September 20, 2022 – January 14, 2023
The Mary Porter Sesnon Art Galleries is pleased to announce Frames Per Second, a rotating exhibition of exemplary films from the Social Documentation MFA Cohorts 2021 and 2022: Ruth Anne Beutler, Ernie A. Calderón, Jordan Freeman, Chisato Hughes, Lara Saab, Hoda Sobhani, and Oana Tenter.

From its inception in 2005, a deep commitment to filmmaking as a force of social change has been the ethos at the core of UC Santa Cruz’s SocDoc program. The works in Frames Per Second, films which document communities, cultures, issues, and individuals who are marginalized in the current landscape of representation, reveal how our documentarians are working for social transformation.

We also invite you to the annual SocDoc Film screening event at the Del Mar Theater on November 9, 2022 to view works by the full 2021 cohort. Details forthcoming.
September 20 – October 1: A Chilling Effect (2022)
Image courtesy of Ernie A. Calderón
A Chilling Effect (2022) is an experimental documentary detailing the San Francisco Police Department’s illegitimate deployment of a private network of community cameras to surveil protestors of the George Floyd murder, while deliberately circumventing a recently enacted San Francisco ordinance banning their use of surveillance video technology. This short film investigates the subsequent lawsuit filed by three community activists, state sponsored surveillance, and its panoptic leanings towards “chilling” individuals from exercising their First and Fourth Amendment Rights.

Runtime 20m. Directed by Ernie A. Calderón.

Ernie A. Calderón was born and raised in San Francisco's Mission District. His early work included working with at-risk youth, then progressed to a broader emphasis on child welfare and community organizing. His passion for documentary filmmaking draws him to social issues rooted within values of communal citizenry (or lack there of), locally and on a global scale, while also experiencing breaks of international travel as an English teacher and film researcher.

October 4 – 15:
Futility Season (2021) is an attempt to revive a friendship that has faded away due to circumstances that imprisoned one and forced the other to emigrate. Neda, who lives in Iran, spent her thirtieth birthday in prison, and Hoda, the film director, began her thirties in a new country as an immigrant. Runtime 23m. Directed by Hoda Sobhani.
Lucie Noël Thune is a visual artist based in Norway. She works with the transient nature of objects. She incorporates mediums such as sculpture, drawings and films in her artistic process. She uses everyday materials to investigate and amplify links between social, political and economic systems. Thune has taught and participated in residence programs as a visiting artist in Europe and the United States. 

Frosty sculpture, wax and found objects comprise the installation, Flora. Thune utilizes everyday materials to reflect upon our lives. In this garden, we discover plastic flowers formed by disposable jewelry strings. We encounter chemical based petroleum flowers. We are met by ephemeral works that awaken our senses–a cold sculpture that accrues frost and evolves like a timepiece.

Correction: a previous newsletter referenced Thune's work My Plastic Footprint which is not included in the exhibition.
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