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JUNE 2023

Phyllis L. Rodgers, Founder & CEO


I was truly honored to visit the Washington (DC) offices of U.S. Illinois Senators Dick Durbin and Tammy Duckworth as well as other legislators and staff on May 18 as part of the annual "Hill Day," orchestrated by the Association of American Cancer Institutes (AACI) and American Association for Cancer Research (AACR). Participation in Hill Day is critical to sharing the message with legislators that stable, predictable funds are needed to advance cancer research and care at our nation’s cancer centers. A special Thank You to the University of Illinois Cancer Center for making the introductions and featuring Peer Plus on their website:

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Here's a summer events snapshot for Peer Plus (please share!):

Saturday, June 24 Honoring Our Men

Peer Plus will partner with Friend Health for a “Men’s Day” event at their new location, 62nd St. and Cottage Grove Ave. in Chicago.


Sunday, June 25 ,Community Outreach 

Peer Plus will coordinate a Health & Wellness Pavilion at the “Taste for the Homeless Candyland SummerFest,” from 11 AM to 6 PM at the Dolton Park District, 751 Engle Street. This event is being organized by Michael and Pamela Airhart.


Back-to-School Community Fairs

* Saturday, August 5 – Providence MBC, 8401 S Ashland Ave.

* Sunday, August 13 – New Spiritual Light MBC, 7566 S So. Shore


Saturday, September 9 – Peer Plus will host healthcare vendors at the 6th Annual “Taste of Gospel." This outdoor community event is hosted by 3:16 Magazine and features an impressive lineup of choir performances in Washington Park, Chicago.

Plus . . . Save the Date!

Supporting Our Partners

Juneteenth at DuSable

The Peer Plus team hosted an information table at the outdoor community event, stopping to pose under the "inflatable colon." The Juneteenth celebration was sponsored by THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO and DUSABLE MUSEUM.

Phyllis and husband Bruce Sr. attended a scholarship fundraiser (5/7) for Chicago's FIRST CHURCH OF DELIVERANCE.

The formal affair was held at The Odyssey in south suburban Tinley Park.

Peer Plus hosted a table of friends, many of whom are survivors, for the "Promise of Hope" Fashion Reveal (5/11), organized by the INGALLS DEVELOP-MENT FOUNDATION

in support of compre-hensive cancer care.

LEFT: "A Toast to Mothers!" (5/4) was a pre-Mothers Day celebration to support the COMMUNITY SENIOR BUSINESS INSTITUTE and its Founder and President Christine Bowden.

It was a fun-filled evening with community partners Candace Henley (Blue Hat Foundation, left) and Kim Angelo (Cologuard, right) at the "Blue Hope Bash" (5/11), sponsored by the COLORECTAL CANCER ALLIANCE.

BELOW: The Alzheimer's Association "Release the Silence" conference (4/22) was held at the Kroc Center by NORTH-WESTERN UNIVERSITY. Thank you to NU's Phyllis Timpo for the invite.

Phyllis Rodgers attended a panel discussion on trust and diversity at Chicago's Palmer House (6/4), organized by the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) as part of their annual meeting. The reception was sponsored by Peer Plus partner Exact Sciences, a leading provider of cancer screening and diagnostic tests.

Special Recognitions

Peer Plus celebrates one of our own, Joi J. Brown. As the beloved daughter of our Charter Member Khandi Dotson, Joi has been Intricately involved at Peer Plus since birth. She has the gentle spirit of professional server. Wherever she can assist, look for Joi to be there with a pleasant demeanor. 

Joi has reached a milestone! She is a graduate of the Class of 2023 from CICS Basil Charter School. Among her multiple academic achievements, she was also the 2023 Class President. Notwithstanding, Joi kept her grades with a 4.0 GPA this school year in the midst of contracting COVID, recovering from a broken ankle and surviving her only brother, who passed away while in college himself. 

Joi has shown maturity and strength well beyond her years. Her fortitude and resilience is noted and celebrated by everyone she meets. Peer Plus honors Joi as she embarks on her new experience as a high school freshman.

Congratulations to our NEW doctor!

Peer Plus Board Member

Dr. Peggy Ann Riggins, RPh

Dr. Peggy recently received an Honorary Doctorate in Christian Education from Trinity Theology College in South Florida.

Words of Appreciation

"I want to thank Peer plus for everything they did through our time of bereavement. Losing my mother was one of the hardest things that I’ve ever had to deal with, and this is something I pray that I can get through for the rest of my life. Thanks to Peer Plus for everything that they have done. It really helped us get through these hard times. Even when my mother was alive, Peer Plus was able to help us make sure that she had the best Christmas and the best Thanksgiving. I more than appreciate this program, and I'm very happy to call Peer Plus my family! Thank you again, and please know that we more than appreciate you."

J. Newbon [March 2023]

"Peer Plus is an inspiration and example for ALL to follow. Peer Plus Cares has been there when my family would not even be there! Your organization is definitely God sent. Continue to spread the Love, Care, Encouragement and Guidance that is so needed in this world in this day and time."

D. Oliver-Ross [April 2023]

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