Who is Really Running the 
New World Order?
"We Choose What is Trending," 
                             says one Facebook news reporter. 
We are using a e-pamphlet format to disseminate important information about the hidden or shadow government because Facebook has admitted that it manipulates what it puts on your newsfeed. They also use trolls and AI-bots to drop into your political conversations to dissuade you from going too far off the reservation.

Click here to see for yourself how Facebook creates your news. 

Plus there is so much content on the news, cable, and the web, it can make the average person dizzy just trying to figure out the truth. 

If all of this sounds to fantastical, them please go back to sleep in your cozy 3D matrix. But for those who want to wake up and know the truth, we offer this gift to read and to share with others. 

Yes, it will actually mean you have to read and THINK. This is why it will only resonate with true seekers of truth.  

The content has been organized in steps that will take you logically to a conclusion that is of grave importance to every sentient being on the planet. If not for yourself, then for your children and humanity, please take the time to go through these steps.
Step #1:
Legal Propaganda and False Flags  

Why would the government support false flag events?
This question would go through our minds every time we would see a new false flag event plastered all over the media. Like many of you, we would think, "It has to be real, otherwise the government and participants would be engaging in treason." But the narrative and the evidence never seem to match up. How odd that at Sandy Hook and at San Bernardino there were so many responders from federal agencies and that other drills were already happening on the same day just a mile away.  Coincidence seemed unlikely for one event.  otally unlikely for two.
It even seemed that the "official story" that was "fed" to the news agencies was filled with holes on purpose. When 450 responders showed up in San Bernardino, including FEMA, ATF, Homeland Security, FBI, DoD, and all local agencies, within 14 minutes and had their lawn chairs and coolers set up while most of them walked around aimlessly with no worries in the world, we couldn't take it anymore. We had always known that "false flags" usually precede severe military action and we couldn't really imagine military action within US domestic borders since the military is not empowered to act against its own citizens. 
Therefore, we decided to WAKE UP and study the false flag phenomena. Don't presume to think this is just another conspiracy theory article. What you will read will chill you to the bone. We know this is a long article, but while you were sleeping much has been done to destroy your country. You need to see the immense work that is being done behind your back to destroy your beloved country. And, most important, when you get to the end of the article, we have a CITIZEN CALL TO ACTION.  

False Flags are Legal Propaganda Produced by the Department of Defense 

Then once you read this, you might want to see an example of a recent False Flag:

San Bernardino: A False Flag Within a False Flag

Step #2:
The Military Industrial Complex  

The next step is to understand the GLOBAL military-industrial complex. If the terms and names of agencies make your head swim, try to stay afloat as much as you can. Just gloss over terms that you don't understand and try to get the big picture. You can always go back and drill down for a deeper understanding. 

Let go of fear, doubt, and hatred. This stuff is pretty intense. But if you stay with it, you will see solutions all throughout the articles. Click the article below:

Step #3:
Cutting the Gordian Knot  

This election is our last chance to save U.S. sovereignty and to end the domination of the political establishment over the interests of Americans."

                                                    Jeff Sessions, U.S. Senator from Alabama
If you have read who is in charge of the military-industrial complex and didn't lose your mind at how convoluted our world geopolitical landscape has become, hold on to your seat because the rollercoaster ride gets really crazy at this point. 

Again, do not let the details overwhelm you. Just keep your eye on the big picture.   

Step #4:
On the Road to Armageddon  

"From Panama to Jerusalem by Christmas: 
All roads lead to Armageddon,"  
                                                                      Anonymous Patriots. 
Since 2008 and the global financial melt-down, governments, banks, and large investment firms have been trying to find a way to get their hands on billions of off-shore, hidden money-both legal and illegal.  You see, they need more financial infusion for their global Ponzi scheme. 

They have already stolen the wealth of the world's middle and working class by flooding the markets with fiat currency, requiring governments (that's us, folks) to bail them out of their schemes, and manipulating markets to favor Wall Street at the expense of Main Street. The ultra-wealthy tried to scare us (same old trick they always use) in selling everything in fall 2015 so that they could pick up bargains and then make money in a "market rebound." 

They loved seeing us rant and rave online about Shemitah and Armageddon, thinking that we would panic and sell everything so that they could pick up the pieces we left behind. 

Read the article below to see how we are playing right into their hands for a New World Order.

Step #5:
Pope of the World 
King of the World  

"This is not a drill, a conspiracy theory, or a Dan Brown movie," 
                                                                Anonymous Patriots. 
There are two factions of evil fighting for the soul of humanity. Both are old and shrouded in secrecy. Both have complex networks of intelligence that have agents in every major bank and political action group in the world.  Both encircle the globe and have centuries of fraud, corruption and murder on their hands. It is fair to say that if you are reading this, from any place on the Earth, you are deeply affected by the evil machinations of these two rival forces. Surprisingly enough, they work so closely together that you might not notice the battle raging right before your eyes. 
Many conspiracy theorists point in the direction of these two groups that are led by a " man in black" and a " man in white."  Before Christmas 2016, the final steps toward Armageddon will be made by both of these groups and the fate of humanity depends on making sure that neither group is able to carry out their plan of hegemony - world dominion under two rulers who govern the religious (cultural), judicial (legal), and economic (military) aspects of the globe. The New World Order, One World Order, or the Transnational Globalist Republic is only a few steps away. The traces of those plans lead to Jerusalem and the bid for power over the land where Armageddon is predicted to take place.

Step #6:
What YOU can do!  

Frankly, if anything needed to go VIRAL, it is this e-pamphlet. Each person who receives this can be a modern-day Thomas Paine and send it far and wide. We have nothing to advertise, nothing to sell, nothing to promote.

Once you have read these articles, you will see that WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER. We need to count on each other to be informed on this matters of great importance. 

There may be more that you can do, but at the least:

1)  Arm yourself with the truth
2)  Send this e-pamphlet far and wide, even to those outside of the United States. 

Finally, we leave you with this message of hope in the video below. Together we can create a world of peace and and THRIVE in its prosperity and abundance.