Cochran's Country Market

                                                                              Specials in effect Jan 5-Jan 10, 2017        

Debra with a few ready-to-eat Healthy Choices
The Best Place to Get Back on Track!


As you head back into your regular routines in 2017, we can help!

Not only do we have an abundance of fresh Fruits and Vegetables, (as always) we also have a variety of your favourite Sandwiches, Salads & Wraps already made and ready-to-eat!!

It doesn't get much easier than that!


We keep all of our prepared lunch items conveniently near our check out.  You'll find: 

Our Wraps & Sandwiches: Turkey, Chicken, Smoked Meat, Caesar Chicken, Roast Beef, and Egg. 

We have Donairs from Angelos and our own home-made Pizzas (3 Cheese and Pepperoni)

Salads, Fruit & Veggies: We've got Veggie & Fruit packs, Chicken Caesar Salads and more.

So pop in to Cochran's if you need a quick, healthy and delicious bite to eat!

Grab a couple of Asian Pears...

This simple, delicious  Asian Pear recipe is quick to make & a pleasure to serve (and enjoy!).

Cabbage, Asian Pear and Grape Salad with Cider Vinaigrette    Here's the recipe...

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See you at Cochran's,


Tim Cochran   
Yummy Avocados
PS: Smoothie idea: throw an Avocado (or two) into your next smoothie. Try a mix of avocado, banana, ginger, kale, almond milk and honey for a great start to your day.

This Week's Specials...


Chicken Breast




Pork Combo 





Back Ribs







3lb NB

Honey Crisp


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