August 2020 Newsletter
More Children Will Need Reading Interventions this Fall
As the debate rages across the country regarding opening schools during the COVID-19 pandemic, there is one fact on which all can agree: children in underserved communities will be more deeply affected by the pause in school.

According to a report published by the Official Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics, “Unforeseen extended school closures can lead to lower test scores, lower educational attainment and decreased earning potential.” Experts are predicting higher than ever high school dropout rates, setting the stage for increased costs to taxpayers and less earnings potential over time.
During closures, students need reliable access to technology, a stable learning environment, and parents with the necessary time and skills to support remote learning.

“Although remote learning presents a challenge for all families, those in poverty are at greater disadvantage and thus at increased risk for widening educational disparities,” the report states. “One in seven children lacks home internet access, with a two-fold higher rate among low income communities.”
In a “normal” year, an average school district might have 3 percent to 5 percent of young children who require reading interventions. But in our partner districts, the number of children reading below grade level expectations and needing our support is much higher. Due to the extended pause in school, we expect more children than ever before will qualify for reading interventions. 
Reading Power Will Deliver Tutoring Remotely
Currently, all of our school partners have reopening plans for the Fall, and they are all slightly different. Due to Reading Power’s immediate and ongoing response to COVID-19, which began immediately after schools closed, we are ready to support young children remotely via one-to-one tutoring.
Above, Reading Power Site Coordinator Marla Guziec tutors a student via Zoom.
“The good news is we know that, historically, children who are tutored by Reading Power achieve three to five times the gains of non-tutored students,” explains Director of Programs Lisa Bulzoni, citing the comparison of gains in the chart below. “And after piloting virtual tutoring over the summer, we know that we can continue to provide high quality instruction, even when children are not physically in school."
“Using our proven method of reading instruction, delivered by our highly trained tutors and staff, we can continue to provide excellent one-to-one tutoring support in a remote learning model.”
So whether in person or remotely, Reading Power will be ready, willing and able to help these young scholars.
Donor Spotlight: The Lake County Community Foundation
Reading Power would like to thank The Lake County Community Foundation for their generous donation to support our mission during these critical times!

“The Lake County Community Foundation is proud to support Reading Power’s incredible literacy work with children in our county," says Emily Weber, LCCF Manager of Community Leadership & Investment. "Their one-to-one tutoring program has proven outcomes and provides students with individualized support that is vital to their success, both in and out of the classroom. Reading Power’s volunteers and staff do an exceptional job fostering a love of learning and reading that is so important!”
More Children Need Our Help!
Transitioning our program to meet the needs of more students during this pandemic will include investments in computers and video technology, expanded purchases of quality books, digital resources, and additional training for tutors and staff. We are so grateful for your support which makes our work possible.
Our Mission

Working in partnership with underserved schools, 
Reading Power provides one-to-one tutoring during the school day 
for children in prekindergarten through second grade.  

Our mission is to accelerate children's literacy learning, 
and to develop in them a love of reading and writing. 
All children deserve to reach their intellectual potential.

Reading Power Board of Directors
Kathy McFarland, PhD, Chairman, CEO
Marra Lochiatto, MBA, Vice Chair
Ann Bates, EdD
Kathleen Cowie
John Davidson 
Mark Goodman, JD
Mary Jane Hender, EdD
Todd Litzsinger
Rahul Malhotra
Melinda Mooney
Beverly Raudabaugh, MBA
Frank Sibley
Arthur Turner
Mary Weber
Tom Wood
Jim Young
Rev. Dr. Gordon Butcher, DMin, Emeritus
Reading Power Program Staff
Lisa Bulzoni, MEd, Director of Programs
Daniela Cruz, Program Assistant
Nancy Duffy, Resource Development Manager

Joanie Alley, MSEd, Assistant Site Coordinator
Julie Collishaw, MA, Site Coordinator
Kristin Fine, MEd, Site Coordinator
Andrea Glickman, MAEd, Site Coordinator
Marla Guziec, BS, Site Coordinator
Mary Jane Hender, EdD, Site Coordinator
Cathy Keller, BS, Site Coordinator
Jenny Kronauer, BS, Assistant Site Coordinator
Joy McGreevy, BA, Site Coordinator
Cathy Plate, MSEd, Assistant Site Coordinator
Kay Roller, Site Coordinator
Marion Schmidt, BS, Site Coordinator
Karen Uihlein, Assistant Site Coordinator
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