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Thermometers are touching 60 degrees at Tahoe, and the snow at lake level is melting fast. That means boating and paddling season is right around the corner. This year, we are looking forward to a much safer season than last, thanks in part to the Tahoe Boating App.
The Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA), in collaboration with the League to Save Lake Tahoe, developed the app to inform boaters about Lake Tahoe, no-wake zone boundaries, area attractions, and how to enjoy the Lake safely and responsibly. The app grew out of the 2018 Shoreline Plan, which you can read about below.
Take this short survey to help us improve the Tahoe Boating App. Everyone who spends time on the water at Lake Tahoe should download and use the app. The more users, the more enjoyable and safer boating and paddling will be for all. And with your help, we can make the app even better.

Haven't used the app before? No problem. Download it now, give it a dry run, and share your feedback.
In case you missed it: Lake Tahoe boat inspection appointments can now be made online. Read more.
Shoreline Plan Implementation
What is it? The Shoreline Plan provides guidance around construction of structures for boating access – such as boat ramps, piers, buoys, marinas, boat lifts, boat houses, and slips – as well as policies related to equal access for motorized and non-motorized boating on Lake Tahoe, and the management of aquatic invasive species.

Where is it in the process? The League to Save Lake Tahoe joined the Shoreline Steering Committee in 2016 and actively participated in over 50 meetings to get a strong, publicly supported Shoreline Plan in place. In October 2018, that happened when an official plan was approved. The Plan will enhance recreation experiences around the Lake while also protecting the environment and planning responsibly for our future. For instance, the plan seeks to reduce shoreline erosion that degrades water quality, while also minimizing user conflict on the Lake by implementing 600-foot no-wake zones along all of Tahoe’s shores, including all of Emerald Bay, as well as a 100-foot buffer encircling every non-motorized user.

What's next? The next step in implementation of the Shoreline Plan is a lottery to award new mooring permits. A new pier lottery is also planned for later this summer. Please note that only lakefront (littoral) property owners may participate in the two lotteries.

MOORING LOTTERY: Through 5pm on April 23, 2021, TRPA is accepting applications for moorings (buoys, boat lifts, and slips) from lakefront property owners. The drawing will be held on May 19, 2021. Click here to apply.

PIER LOTTERY: TRPA will begin accepting applications for the new pier lottery from June 1 through June 30, 2021. More information about the lottery is forthcoming from TRPA.

What is the League’s position? IN PROGRESS supportive  
The League is supportive of the Shoreline Plan as many of our suggested improvements were incorporated. As with all our advocacy, we worked to find balance between recreational access to the Lake and preservation of its scenic and ecological value, so future generations can also enjoy our Jewel of the Sierra. The improvements we secured include metering the release of new buoy permits over twenty years, limiting future development along the shoreline, and incentivizing property owners to construct shared, multi-use piers to reduce the total number of piers at Lake Tahoe.

The success of the Shoreline Plan depends upon its timely and effective implementation, including awarding new mooring and pier permits, and enforcement of the no-wake zones, among other regulations to protect Lake users and the environment. After a slow start, the League is pleased that new mooring and pier lotteries will take place during this boating season. We will continue to work with TRPA, marinas and concessions to ensure that shoreline regulations are being followed and enforced.

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