June 2019
Thank you for trusting in us

As summer brings an uptick in construction productivity, now’s the time to re-examine best practices around your business, including the teams you have in place to execute those projects.

For any job to be successful, on time, and on budget, the right team should not only work well together but also take pride in what they do each day and how that contributes to the end result. This can be the difference between a client closing out a job or deciding to start another project with you.

Presently, The Bridge Group is enjoying a robust schedule of project spin-offs and additional work from current clients, and we attribute those achievements to our relationships, project stakeholders, work ethic and, most of all, you. Thank you for continuing to trust in us on your projects! 
What to know when managing projects abroad

Whether you’re establishing a satellite office outside of the U.S. or building out your facility, here are some tips on how to successfully manage your project abroad.
Project management skills to help you transcend borders...

For as global as we've become in this day and age, there are still big changes you have to face when you work abroad especially when it comes to customs, language, currency, and other pieces of local life. This doesn't have to be overwhelming.

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Project highlight
This quarter we’d like to spotlight our recently completed project for Honor Technologies , who hired The Bridge Group to oversee the budget, timeline, construction, IT and furniture for their new office in Austin, Texas.

Sr. Project Manager Jacqueline Almonacid, successfully managed the construction of their new office. Thanks to her streamlined work processes and adherence to the project schedule, the office completion came in under budget and our client couldn’t be happier. Terrific job in managing your project team and a beautiful new office, Jackye!
Did you know?
The Bridge Group has experience doing lab spaces including life sciences, biotech labs, networking labs, and clean rooms. We also have expertise in-house to handle ground-up construction.

Happy clients ask for more
The Bridge Group has been busy helping current clients with facility expansions and additional projects, including Synaptics, the County of Napa, and a 15-story ground-up project in the San Francisco Bay Area. And we’d like to give a special shout out to United Business Bank, with whom we signed on to build and open two new locations.
We are also in the midst of expansions for several confidential technology clients with locations both nationally and internationally. 

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Share your expertise

We invite our clients and/or business partners to contribute their expertise and share interesting and educational content for our blog series. If you’re interested, get in touch with us here. Last month, Lilian Asperin, Partner & Architect at WRNS Studio, shared her in-depth knowledge and experience in using the LEAN process in projects.
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