Supply Chain
for Critical Applications

Is your company transitioning to manufacture medical devices
or systems for critical applications?
In support of U.S. government-designated Critical Infrastructure Sectors , Impact has made provisions to continue receiving, producing, and shipping out product at its San Diego facility. And due to the current worldwide need for medical devices and critical infrastructure support products, Kontron computer motherboards are ready to meet the requirement for those critical applications. The factory in Germany is prepared for shipments to be made on short lead times , to help facilitate your manufacturing of those necessary products. Offered through Impact, Kontron Mini-ITX family of motherboards comes with UL and CE certifications, and full test reports are available immediately for rapid approvals of your products through certification agencies. Contact us today, to find out how Impact can help meet your critical deadlines.
(click on the picture below for definition of "industrial")
o    Industrial computer motherboards or SBCs
o    Already built-in CPU or to be used with Intel CPUs
o    Supplied from Impact San Diego
o    German-made = U.S. friendly
o    MTBF of nearly 30 years at high temp
o    Some work at -40C to +70C
o    High quality and very inexpensive
o    2-year motherboard warranty
Product Highlight
D3633-S  is a Q370 chipset industrial mini-ITX for Intel® 8th & 9th gen Core i9 / i7 / i5 / i3 CPUs, supports up to 3 independent displays.

Also see other mini-ITX sizes available at short lead times: D3434-S / D3313-S1 / D3674-B  
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o    Standard IPCs / industrial personal computers and workstations
o    All the benefits included from motherboards listed above
o    With or without O/S (operating system)
o    Long life cycles without changes to the design
o    Optional WiFi / Bluetooth / Cell Modem
o    Built in San Diego
Product Highlight
(click on the picture below for display / touch screen customizations and enhancements)
o    Paired with Industrial-Grade AD boards or computer motherboards / PCs
o    All the benefits included from products listed above
o    Optional assembly with enclosure (Monitor or All-in-One PC)
o    Sunlight readable models available
o    EMI shielding feasible
o    Wide temperature
Product Highlight
Impact's industrial kit consists of 15.6” LCD assembled with PCAP touch screen interfaced to D3544-S mini-motherboard via just two cables: eDP & USB. Other 7” to 32” sizes are available with LVDS, eDP, HDMI, DP, or DVI.