever home. This person receives the Guardian pup (our best pup) at a greatly-reduced cost. Puppy has a wonderful home with his/her new BFF and family. XANADU gets to see puppy's outstanding characteristics in a limited number of future litters (a female will usually have two litters; a male Guardian usually has four litters). Guardian Information is attached for those who wish to check their candidacy for Guardianship. If you would like to become a Guardian for a XANADU pup in a particular litter/puppy, please contact me directly: Sheron Steele (Scout) 970 708-8030 
A. MALE GUARDIAN POMSKY CROSS, CHANSON, IS AVAILABLE TO A GUARDIAN HOME, because his current Guardian has run afoul of a dog- restrictive HOA. Following is a note from Chanson's current Guardian, Susan."

"The perfect pup in a 15-pound package. This Guardian lives up to all the qualities that Sheron Breeds for- temperament, intelligence, genetically tested for health and longevity and lastly those gorgeous blue eyes. Well, one and one half blue eyes! Amazingly Chanson is a non-barker!
He will talk to you and cry in a quivering falsetto that is unique. He also does the Pomsky Pounce when he wants something and wants it now! Chanson is a lovable lap dog who will be utterly devoted to you. He is great with strangers and children. Chanson is extremely intelligent. One smart puppy. Chanson is my little treasure and it is with heartbreak that I must find him a new home. Whoever gets Chanson will be blessed."

3 photos of Chanson are attached, including a couple from early puppyhood for his baby book. Chanson is 11 months old.

CHANSON'S is free to a qualifying home that will take him to the CSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital in Ft. Collins, CO for semen collection & freezing (3 collection visits), and then Chanson can be neutered. Please call me at 970 708- 8030 for information. 
B. AVAILABLE LOW/NO-SHED MINI-DOODLES out of MERRY & Sired by SNOW. For inquiries about Litter Pick & Pet Home puppies in Merry's litter, contact Please contact me at 970 708- 8030 (no texts, please) for information about our Guardian selection for this litter. This is a longevity litter; expect pups (with good care) to live well into their late teens; that is, throughout your kids' childhood. The Cockapoo influence of Sire Snow [whose genetic credentials are as perfect as possible] is responsible for this exceptional quality). Both males & females are available. That'sMyGirl!, may be the only low- shed; others should be no-shed. Puppies are apricot & white parti-colors. Photos of puppies are attached in the order described below. These are such pretty babies--
fuzzy, playful, & good-dog new family members. Guardian, Litter Pick, & Pet Home Pups are AVAILABLE.
DOB: APRIL 13, 2018
Pups are AVAILABLE for SELECTION at this time, & unpaid balances are also due.
1. Female - PartyGirl, Apricot & White, Brown-eyed pup: $2250 This female is just the world's sweetest female puppy--period. Parti-Colored apricot & white; will be no-shed as an adult. See pup photo #4. Please email Mandi for information:
2. Female - That'sMyGirl!, Apricot & White, Very Dark Blue Eyes; could turn Black (she is priced as a brown-eyed pup) $2250 Apricot coat with white markings; playful, happy little girl. Please email Mandi for information:
3. Male - SilkShorts, Apricot & White, Blue Eyes (will confirm eye color) $2650 ; (if eyes are turning hazel or brown , pup prices are $2250 ) Sweet, playful boy with soft pale apricot coat; will be a fluffy no-shed. Please email Mandi for information:
4. Male - ApricotWine, Brown Eyes $2250 Like the other pups in this litter, A- Wine is a very sweet boy, friendly & playful & a beautiful no-shed. Please email Mandi for information:
5. Male - HeirApparent, Storm - Colored Eyes. HeirApparent will be our GUARDIAN Selection for this litter. This puppy is the sweetest male pup in the world and XANADU'S no-shed, parti-color Guardian selection, $1250. Please call Sheron for information: 970 708-8030 (no texts, please). 
C. AVAILABLE--BROUHAHA'S Standard-Sized GOBERIAN LITTER by RIO COCO (contact Mandi: for information).
PUPPIES ARE AVAILABLE from GUARDIAN FEMALE to PET HOME MALES & FEMALES. TWO puppies in this litter are expected to be lower shed. Brouhaha is a wonderful, active family dog; Rio Coco has a very calm demeanor. Hazel-eyed pups are the same price as brown-eyed puppies . Except for one bi- colored puppy, all are tri-colored with Wolfy/Husky eyebrows/markings, and they look like little wolf-cubs.
DOB: 4/25/18
Pup Selection & Bal. Due: Now
Puppy Pick-Up on 6/20/18
1. Cocoa - Male, Mahogany-color w/ Greenish- Hazel eyes, sweet, most "wild" wolfy-
looking puppy, fun puppy for kids--very playful. Plush & shiny coat; independent & self-confident; hazel-eyed pups are priced as brown-eyed pups: $2250
2. *Blintz - Female, Blue-ish Eyes; could turn Hazel/Green, Sweet, described as "Perfect" by GUARDIAN family. Blintz is the GUARDIAN-PUP Choice for this litter $1250 w/ 2-litter Breeding Agreement. Call Sheron at 970 708-8030 for more information.
3. Espresso - Female, Hazel/ S p e c k l e d eyes, lower-shed coat, sweet, playful girl, independent / self-confident $2250
4. Pancake - Female, Eyes are Blue S p e c k l e d, very calm girl; could be good therapy or emotional - support dog. Eye color could change, but blue-ish now. If eye color stays blue, $2650; if hazel, $2250 
ALL pups' payments & balances are due at this time. Pups are being selected according to deposit dates. Puppies will be held for 24-hours, so selections can be made by family agreement. Please let us know as soon as you have made a confident decision about your pup selection so others can choose their pups also.

To qualify for ownership of a XANADU dog, your excellent care of a new family member is required. This includes diet and exercise, training, excellent veterinary care, time and love. It is required is that you LOVE your new puppy at first sight. Your puppy is guaranteed to love you back, and is also guaranteed for temperament, genetic soundness, and vet-checked health.

Please take your new puppy to his/her new veterinarian for a well-puppy check (and any vet-recommended care) within three business days of receiving him/her. This well-pup check assures you that you have a healthy pup and gives your veterinarian a base-line for what health looks like for your pup. Some pups are naturally calmer than others, but if a normally active, very playful pup is suddenly calm, that is unusual. Puppy could be ill. Your veterinarian wants to
know your pup personally. This well-pup check-up helps to keep your health guarantee in effect.

Each XANADU litter is described by the characteristics of parents & grandparents and by phenotype (what they look like), genetic percentages, etc., because we are working toward a NEW BREED: The XANADU Dog, the World's Best Family Dog (see what that is by reading our Breeding Goals [attached]).

We at XANADU wish you and yours a glorious and healthy summer in good furry company!
My very best,
Sheron Steele & Xanadu Pack o' Pups
Sheron Mariah Steele, PhD
Xanadu Dogs, LLC

615 Canyon Drive, Log Hill Mesa
Ridgway, CO 81432
Home Phone: 970-626-9747
Cell Phone (no texts):  970-708-8030