• Teen Services Sonoma Open House Thursday, September 19,        5:00 - 7:00 pm: Please drop by and join us as we celebrate our past 10+ years.
  • Fall RTW classes begin: Ready to Work classes at Creekside and Sonoma Valley High Schools begin September 26.

It's a new school year and we are looking forward to meeting new teens and catching up with those returning.
Summer at Teen Services is when we look closely at our programs to gauge their impact and effectiveness in meeting the needs of Sonoma Valley teens as they prepare for future employment. We also examine the climate of the local job market and review findings of the Workforce Development Board (WDB) to refine the programs we offer. We noted two important trends:
  1. The current job climate is such that restaurants (often a teen's first job choice) are desperate for help especially in Sonoma's tourist-driven economy and teens can obtain a kitchen job at minimum wage with the most basic skills.
  2. According to the WDB 2019 report, employers in the North Bay continue to emphasize the need for applicants with "soft skills" - specifically interpersonal skills (communication and teamwork) and analytical skills, such as critical thinking and problem-solving.
These trends coupled with Ready to Work evaluation results formed the basis for several programming enhancements for the upcoming school year - an emphasis on teamwork and problem-solving and an enriched culinary opportunity which we will share with you next month. Stay tuned!
Hope to see you at our Open House - September 19th, 5:00 - 7:00 pm!

Thank you so much,


As we look back on the previous school year and examine our program impacts, we have good cause to smile. Here is a snapshot of the teens we served in 
9/2018 - 8/2019:

* 110 high school students enrolled in Work Readiness classes - 79 graduated
* 44 teens were placed in a part-time job in a local business
* 35 teens/young adults attended at least one Career Exploration Night

* 12 teens worked at Lovin' Oven; 21 teens completed their ServSafe Food Handlers Certificate
* 7 teens worked at Operation Bicycle; 28 completed the Bike Mechanics Class and went home with a bike
* 200 teen visits took place at Operation Bicycle for individual bike repair/maintenance experience
* 10 teens worked at No Name Café during the Fall 2018 semester
* 120 Community Service teens registered to complete volunteer hours

Volunteers are at the heart of everything we do. Whether serving as a Job Coach, applying mechanical skills at Operation Bicycle, chopping veggies in preparation for Lovin' Oven meals, delivering Lovin' Oven cookies, stuffing envelopes, helping a teen with a math problem, adding labels to food products, decorating cookies or making pies, filling in where needed, serving on a committee, or just sharing a conversation with a teen at the Teen Center, each of you who has given your time, expertise, and caring has made a difference.

So how do we usually say thank you? With cookies of course, but this year we expanded the menu a bit and enjoyed a wonderful afternoon at Debby and Bob Kweller's home to celebrate our 2018/19 volunteers:

Kyle Adamson
Barry Ansell
Mike Arrington
Lorraine Ashton
Mannie Bazan
Sharon Graham Burt
Kerry Cambio
Jim Carruthers
Steve Cohen
Joe Cutler
David Deigan
Rayne Dessayer
Sandy Drew
Osias Encarnacion
Chriss Fife
Amy Gill
Doug Hanford
Jean Hopeman
Ann Iverson
Hewitt Jackson
Mary Clark Janis
Russ Johnson
Bryan Jones
Paul Kenny
Lee Ann Kuthson
Debby Kweller
Michelle Laymon
Jody Leeds
Carmen Lopez
Marney Malik
John McCaull
Pat Meier-Johnson
Larinda Merkins
Lexie Nadeau
Gary Nelson
Debbe Notto
Maureen O' Neill
Marcia Peterson
Sydney Randazzo
John Harley Richter
Tammy Samut
Diana Sanson
Ellen Schwartz
Judy Scotchmoor
Joelle Smith
Shelley Sorani
Holly Sorkin
Tom Sours
Jere Starks
John Tuohy
Eva Yearsley
Corina Zavaleta-Doo
We cannot thank you enough!
For more photos from the event, click here.

The five lucky couples were the winning bidders of a special auction item at our 2019 Cowboy Cab collected their prize last month. The guests were picked up at their homes and arrived at the beautiful home of Doug Hanford for an evening of fine wines, good food, ridiculously funny games, and camaraderie. From the level of conversation, the amount of food and liquid refreshment consumed, and the laughter and smiles, it appears that the evening was a grand success. Not a one of them looked bored.

Many thanks to Whole Foods for supplying the dinner components and to each of our bidders for supporting Teen Services: Jim and Marcia Carruthers, Christy and John Coulson, Hope and Jack Nisson, Wayne and Celia Schake, and Marcie and Dave Waldron. You made the evening a completely joyful time for the board as well!

One of the perks for the teens who helped out at Cowboy Cab was an amazing trip to the Google Campus in Mountain View. Thanks to TSS Board Member and Google Events Manager, Tammy Samut, nine teens travelled south to another world last month.
There was so much to take in... the sheer size of the campus, the diversity of the employees, a data streaming board showing what people were Googling around the world, free bikes to get from one place to another on campus, even a beach volleyball game! Program Director Casey Richter, who accompanied them, said "It seemed like we ate the whole time - the philosophy at Google seems to be that you should never be more than a short distance from a micro-kitchen with remarkable selections of free food available any time." There were also lots of smiles and high energy. A great day was had by all.
Thank you, Google! Thank you, Tammy!

Imagine combining bikes, kayaks, hiking, laughter and kids each day and getting paid for it! That was the perfect combo for RTW graduate Karen Mendez as she landed her dream job at the Bay Camp with Sonoma Land Trust (SLT).
Karen served as an assistant Camp Counselor at SLT's bilingual summer day camp on San Pablo Bay for children ages 7 to 12, connecting them to the tidal marsh ecosystem and learning about this vital habitat. But her favorite part of the experience was seeing the look on the faces of the kids as they took their first bike ride without her holding on.
Of course with all that bike riding, a few tune-ups were needed by the end of the summer and Operation Bicycle came to the rescue!

Remember: You can now purchase our cookies online. Just order by any Tuesday and pick them up the following Thursday at the Teen Center.  

Three choices of cookies:
  Lemon Sesame Shortbread, Chocolate Chip, or Oatmeal Raisin 
Available in packages of:
6 cookies for $8.00 or 
12 cookies for $15.00  

Prefer to cook them fresh at home? Not to worry!  You can also buy a dozen balls of frozen cookie dough for $12.00.

Bob & Marilyn Albright Donald Jeffries
John Allen Russ Johnson & Pat Meier-Johnson
Jeanne & Chip Allen Jeff & Laurie Katz
Barry & Ali Ansell Karon & Michael Kennedy
Manny Bazan Nancy & Kyle Kirwan
Kim Belchamber & Glenn Ikemoto Dennis & Linda Kolowich
Rachael Bishop Bob & Deb Kweller
Simon & Kimberly Blattner Annette Lomont
Sally Bolger Bill & Dottie Lynch
Earl Broderick Steven MacRostie
Francine & Mike Brossier Shah & Marney Malik
Mike & Joan Buckley Mary & Buck Marcussen
Jeanne & Jeff Carlson George & Shannon Marinkovich
Sarah Carroll Jeff Martindale
Jim & Marcia Carruthers Jim McGuinn
Mark & Kristi Cederborg Doug Mo & Dr. Marcia Charles-Mo
Stephani Chakmaks Mirja Muncy
Jean & Dave Chambers Hope & Jack Nisson
Susan Chew Debbe Noto & Chuck Pendel
Jenny Chmieleski Jerry Peters
Ben Compton & Diana Sanson Mark & Tia Pierce
Suzanne Clark Jennifer & Jack Powers
Ron Crosetti Fiona & Roger Prichard
Tom & Kathryn Culligan Lino Ramos
Gary D'Acquisto John & Sydney Randazzo
Paul & Courtney Daysh Maile Reilly
David Donnelley Randy Reimer & Gera Vaz
Rayne Dressayer Bill & Sue Remick
Sandy & Dick Drew Elba & Orlando Rodriguez
Julia & Scott Drummond Chris & Terry Roland
Cathy Dudley Angela Ryan
Whitney & Jeannette Evans Tammy Samut
Monique & Bill Fenner Wayne & Celia Schake
Art Fichtenberg Judy Scotchmoor & Roland Gangloff
Erik & Kim Fowler Pat Senner
Dianne Snedaker & Glenn Gershon Carol & Hunt Sharp
Kevin Ghilotti Denise & Rey Silver
Erin Grey Giorgio & Shelly Sorani
Pat & John Grillos Hunter & Lisa Spencer
Mary Grimes Jere & Charmaine Starks
Constance Grizzell Ken & Dana Stokes
Stephanie Hamilton Stephanie & Max Storms
Doug Hanford Greg & Stephanie Stubbs
Teddy Hanford Jeffrey Walter & Valerie Pistole
Kay Rose & Roger Heigel Dario Aguilar & Veronica Vences
Carin & Tyler Hewitt Ann Kyser & Vince Nevins
Ted & Wendy Hoffman Dave & Marcie Waldron
Jane Hutchinson Ann Weeks & Arleen Curry
Hewitt Jackson John Whiting and Karon Sterling
Mary Clark Janis Liz Williams
Chuck & Cathy Williamson
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