Dear Friends of CRCP,

I look forward to sharing with you Cardinal Ritter College Prep’s Spring 2020 newsletter, the ROAR, featuring achievements of our school community over the past year and the undeniable strength of our mission.

What you will not see reflected in our newsletter are all of the changes our school community has adopted over the last several weeks during this unprecedented moment in time. I am so proud to share that our faculty, staff and students have embraced our E-Learning program for teaching and learning. Our students are resilient, and our teachers are committed to academic excellence in this new learning environment.

While we understand the challenges ahead, we continue to lift one another up in prayer and are reminded of just how strong and resilient we are as a school community and family. I hope you enjoy the ROAR and join me in celebrating our mission of faith development, academic excellence, and leadership - a mission we can count on through the good times and the challenging times.

With Lion Pride,