The Pupdate
edition 9 - May 23, 2018
Match Made in May is on its Way!
This year's Match Made in May sets our goal at $60,000 raised by a group of unconditional donors.

Now is your chance, help us
Make the Match by June 17th
at our Appreciation Reception.

These funds are more important than ever for Straydog No-Kill Shelter & Sanctuary because the summer months are slower from a giving perspective as people enjoy time together as families, traveling and summer camps. Our dogs, however, are year round and constantly need food, shelter, vet care, people care, staff training and LOTS of cleanup. When you give toward this match you're making it possible for our mission to continue and for our dogs and staff to flourish. For less than $1 a day over the course of a month you can help us provide preventative heart worm medicine to 6 of our big dogs!

Open House with Doggie Meet & Greet
Wednesday June 13, 2018 10am - 3pm
Sharon Carr Travel Open House
Wednesday June 13, 2018
10am - 3pm
16800 Dallas Pkwy Unit #160
Dallas, Tx 75248
We were honored to have Sharon Carr Travel be sponsors at our 2018 Gala in March along with an amazing donation (Alaskan Cruise) for our live auction which brought in over $6,000 for our pups!

Here we are a few months later and the team at Sharon Carr has graciously invited us to be a part of their open house on Wednesday June 13, 2018 from 10am - 3pm for a Doggie Meet & Greet. We are incredibly thrilled to be invited to this opoprtunity where we can continue to spread the mission of Straydog.

In support for Sharon Carr Travel and how they have helped Straydog No-Kill Shelther & Sanctuary we encourage you to mark your calendars and make all efforts to attend the open house - who knows maybe you'll find that perfect vacation and a doggie to join you!
Straydog 2018 Appreciation Reception
We invite you to an afternoon of appreciation, entertainment and enjoyment as Straydog No-Kill Shelter & Sanctuary take time to Thank YOU in person!

Our mission could not be fulfilled if it were not for your generous support. Please take this opportunity to introduce the Straydog family to your friends.

 This event will be held from 2pm - 5pm at the Clubhouse at Coyote Creek Golf Club in Carrollton on Sunday June 17, 2018.
1640 W Hebron Pkwy - Carrollton, Tx 75010

We are honored to feature Susannah Charleson, local Author, as she shares her passion for rescue dogs. The Possibility Dogs and Scent of the Missing are among her well known publications.

By popular request, Rochelle Buice will have her custom hand crafted jewelry available for purchase where ALL sales will be donated to Straydog.
Texas Heat has
Turned On!
Y'all temperatures are steadily hitting the upper 90's here in East Texas and we imagine it's the same in your neck of the woods. A few friendly reminders:
  1. Please don't leave dogs in the car with windows up.
  2. Make sure dogs outside have plenty of water and shade.
  3. After a hot walk or outside play, provide your dog with cool to cold water, but not ice cold water - it can be too shocking.
  4. Talk with your vet and ensure your dogs are on Heart Worm and Flea/Tick prevention
We have had so much fun over the last few weeks expanding our presence with adoption days and meet & greets in new places! We spent the day at the legendary Stoneleigh P where we were welcomed with open arms and yummy grub! From there we had an awesome supporter introduce us to her colleagues at SAP Concur for their company picnic, what a fun group! This past Saturday we found ourselves a part of the 1st Annual Creekview High School Volley-Fling and Vendor Sale! Lots of great awareness and exposure.
Let us know if you have somewhere you'd like to invite us, we're a fun group!!

2018 is all about exposure and showing off our amazing pups so they can find forever homes and we can save more! We're open to suggestions, connections and contacts for restaurants, locations or events where we can meet the public, let us know if you have any input!
We'd love to be a part of your family...
Look at these glaring eyes just staring back at you! Tabitha is an amazing sweet girl at 10 years old. She's very laid back and loves attention, especially being brushed! She gets along great with others dogs and people. Let's help her spend the rest of her good days with a loving family in a place she can call home!
You're not seeing double, this is Louie and Yancy, 3 month old brothers who recently made their way to Straydog. In puppy fashion they wondered up to the house of a local man who took them in and called us to help out. These cuties won't last long if you're looking for a puppy let us know!
Send the team an email and our good friend David will bring us for a visit!
Straydog Shelter and Sanctuary is currently home to 173 dogs full of love! Your generous donations support our mission in being a No-Kill shelter and sanctuary, providing an enjoyable and loving home for all ages and challenges faced by our dogs, all while seeking to find their forever home.