The Melges X Boat makes learning to sail fun, easy and addictive. For youth sailors, it is a rewarding experience that ultimately fosters a deep passion for the sport. Boasting a regular showing of over 100 boats at the X Inland Championship, it is one of the most active youth sailing fleets in North America. The Melges X Boat Experience not just about the racing. It's about the community – Making lifelong friends through sailing, volleyball, and just plain fun. The Melges X Boat is the perfect, uncomplicated trainer designed specifically to be safe for novice sailors yet competitive & fun for aspiring junior racers. Fast and super smooth, it enables concise development and instruction of necessary boat handling skills, maneuvers and racing tactics. The perfect boat to establish a lifetime love of sailing!

The 2019 season is here! The X Boat fleet has lots of great sailing and racing opportunities for your child to grow their sailing skills and their friendship circles. Start the X Boat season with two intergenerational events on the weekend of May 18-19. Families with E Scow sailors head to Lake Geneva and families with C Scow and MC Scow sailors head to Lac LaBelle. Both are dual-events for both parents and children. On Lake Geneva, kids kick off their season with the learning-focused Geneva Lake Sailing School X Boat Clinic , while parents race at the E Scow Geneva Spring Regatta , both at the same location. The LaBelle Tune-Up is Wisconsin lake country's annual tune-up regatta bringing together the X Boat, C Scow, and MC Scow fleets for a fun two-day regatta! Two fun events to start your 2019 season off on a high note!

There are many opportunities, both local and regional, to continue X Boat sailing and racing all summer long. Sail in your local fleet regularly. Travel to events to meet new friends and gain racing experience against larger fleets.

The highlight of the X Boat season each year is the X Inland Championship. This year, the Minnetonka Yacht Club will host the championship July 24-27. Save the date! Imagine 200 kids playing on Lighthouse Island — These are the memories and the friendships that will last them a lifetime! Watch the video from last year's X Inland .
Make sure your child is confident in their equipment and ready to put their best face forward. Get properly prepared for the season with all of the right gear to avoid any breakdowns. Replace certain parts every few years; feel free to call us here in Zenda, Wisconsin with any questions. The Melges Team is happy to help!
Give your child a gift they will remember for the rest of their life. Melges Performance Sailboats builds all new X Boats in Zenda, Wisconsin, USA. In fact, there is one brand new 2019 Melges X Boat immediately available for purchase right now — Give us a call or send us an email for details.

The Melges Team loves servicing X Boat regattas. We work hard every day to make sure you are getting quality items that will help your child find their confidence on the water. Come to a regatta and have the Melges Team provide one-on-one personal service. Let us help you with tuning, covers, repairs, sail questions — anything X Boat.

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Freshen up your X sailing program with new North Sails. New sail shapes make a big difference in performance. Melges and North Sails Zenda have X Boat sails currently in stock and ready to go. The PowerZone Main and the Blue-Rad Jib are the designs of choice for 2019. Let us help you with new North Sails for your X boat.

Contact Andy Burdick, Jim Gluek or Harry Melges to learn more about a new set of X Boat sails from North Sails Zenda. Call (262) 275-1110 or email,, or
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