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SoftGripping - Areas of Application

SoftGripper can be used to perform a myriad of tasks within different industries. Here are some areas of application that soft grippers can cater to.

Food Management, Logistics and Packaging

Due to advancements in gripper industry, many food-management-related processes have become automated. Soft grippers can gently but firmly tend

to most mass-produced food items no matter their size or weight.

From bakery treats to marshmallows and chocolate, soft grippers have revolutionized the handling in food industry. Automation has made it easier

for food manufacturers to create food items in bulk.

Grippers are also heavily used in the logistics industry. They are applied in logistics for storage purposes and picking in online retailing.

Harvesting and Recycling

Soft gripping is a critical component in ‘smart farming.’ Many farmers are incorporating robotics to make farming more manageable, efficient, and less time-consuming. Soft gripping allows users to gently pick up or harvest different fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes and berries.

Recycling separation has also now been automated through the use of soft grippers.

Assembly Line Production and Sorting

One of the most popular uses for grippers is in assembly-line production. There is a lot of sorting and moving of materials and products in a production line, so to assemble them both precisely and quickly, soft grippers like SoftGripping are perfect.

Similarly, grippers can be used to sort different products and separate them accordingly.

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